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Life Passages Childbirth Consulting Services



About Our Services

Life Passages Childbirth Consulting is about alternatives and freedom of choice concerning your childbearing experience.
This is our whole philosophy. Ask for knowledge, seek it inside you, talk about it, get informed, take responsibility and have faith in yourself. I am extremely upset with the established medical community and how they are giving service and how they are presenting childbirth information to the public. Thirty years ago I innocently helped women give birth in whatever circumstances they provided, taking care to only help those who were really determined to give birth at home, without a doctor, and carefully watching for any problems that would require transportation to the hospital for a solution.
We were a radical birthing community then because a regular hospital birth was "torture" and interfered with, the cesarean rate was 33% and every one was unhappy with the system. We forged ahead, providing childbirth classes expounding on alternatives and asking questions of why we couldn't change the system. Many many babies were born at home in those days because women, (pregnant couples) wanted more, saw that birth should be natural and normal and began to demand more information, alternatives and control over their situation.
Okay, so it is thirty years later - the struggle has resulted in changed hospital procedures and environment, and the registration of midwives in some provinces and states. The medical profession has woken up to the individual needs of the childbearing people and given over some control to the consumer. It sounds much better doesn't it. But is it really? They are still maintaining control of the medical procedures, the birthing environment, the birthing attendants, and the childbirth education. It all must be approved by the administrators. Everyone working in that community must maintain the standards of education, practice, safety, and conformity. They all profess to the ideal of being in partnership with the pregnant woman/couple and offering alternatives and educated choices. What alternatives? Take the hospital organized classes and still - you must follow the rules.
What if you want more? or less? And what is it that you would want that is better than what the medical/professional community already offers?
What about freedom, control, choice and glorification and utilization of your own personal power.
When I was pregnant I wanted help but before all else I wanted my own personal freedom to choose to do what I wanted, when I wanted and with whom I wanted. I just needed a little help, some backup, but I wanted to use my faith in the natural way to drive my progress. Intuitively I knew that my body would perform perfectly and I discarded all fear in potential complications. I went through two experienced midwives, one who had been registered in another country, and a friend who was a doctor, all because they kept telling me that something was wrong and that I needed close monitoring in case of problems. I refused those problems - I refused the professional advice - I knew in my heart that everything was going to be perfect.
I wouldn't advise any one to do what I did because it was my choice and I knew that it was right. But that is the point - it was my CHOICE.  I took my freedom and manifested perfect births.
Our Consulting services maintains this philosophy of freedom of choice and empowerment of faith in the absolute natural way. This is seeking and sharing knowledge with all your sisters, with anyone who will listen, with more experienced mothers, with midwives, with doulas, with labour assistants, with other new parents, with your mate and especially with the knowledge inside yourself.
We, who would like to share knowledge and help anyone during their birthing time would like to provide time to share, discuss and teach each other during a class and also would like to provide labour coaches, or doulas to people who feel they need the 'backup' during their birth experience - someone to help them in whatever way they see necessary.

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