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Tish Barden - "A Caring Touch Doula Services"
Where: Connecticut, Southern Mass.
Description: DONA Trained Birth Doula, Cesarean/VBAC Support Specialist - Ontario Perinatal School
Comments: A Birth Doula
- Recognizes birth as a key experience the mother will remember all her life
- Understands the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor
- Assists the woman in preparing for and carrying out her plans for birth
- Stays with the woman throughout the labor
- Provides emotional support, physical comfort measures and an objective viewpoint, as well as helping the woman get the information she needs to make informed decision
- Facilitates communication between the laboring woman, her partner and her clinical care providers
- Perceives her role as nurturing and protecting the woman's memory of the birth experience
- Allows the woman's partner to participate at his/her comfort level.
Telephone: 860-706-6347
Webpage: h                        Submitted: 4/2/2010

Karen E. Bayne - "Gentle Balance Birth"
Doula, Childbirth Educator
Where: all of CT and Springfield Area of MA
Description: Birth Doula Services and Independent Childbirth Education
Telephone: 860-965-6059
Webpage:                     Submitted: 12/28/07

Lisa Berman, CD (DONA)
Within a 50 mile radius of Boston, MA
Birth Doula services
I provide prenatal visits, at home and/or in-hospital/birth center labor support, and a post partum visit.
Telephone: 617-965-2282
Address: Newton, MA
Email:                         Submitted: 03/02/05

Charlene Chartier, CD, HBOB - "Bellies, Babies 'n More"
Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Rhode Island
Description: Doula Services, Happiest Baby on the Block Educator, Cloth Diaper Educator
Comments: As the mother of 6 children, I have personally experienced how very different and wonderful each birth can be. I believe that birth is a natural process that each woman has within herself and that it is her strength that empowers her during her journey into motherhood.
Webpage:                    Submitted: 01/09/06        Updated: 1/31/2010

Lesli Dodge-Harrer, DONA CD, CLC and El Lash - "Island Birth and Family Services"
Where: Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.
Description: Pre-natal yoga, birth and postpartum care, well baby care and lactation counseling.
Comments: Two mums who have been there and know what is needed to assist with birth and the new family. We provide continual care through out pregnancy and in the weeks after the birth of your little one.
Email:                                              Submitted: 11/15/10

Jennifer B. Greenberg, M.Ed., PCD(DONA) Certified Postpartum Doula
Where: Boston and MetroWest
Description: Postpartum Doula
Comments: Providing educational, emotional and practical support to families in Boston and the surrounding areas.  I enjoy working with families as they welcome the newest member into their family.  I provide support with breastfeeding, infant care, calming and soothing techniques as well as practical help around the home.  I am the mother of two children, an educator and certified postpartum doula.
Telephone: 617-964-9871   or   617-872-0780
Address: Newton, MA.
Email:                                         Submitted: 09/07/08

Robyn Haas
Labor Doula, DONA-trained
Services offered in: SW New Hampshire, So Vermont, N Central Massachusetts
I firmly believe in the natural ability of a woman's body to give birth, and will share my confidence in the birth process with you as we prepare for your special day!
I am currently able to offer complete Labor Doula services for a minimal fee (to cover my own child care) while undergoing certification process. I will attend births in an approximate 60 mile radius from my home in Alstead, NH (N of Keene).
Telephone: 603-835-6391
Address: Alstead, NH
Webpage:               Submitted: 01/03/05  Updated: 01/14/09

Debra Jonfelix - "Life's Journey..birth and new mom services"
DONA trained Birth and Postpartum Doula
S. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, N. Connecticut
Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator
Comments: I work with families, before, during, and after birth, providing support, education, as well as encouragement.  I am experienced and specialize in multiple babies, as well as overnight care.
Telephone: 401-421-3766/419-4197
Email:                                  Submitted: 09/10/05

Amy Kreydin, DONA Trained Doula - "The Barefoot Dragonfly"
AmyWhere: Wakefield, Massachusetts
Description: Labor/Birth Doula, Board Certified Reflexologist
Comments: I provide Labor/Birth Doula services to families in the greater Boston and North Shore areas.
Telephone: 617-794-4755
Address: 591 North Avenue, Door 2
Webpage:            Submitted: 02/18/07

Cynthia Kuffel - "Soothing Waters Doula Services"
Where: Pioneer Valley Area -Springfield, MA
Description: DONA trained Birth Doula
Comments: For more information please visit my web site
Telephone: 413-885-4911
Webpage:                   Submitted: 04/21/10

