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Here are some pictures of a wonderful natural home birth:
Roberta's Delivery of Kenyatta

This picture is my favorite picture of all time. Not that it is really clear, or that the colour is perfect, or that you can see the baby's head; it is perfect because this mother was able, and wanted to, deliver her own baby.
She was so much in control of the birth of the head, her breathing so perfect, the tiny moist head just gently slid through her tissues into her hands. She knew when to slow down the push because her tissues felt too stretched, she knew what areas needed some support or massage, she attended to opening herself. This was her desire, her ultimate goal for her reproductive life. She was dependent on herself and no one else - her body, her choice, and her knowledge of her natural bodily process. This one act gave her awareness of her potential; anything was possible for her after this accomplishment.

She delivered her own baby
Just checking for the cord as she pushed the shoulders out.

Relaxation after birth
She pulled the baby out and up onto her tummy.

If everyone had enough faith and confidence in the natural process most births could be this way. This is definitely the easiest way for mom. It would do away with the need for doctors, midwives - well, most all birth attendants! We could all become doulas! In an ideal world -------
But until that time, let us help you work to the point that you feel comfortable. What you believe in is your ideal and that is all that matters.