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Childbirth Classes                  

Preparation for parenting is one of the best gifts we can give our children. Our classes are designed to open your mind to the knowledge that exists in your soul, spirit and body. Knowledge that has been there since your own birth and handed down since the beginning of humankind - the knowledge of a life passage.. The classes are more individual sharing of experiences and learned information with the goal of equally becoming informed of the practical side of pregnancy, labour, birth and after and as much of the tools to help you become in touch with your natural ability as we can explore and discover.

Seven week - two-hour classes: Childbirth Education and Preparation Course 101
(otherwise known as getting in-touch with your natural abilities and inner knowledge.)

Class Outline
1.Class One - Pregnancy

2.Class Two - Nutrition and holistic therapies 3.Class Three - Labour Basics 4.Class Four - Labour Options 5.Class Five - After the Birth 6.Class Six - Care of your new baby 7.Class Seven - Going Home

8. We can add a reunion get-together if the general class desires it.

Topics to choose from for private personalized classes:

Innocence and Instinct

The medical profession knows just far too much. Everything is defined down to the smallest molecule, procedures are set, rules are written, policies made, and they go merrily on their way, thinking that they know what to do, but losing the true knowledge - that of the spirit.

My 21-year-old daughter has a friend, who has been her friend since they both were in elementary school together. They went through puberty together, played together, got boyfriends together. They were just "normal" teenagers. Natalie, my daughter, at 15, made a conscious decision to get pregnant - it changed her life.  Her friend was always there but they became somewhat distanced until her friend got pregnant also. (Let's call her Jane)  Jane had never paid much attention to pregnancy but always loved kids; she was a great babysitter in her teen years. She never really had much fear about birth. Just the other day I saw her, pregnant for the third time and looking beautiful. She has really easy labours and delivers her babies easily, without any need for medical intervention. She has never taken any childbirth classes, or been stressed about knowing very much about the process of labour and delivery - she just does it. She has always had my daughter with her during her labour and birth to help her - thus, a natural doula. My daughter stayed with her from the moment that she went into labour and continued on till after the delivery. She supported her and helped wherever she could. Jane, in her innocence and faith in her body, delivered naturally and easily, her labour lasted about 4 hours and she almost delivered her own baby because no one believed her at the hospital when she said that the baby was coming!

When I saw her I could have sat her down to teach her everything I know about labour and delivery but she really didn't need that - she already knows everything that she needs to know. That is - just doing what her body tells her. I asked her what she thought of the upcoming labour and her answer -  Her body lets her know! It was perfect. This should be my philosophy as a childbirth educator - what then is my role? How do I fill my courses - anatomy of the female pelvis, the stages of labour, why is that all necessary when your body will "just let you know"? Maybe the focus of my courses should be empowerment, faith, intuition, connecting with the baby, and trust in the perfection of the process. Academics are unnecessary when communication with your body and baby works perfectly.

How can any childbirth educator, doula, midwife, doctor, nurse, friend - how can any of them possibly know what is right for you, what is happening in your body, how to manage your labour and deliver your baby?  You are the conductor, the creator, the deliverer, the master of your body - you are in control, you decide, you make the choice; you take the responsibility for your outcome. The rest of us "helpers" should genuflect at your feet, honouring your power.

And after that I say: "come take my classes, spend money so I can teach what you already know, what your body has known since the beginning of humankind" Foolish? But honest.

Therefore, my classes that I offer to you are not your usual kind. They are more a reawakening of the reproductive knowledge that you have always had. They are about how to deal with fear so that it won't prevent you from working easily with your body.