Mary Lu Petty,CD (DONA) - "TLC Doula"
Southern New Hampshire and Merrimack Valley Area, Massachusetts
Birth Doula
I have a passion for helping women through labor and delivery so they can feel how empowering birth can be. I'm available for questions about your pregnancy and will be at your side throughout your labor. I follow-up with a visit two weeks after the birth to give you any pictures that were taken.
Email:                              Submitted: 03/29/05     Updated: 1/12/2009

Tara Powe, CCCE(CAPPA), CD (DONA) - "Birthing Gently Doula Services and Maternal Wellness"
Where: Boston, Ma
Description: Doula, Midwifery, Childbirth Education, Doula trainings, Postpartum Doula services
Webpage:                  Submitted: 01/11/07

Caroline Savory, CD, ALACE - "Caroline Savory Doula"
CarolineWhere: Portland, ME
Description: birth and postpartum doula
Comments: I am certified a birth and postpartum doula, as well as a mother myself! There is nothing I love more than helping a woman and her partner during the birth or postpartum period.
Telephone: 617-694-0057
Webpage: h                     Submitted: 10/29/2008

Ellen Seebacher - "Sawyer Hill Birth"
Where: central and eastern Massachusetts, especially the MetroWest area of Greater Boston and eastern Worcester County
Description: Childbirth educator, doula, and student midwife
Comments: I offer childbirth education (Brio Birth and other classes) and labor support (doula services) to women and families in central and eastern Massachusetts.
I've been a childbirth educator since 2001 (certified since 2002), and chose to recertify in 2011 with the new group Brio Birth; later in 2011 I'll also be training with CAPPA.  I was trained as a birth doula by toLabor.  I also have a degree from the University of Chicago (in behavioral sciences / psychology), a certificate in basic midwifery from the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance, and several certifications (including Red Cross Community Disaster Education, Adult/Child/Infant CPR, and Neonatal Resuscitation).  For detailed descriptions of my classes and labor-support services, please see my Web site!
Telephone: 978-838-2218
Address: Berlin, MA
Webpage:                             Submitted: 1/27/11

Shelly Taft- "Maternal Goddess Doula Services"
Where: Worcester County and surrounding areas
Description: Birth and Postpartum doula, lactation counselor
Comments: I also provide private classes, belly casts, etc.
Webpage: h                 Submitted: 03/18/08

Kristen Taylor, CD, CLC, Herbalist - "Windy Roots Birth Services"
Where: Western Massachusetts
Description: Childbirth Doula, Breastfeeding Counseling, Holistic Medicine for Women's Health
Comments: I provide empowering support for pregnancy, labor and birth which include emotional, physical and informational support. As an herbalist I counsel women on issues relating to their fertility cycles, menstruation, pre-conception, pregnancy, labor/birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. As a breastfeeding counselor, I offer support for all aspects of breastfeeding including educational support and support for challenges and acute problems.
Telephone: 413 626-7060
Address: 67 Aqua Vitae Rd, Hadley, MA 01035
Webpage:                                      Submitted: 10/13/07


Deborah Allen, CD(DONA)- " Divine Appointment Doula Services"
Where: Granger, Mishawaka, South Bend, Elkhart, Niles (MI), (Michiana Area), IN
Description: Birth Doula
Comments: I provide services to help families in creating a positive birth experience. Divine Appointments is here to help families have the memory of their child’s/children’s birth be a positive, peaceful, and joyful memory for both mom and dad.
Webpage: h                                                   Submitted: 5/2/2009

Patty Brennan, BA, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA) - "Center for the Childbearing Year"
PattyWhere: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Description: DONA International Birth and Postpartum Doula Trainings; programs for aspiring midwives; continuing education programs for nurses, doulas, and social workers
Comments: Will travel to provide trainings. Founder of Doulas Care, a community-based volunteer doula program in southeastern Michigan.
Telephone: 734-663-1523
Address: 722 Brooks St., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48103 USA
Webpage: h                                         Submitted: 08/25/08

Deb Codde - "Southern Michigan Doulas and Childbirth Education"
Where: Marshall, Battle Creek Kalamazoo, Coldwater, Lansing, Jackson, Michigan
Description: Doula, teacher, Trainer, Breastfeeding - Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator, Prenatal Fitness Educator, ICEA Approved Trainer
Comments: I have been a Doula for almost 3 years and have attended 63 births. My C-section rate is 8% with 8 people requesting anything for pain. I have worked with 21 Dr.s in the area and 1 midwife. I am certified with DONA and ICEA.
Telephone: (269)781-9994 and (269)274-2925
Address: 120 S. Hamilton St. Marshall, Mi
Webpage:                       Submitted: 8/19/10

