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Rachel Ford, CD, CE (ABA), CBE (in training) - "Birth in Harmony"
Where: Canberra ACT, Australia
Description: Doula, Childbirth & Parenting Preparation, Breastfeeding Education & Support, Photography
Comments: For a gentle, nurturing and positive birth experience for you, your baby and your partner. Birth in Harmony offers doula support, childbirth education, parenting preparation, breastfeeding education & support, photography and mother-blessings in Canberra, Australia and the surrounding regions.  Trust Birth - Embrace your Power - Celebrate your Strength!
Webpage:                      Submitted: 12/10/07

Kirrah Holborn - "Traditional Wisdom"
Where: Lismore, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
Description: Kirrah is a certified doula, qualified masseuse and mind-body medicine therapist. For more information go to the 'doula' page on her website.
Webpage: h                           Submitted: 4/27/2010

Heidi Jones, Dip Rem. Massage, Doula (Adv Cert.) - "Birth Circle Wholistic Care"
Where: Lismore and surrounds, Northern NSW
Description: Doula, Post Natal Doula, Remedial Massage Therapist
Comments: Supporting women in the childbearing year and beyond.
Telephone: 0420 926 813
Webpage: h                     Submitted: 08/23/10

Jilly Sime
Doula at Wild Orchid
Where: Australia
Description: Doula, massage therapist, Optimum birth doula, massage therapist
Comments: Life is about choices! In a series of informal visits to your home pre birth I discuss yoru choices for your birth and prepare you for your new life with baby. Whilst I am an advocate for natural birth, home birth and breast feeding I am here to support woman whatever their journey and choice. My visits can include relaxation massage and visualisations. Because every woman in special and every birth is unique.
Telephone: 03 9751 2556
Address: Wild Orchid 1576 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd, Olinda
Webpage:                      Submitted:  5/28/2007  Updated:  9/10/07

Jennifer Staniforth,CD, CPD - "Empowered for Birth Canberra Doula Services"
JenniferWhere: Canberra, ACT Australia
Description: Doula support during pregnancy, birth and early parenting.  Certified Birth Doula, Certified Postnatal Doula
Comments: As someone who is passionate about positive pregnancy, empowering birth experiences and conscious parenting, I would love all new parents to be able to experience the benefits of having a doula support them. Please see my website if you live in Canberra and are looking for a doula.
Telephone: 0421 733 848
Webpage: h              Submitted: 07/08/08

Brazil Flag Brazil:

Alessandra Godinho - "MATERNAR - Apoio à Maternidade e Amamentação"
Where: Belo Horizonte, MG - Brazil
Description: Maternity and Breastfeeding Support. Doula, Childbirth Educator
Comments: Doula (Birth & Post-natal), Childbirth Education, Baby Massage, Yoga Pre and Post-natal, Waterbirth, Homebirth, Psychotherapy for adults and children..
Telephone: (031)3376-1490 / 9102-0042
Webpage:                 Submitted:  01/03/07

English Flag England:

Marcia Blackstock - "Doula Consultancy Services"
Where: West Midlands, United Kingdom
Description: Antepartum, birth and postnatal doula services
Comments: We are a group of innovative and forward thinking doulas who care passionately about the work we do as doulas.
We offer: Quality doula services; Doula training accredited by Middlesex University,  Doula franchises; Doula business tools.
Address: 14 High Oaks, Enfield, London EN2 8JJ, United Kingdom
Telephone: 024 7665 1618
Webpage:            Submitted:  7/12/07  Updated: 10/20/2008

Kath Harbisher - "The Doula Effect"
Where: South Wales, UK
Description: Antenatal, Birth & Postnatal Doula,  Nurturing Birth UK; RGN
Comments: I serve parents across South Wales UK. My role is to support parents by helping them access information, discuss options and comfort measures in order to make fully informed choices about the birth they envisage for their baby. As a postnatal depression survivor, I have a particular interest in supporting fellow sufferers. I see myself very much as a 'gate-opener' for parents - whatever they need, I can usually find them the information or person to sort things out.
Telephone: 07947 597 954
Webpage:                    Submitted: 09/30/10

Suzanne Howlett Recognized Doula . Doula UK - "Divinely Nurtured"
Where: Ely Cambridgeshire and surrounding area
Description: Doula,   HypnoBirthing Teacher,   Maternity Reflexology
Comments: I have been a doula for 15 years, am mother and grandmother. My interest is in bringing love to your birth, wherever it may be.
Telephone: 01353 659951
Webpage:                                Submitted: 1/4/2010

Sarah Ockwell-Smith, HBCE - "Birth Friendly"
Essex, England
Description: HypnoBirthing practitioner and Homeopath
Comments: Experience an easier, calmer natural birth through HypnoBirthing and homeopathy. "The way birth should be".
I also hire out birthing pools and run information sessions on homebirths and waterbirths.
Telephone: 0845 094 0075
Address: Saffron Walden, Essex
Webpage:                        Submitted: 03/26/06

Adela Stockton
Organization: Birth Consultancy Services - bringing community back to childbirth
Where: Scotland, UK
Description: Doula Training & Writing Services, Holistic Birth Preparation
Comments: Encouraging you to secure the support and environment that feels right for you and your family during childbirth. You can read more about preparing for and protecting gentle birth in my new book "Birth Space, Safe Place" (Findhorn Press 2009).
Webpage:                        Submitted: 1/12/2010

Corina Wilson, ITEC, Paramana Doula
Where: NW London, England
Description: Doula, Massage Therapist, training to be a midwife.
Comments:   I offer labour assistance and support as a birth doula trained with Dr. Michel Odent. In my practice I use my working knowledge of massage, aromatherapy, reiki, homeopathy and counseling skills to best help the labouring parents through the labour and birth of their baby. After years of office work I describe my postnatal doula role as 'Personal Assistant to the new parents' which would include cooking nutritious meals, breastfeeding encouragement and support, cleaning, grocery shopping etc.  Anything that may make the first weeks of parenthood easier.  I am also a qualified massage therapist and student Reflexologist and Aromatherapist.
Telephone: ++ 44 9  (0) 208 204 8814
Address: 14 Dryburgh Gdns, Queensbury, London
Email:                                  Submitted: 09/24/05

Babyfy - Baby Product Reviews in the UK and excellent site to find out opinions and reviews of hospitals, drugs, baby items and much more.
Contact:  Ido Pollock at her email:

Indonesian Flag Indonesia:

Yesie Aprillia, RN
Description: midwife
Telephone: +2681329017009
Address: jl laksda adi sucipto km 6.3 depok sleman yogyakarta, Indonesia
Email:                             Submitted: 09/14/05


Terisina Fitzpatrick, R.P.S.S.I. - "Acubirth"
Where: Ireland
Description: Acubirth
Comments:  I teach couples Acubirth - Acupressure for birth.  I have been teaching this since 2007, and I am currently the only one teaching this in Ireland.  I teach the partners specific acupressure points to press during labour, that will help provide natural pain relief, help with regular contractions, help keep mum's adrenaline low, help to start contractions if they have stopped.  Results have been great.  This is based on teachings of Debra Betts, NZ who I studied under.
I am a qualified Shiatsu practitioner, and I am the chair person of the Shiatsu Society of Ireland.
Webpage:                                    Submitted: 1/13/2009

Mexican FlagMexico:

Tracey Kennedy - "Cancun Doula"
Doula UK Recognised Doula and Trainer
Where: Cancun Mexico
Description: Doula birth and post partum
Comments: I believe every woman should have the birth of her choice including VBAC, water birth etc. I have worked as a doula for 5 years in the UK and was trained by Michel Odent.  was the Vice Chair of Doula UK- see before moving to Mexico in 2006. I also train doulas to use counselling skills to better understand their clients needs, hopes and fears. Telephone: 0052 998 8834118
Email:                          Submitted: 12/05/06

New Zealand Flag New Zealand:

Debra Betts, NZ Reg. Nurse, Lic Acupuncture British College, Diploma of Acupuncture, MNZRA
Debra With a background in nursing Debra graduated with a Diploma in Acupuncture from the London College of Acupuncture in 1989. Returning to New Zealand in 1991 she established a private practice specialising in pregnancy and women’s health care.
Since 1993 she has divided her time between her practice and teaching at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She began specifically developing and teaching acupuncture courses to midwives in 1997.
Her book Essential Acupuncture for Pregnancy and Childbirth was published in May 2006
She currently resides in Wellington, New Zealand with her husband and 3 children.
Acupressure During Childbirth
- A free printable guide for the use of acupressure for pain relief during birth. New Zealand website.