Jasmin L. Cromwell - "Pathway Partner Postpartum Doula Services"
JasminWhere: Southeast, Michigan
Description: Postpartum Doula
Comments:  I provide in-home non-medical postpartum care including: breast feeding support and assistance; emotional and physical support; guidance in newborn and mother care; help with family bonding and integration and general household support. There is a reduced risk of postpartum depression when you are working with a doula. I have over 20 years of experience with infant and family care.
Telephone: (586) 201-0781
Webpage:                         Submitted: 03/04/06

Jessica English, AAHCC
JessicaWhere: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Description: Certified instructor for the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth, doula
Comments: We get one chance to birth our babies. Doesn't it make sense to be prepared? Moms, babies and natural birth are my passions. I teach a 12-week series of Bradley Method natural childbirth classes, and also work as a birth doula. I'd love to talk with you more about your goals for your birth, and how I can support you and your partner in achieving those goals. Birth is such an amazing passage from woman to mother, and I'm reminded every day how blessed I am to support families in that journey.
Telephone: (269) 598-1488
Webpage:                             Submitted: 6/02/07 Updated: 1/11/09

Jamie Ferguson- "Jamie Ferguson Birth Doula Services"
Where: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Description: Birth doula services, trained by DONA
Comments: I am a labor/birth doula trained with DONA, and I am currently working on my certification. I offer my services in the SE Michigan area at a discount price until I complete my certification. I specialize in helping women have natural childbirths but I support any choice a woman makes. I believe birth inherently safe and I trust in it completely, which may be why all of the labors I have attended have been 6 hours or less. :)
Telephone: (734) 223-4227

Courtenay Grabowski -"Mothering Naturally"
Where: Clarkston, Michigan
Description: Doula, ALACE trained Labor Assistant
Comments: Serving SE Michigan.  I believe that giving birth is something that a woman should DO, not something that should be done to her.  Through education, support, and advocacy, I help a woman attain her ideal birth.
Telephone: 248-396-5132
Email:                            Submitted: 1/19/07

Jodi Graves-Roberts, Certified Birth Doula (CD) & Naturopathic Counselor
Brighton and Ann Arbor, Michigan
Comments: Nearly 10 years experience as a birth doula, childbirth educator and naturopathic counselor.  I am your advocate for natural, safe childbirth in any setting. Always accepting new clients and will accept emergency situations.
Telephone: 734-834-6751
Email:                              Submitted: 7/14/06

Jen Henderson, CD(DONA) - "Dream a Little Dream Doula Services, LLC"
Where: Southeast Michigan
Description: Birth doula, postpartum doula, antepartum doula
Comments: I provide support for the whole family--through pregnancy and beyond.  I offer quiet, non-judgmental non-medical care at home or in the hospital or birth center.
Telephone: 248-895-0499
Webpage:         Submitted: 04/08/11

Ireena Keeslar, Certified Professional Midwife, CPM; CBE; BFC - "Gentle Hands Midwifery Services"
IreenaLower Michigan
Description: Midwife, childbirth educator, breast feeding counselor and support, childbirth art and photography
Comments: I am a midwife. Birth is a natural God designed event in your life. Midwifery is a calling, one of the highest callings... I am blessed to be a part of this special time of your life. I do prenatal care in your home or at my office. The birth will take place in your home. I do water births. Call me or e-mail me with any questions.
Telephone: 260-367-1544
Webpage:                                    Submitted: 8/24/06

Kristal Kelly, CD, CBE - "Childbirth International and Wonderfully Made"
Where: Michiana
Description: birth doula and childbirth education classes.
Telephone: 269-240-7920
Webpage: h                                         Submitted: 07/14/08

Ginger Kramer - "Labor of Love Doula Care"
GingerWhere: Genesee county and surrounding areas
Description: DONA trained Birth Doula
Comments: I am eager to attend your birth in the Flint area.
Address: Swartz Creek, MI
Webpage:               Submitted: 6/30/2008

Alicia Montgomery, CBE, CD(DONA), - "Cradle of Birth"
AliciaWhere: Southeast Michigan
Description: Birth Doula, Childbirth Education, Birthing From Within Mentor
Comments: I am a certified DONA birth doula and childbirth educator. I am honored to explore the emotional and physical miracles that women and families experience during their childbearing years. My doula care includes prenatal/postpartum visits, labor support, breastfeeding support, and informational support anytime. I trained to be a doula at "The Center for the Childbearing Year" in Ann Arbor. I am also a "Birthing From Within" mentor/educator and attended their workshop in Minneapolis.
Telephone: 248-930-4539
Webpage: h                            Submitted: 11/22/08

Karen E. Schroeder, PCD, CD, (DONA), LCCE - "Embracing Birth Doula Service"
Southeast Michigan
Birth, Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator
Postpartum newborn care, breastfeeding support and ante partum bed rest services can be provided. Offering help with small chores, fixing light meals, baby laundry; depending on what the new mother's needs are. Night-time services are available.
Also, Birth Doula services with continuity of care throughout pregnancy, birth and into the postpartum period.
Telephone: (248) 398-8525
Webpage:                         Submitted: 08/22/04

Melissa Taylor, CD(DONA) - "Naturally Yours Doula Practice"
MelissaWhere: Bay City, Midland, Saginaw MI
Description: Certified Birth Doula, and Breastfeeding support. I am certified through DONA International, the premier Doula Organization*
Comments: I am a mother of two boys and one girl. My husband and I reside in Bay County. After having complications during my pregnancies, I have decided to help mothers become aware of their bodies amazing ability to bring their children into this world. I have a true desire to empower woman through childbirth. Every mother is entitled to have a positive birth experience. As a Birth Doula, I will work to help you accomplish the birth of your choice, using special tools and techniques. There are so many benefits to having a birth doula, and I am pleased to be able to offer them to you and your family.
Telephone: 989-321-1402
Webpage: h               Submitted: 7/19/2009

Lee Christine Fury, CD - "Nature's Way Birth Doula Services"
Where: Southeastern Michigan
Description: Birth Doula
Email:                                               Submitted:  12/10/07

Janice Weaver Rex, - "HBCE Peaceful Birthing" - HypnoBirthing®
JaniceWhere: Oxford, Michigan
Description: Childbirth Educator
Comments: Gentle relaxed birthing.... the way Nature intended! I used HypnoBirthing® to birth both of my daughters at home and was so impressed as the beauty and strength of this method, I sought out certification to be able to teach it to others!!
Telephone: 607-329-5744
Webpage: h                             Submitted: 05/16/08

Jill Reiter - "The After Baby Lady"
Where: Southeastern Michigan (Macomb and Oakland Counties)
Description: DONA Trained Postpartum Doula
Comments: I support families while they adjust to having a new baby or babies at home.  I offer emotional support, breastfeeding help and support, and will do light chores and cooking to make life easier for a new family.
Telephone: 586-604-1446
Webpage:                          Submitted: 01/10/11

Erin West,CD(DONA) - "Birthing Choices"
ErinKalamazoo, Michigan
Comments: Please contact me to find out how I can support and empower your family on your very special day! I'm a certified doula with DONA International, and a mother of three children. I have been providing childbirth assistance since 2002, and have been certified in 2004. Helping women and their families during the birth experience is a passion, and I'm looking for this to be a growing career. I feel that birth is a life altering experience in a families life. Birth is self esteem booster! I feel that the day your child is born is not just one day in your life. This is one of the most important days of your life! The day that a women gives birth, is a day that she will always remember with great clarity. This is why I believe that it is important to have doula support at your births, doulas are able to keep your birthing days sacred. Ones that you will remember with joy and elation, and never regret. I can also provide you with names of other doulas so you can chose the one that is right for you. I feel that it is important as a good consumer to know what is available to you for doula in the area. A face to face meeting can help assure a good match. I can schedule an initial meeting with you and your partner. There is no cost for phone calls, consultation or initial packet.
Telephone: 269-381-6228
Webpage:        Submitted: 10/05/05

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Candi Ammermann, CPMT, CD(DONA), CIMI, HCBE - "Healing Touch Massage and Birthworks"
Willmar, Minnesota
Description: I offer Massage Therapy, specializing in pregnancy and postpartum massage, private infant and child massage classes, doula services and HypnoBirthing Childbirth classes.
Comments: Pregnancy and birth are special times in a woman's life. It's a new beginning - the beginning of a family. We are here to help make the transition as calm, peaceful and joyful as possible. Let us nurture, comfort, educate, and support you through this incredible time in your life.
Telephone: (320) 214-9833
Email:                             Submitted: 7/26/06