Philip Jameson, BHSc Acupuncture
Where: Wellington - Kilbirnie
Description: Acupuncturist and teacher
Comments: Philip Jameson - BHSc.Acup.,Adv.Cert.China, MNZRA, Dip.Mus.,ACC Registered morning sickness - sciatic pain - insomnia - digestive disorders - and more
121 Hobart Street, Miramar, Wellington (4 blocks down from Pak'n Save just off Rongotai RD: map here. bus route here)
Telephone: 04 - 976 0902 
Webpage:                        Submitted: 9/12/10

Peru FlagPeru:

Gilbert Bowé, Jr. "BirthLife Universalis"
friendly, informal charity focusing on an holistic approach to birth and fostering awareness of the enormous significance and value of parenthood. It was created out of a profound and enduring love for humanized Childbirth.
We promote Natural Birth and Homebirths, praising the sacred healing powers of Birth. Homebirths are an empowering experience as well as a safe and viable option.
We teach how to make the birth process as easy and enjoyable as possible for all concerned.
Address: España 1146, Tarapoto – San Martín – Perú
Telephone: (5142) 52 30 18
Webpage:                                                          Submitted:


Lin C. Fernando
Childbirth Instructor/Educator
Organization: Philippine Association for Childbirth Education
Where: Metro Manila Philippines
Description: Teacher, Doula
Comments:   I conduct classes and one-on-one tutorials too.  My classes are in Quezon City every Sunday afternoons
Telephone: +63 2 918 9271729
Webpage:                                      Submitted: 09/23/05

Joseph Delima Lagnga (JDL)
Organization: Great care Reflexologist Organization Using proper Procedures Inc. (GROUP INC.) Philippines
Where: Philippines
Description: Reflexology
Comments: We offered Medical assistance interns or using Reflexology skill. We also conducted a Reflexology Training and Seminars.
Telephone: 09062092057
Address: Phase-1, Package-1, Block-17, Lot-31, Bagong Silang, Caloocan City, Philippines

South African Flag South Africa:

Jane Jones, CD - "Maternity Matters Doula Services"
Where: Cape Town
Description: Therapeutic Massage Therapist and Doula
Telephone: 0741944836
Webpage:                     Submitted: 3/15/11

Rosalia Pihlajasaari
Title: Doula, Birthing from Within childbirth mentor- "Birthing in Awareness"
Where: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Description: Doula care, Childbirth mentoring classes, Breast feeding facilitator, Reiki energy worker , Therapeutic Massage
Comments: Birthing in awareness offers motherhood and parent mentoring and alternative healing honouring the age-old tradition of women supporting women in various rites of passage through life. Regular workshops and courses for Doula trainees, mothers and partners are held in a nurturing environment where personal inner wisdom is allowed to surface. We provide Breastfeeding facilitation, Doula support, Reiki energy work, Therapeutic massage with essential oils and Mentoring in the Birthing from Within philosophy of mindful awareness into parenthood.
Telephone: +27 82 780 8965
Address: Parkview, Johannesburg, South Africa
Webpage:                     Submitted: 10/3/2006

Jane Weideman - "Birth Buddies" - Because giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear.
JaneCape Town Metropolitan Area, Cape Town, South Africa.
Description: Birth Buddies is a Cape Town based birth companion (doula) service. Whether you choose to pursue natural or medicated childbirth, your Birth Buddy will work with you, to prepare you and nurture you. We offer experience and specialized care uniquely designed to give you the confidence and support you need during this special time. Birth Buddies believe in birth preparation. Education, guidance and support are essential to your desired outcome, especially when you are choosing to pursue a natural birth. Therefore, we prefer to spend time getting to know you, and not to just show up for your birth.
Tel: +27 83 779-7800 or +27 21 685-1869 
Webpage:          Submitted: 12/02/2007

United Arab Emirates Flag United Arab Emirates:

Elizabeth Bain, RM RHV BA B.Sc (hons) CD(DONA) CD Nurturing birth UK - "Dubai Doulas"
ElizabetherWhere: Dubai United Arab Emirates
Description: Doula, antenatal preparation classes
Webpage:                         Submitted: 07/12/2010

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