Ann Kirchner,CNA, Doula, Monitrice - "Farmington Birth Services"
AnnWhere: South Metro Twin Cities , MN
Description: Birth Doula / Labor Assistant / Monitrice
Comments: Hello! I'm an experienced labor assistant of nearly five years in Dakota County offering pregnancy and labor support services at reasonable rates. I am also a certified nursing assistant on the MN registry, sonography student, and Operation Special Delivery volunteer. My training was initially through a DONA (Doulas of North America) approved class. Since then I have received additional training/experience in acupressure, birth photography, hypnosis for childbirth, reflexology, and aromatherapy.
Telephone: 612-203-3746
Webpage:                         Submitted: 02/03/07   Updated: 03/10/11

Karen McMahon - "Smooth Transitions Postpartum Doula Service"
KarenWhere: Owatonna, Faribault, and Twin Cities Metro area
Description: Postpartum Doula Service since 1996
Comments: For over 13 years, Smooth Transitions Postpartum Doula Service has been providing help to moms and dads as they learn and grow into their roles as parents, whether that new role is as a first-time parent or learning how to juggle the needs of multiple children.  Doulas provide comforting, knowledgeable, personal assistance that is individually tailored to meet a new mother and her family's needs in the immediate postpartum period with: postpartum mother comforts, newborn care, breast or bottle feeding assistance, newborn sleep issues, sibling care and adjustment, meal preparation, errands and light housekeeping.  Smooth Transitions' mothers are pampered, able to rest comfortably and heal more quickly from the birth experience.
Give yourself (or someone you know) the gift of an easier postpartum recovery and transition to parenthood. Husbands find Postpartum Doula Care to be a great gift for their wives - and themselves, as they learn about their newborns and feel more confident in their new roles as fathers!
Telephone: 507-455-2999 OR 612-396-5548
Webpage:                                    Submitted: 10/14/2009

Amelia Miller, CD - "Instinctive Beginnings"
Where: Twin Cities Metro Area, Minnesota
Description: Birth Doula
Comments: Instinctive Beginnings is a birth doula service in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area. I provide labor and post postpartum support to families of all kinds.
Webpage: h                             Submitted: 8/22/2009

Margaret Owens
MargaretDoula, Birth and Postpartum
Twin Cities, Minnesota
Description: Doula, Birth and Postpartum also Newborn and Birth Photography
Comments: Do you need a strong shoulder to lean on during labor and delivery? Someone to advocate for you if you’re birthing alone? Support during those first difficult weeks at home? You’re not alone! Mothering by MOM offers compassionate care during the important moments leading up to, and following, the birth of a child.
Telephone: 763-755-2282 or 612-819-5309
Webpage:                               Submitted: 05/03/06

Brenda Titrud, CMT, CD - "A Basic Knead Massage & Great Expectations Birth Services"
Where: Willmar, MN
Description: I offer birth doula services as well as massage therapy
Telephone: 320-214-9833
Address: Skylark Center   1604 S 1st St Willmar MN 56201
Email:                                                     Submitted:  11/03/07

Brittney Traynor - "BirthRight Doula Services"
Where: Central Minnesota
Description: Trained Birth and Postpartum Doula. I am a birth, antepartum, and postpartum doula serving all of Central Minnesota. I also offer baby care classes.
Comments: Please check out my website or contact me if you have any questions! I serve areas such as St. Cloud, Alexandria, Long Prairie, Staples, Fargo/Moorehead, Wilmar, Detroit Lakes, Wadena, Fergus Falls, Morris, Ortonville, and everywhere in between!
Telephone: 320-304-4873
Webpage: h                                Submitted: 7/31/10

Erika Urban, CPM, LM - "Urban Birth"
Where: St Peter, MN
Description: midwifery, monitrice, and doula care - Traditional Midwife, Doula, Monitrice, Doula Trainer
Comments: I provide midwifery, monitrice, and doula care to women in South Central Minnesota and the surrounding area. I have been a doula since 2005 and finished my midwifery apprenticeship in 2009. I offer a free interview at my office so you can get a sense for if my services will fit your needs.
Telephone: 507-934-4820
Address: 208 S. Minnesota Ave
Webpage:                                          Submitted: 6/24/2009       Updated: 11/21/10

Kaisa Winckler - "Hypnobirthing-The Mongan Method"
Where: Willmar, n Sioux Falls, SD
Description: Childbirth Teacher, Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner
Comments: HypnoBirthing is used to birth your baby in a calm and easy manner without the use of drugs. Using relaxation techniques, positive affirmations, and guided imagery learned in classes you will be able to birth your baby in a calm easy manner. We focus on prenatal bonding, family bonding, and postnatal bonding helping you look forward to your baby's birth day and look back on your birth experience with love.
Telephone: (320)979-3617Address: 228 SW Terrace Dr Willmar, Mn 56201
Webpage:                     Submitted: 1/9/2009


Danielle Adams - "Premiere Birth Services"
Where: Biloxi, MS
Description: Experienced Childbirth Assistant - Doula, Monitrice, childbirth educator, birth photography, death photography
Comments:   I strive to serve my community by educating families of better choices in their births. My strongest desire is to fulfill my calling from God by serving the sisters around me in their most precious and empowering time.
Telephone: 228-257-9718
Webpage:                              Submitted: 03/11/06


Jo Moon, CHt. - "Jo Moon, CHt."
Where: Springfield, Missouri metro area and Southwest Missouri
Description: Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Medical Support Hypnosis, and Instructor/Educator for Hypno-Beginning
Comments: My mission is to assist women to enjoy a quiet, natural childbirth without medication while they remain comfortable throughout the birthing process. Hypnosis helps moms to relax during delivery thus removing stress, tension and the pain often connected with delivery. Babies deliver more rapidly, have higher APGAR scores, and mothers comfortably enjoy their labor remaining totally aware yet pleasantly relaxed throughout.
What the mind can conceive, you can achieve! (W. Clement Stone)
Telephone: 1-417-848-7946
Address: 1335 E Republic Rd, Suite D, Springfield, MO 65804
Webpage:                            Submitted: 12/28/2008

Robyn Osten - "First Breath Childbirth Photography and Doula Services"
RobynDoula and Childbirth Photographer
Greater St. Louis Area, Missouri
Doula services and childbirth photography. Childbirth is such an amazing time in your life. As your doula or photographer, I want to help you create the most positive experience possible. I would love to talk to you more about the services I offer.
Telephone: 636-405-2415
Webpage:                         Submitted: 06/06/04

Holly Waller - "Precious Beginnings Maternity Support"
St. Louis, Missouri
Description: Birth Doula Dona and Alace certification in progress
Comments: We are a private duty doula practice serving all of the St. Louis area.  It is our belief that all woman deserve a woman's support in labor.  It is our goal to assist you and your chosen birth partner in achieving a positive birth memory.  We work to support you and your birth partner throughout pregnancy and labor. We also provide one post partum visit.
Telephone: 314-629-2302
Webpage:                         Submitted: 8/18/06


Colleen Alber, CD (DONA)  - "Birth Mama Childbirth Education"
Missoula, MT
Labor Support Services and Childbirth Education Services
Our care is base on the individual needs of women and their families.  We value the strengths and innate wisdom of every woman's body to birth in her own way.  Our Childbirth Education Series is offered within a group setting or as a custom private hourly home instruction depending upon the needs and wants of the woman and her family
Telephone: 406 251 4401
Webpage:                            Submitted: 01/25/05  Updated:  11/13/07

Jane Chambers
Postpartum Doula Services
Missoula, MT
Providing postpartum service to the new mother or experienced mother.
I am waiting on certification through CAPPA and my Infant/Child CPR/First Aid class in March 2005. I offer a variety of services to the mother or a newborn including but not limited to: assisting with breastfeeding concerns, keeping the mother hydrated, meal prep, light housekeeping, baby's laundry, watching baby while mother naps or showers, helps with sibling care, answers questions about referral service or other services offered in the local area.
Email:                Submitted: 02/2/05

Jessica Farnham, CMT, CD - "The Roots of Wellness Massage Therapy & Birth Support"
Where: Missoula, MT
Description: Prenatal/Postpartum/Infant massage, birth & post partum Doula, breastfeeding and postpartum support. Certified Massage Therapist Certified Doula
Comments: The Roots of Wellness Massage Therapy & Birth Support is a place for therapeutic treatments during pregnancy and beyond. I am also a local birth and postpartum Doula, who offers breastfeeding, and postpartum support to local families wanting to have a positive experience in creating a family, and being supported in an amazing community like Missoula, MT. I am growing with a network of organizations, and individuals of a like purpose to support these families in Missoula.
Telephone: 406-529-7397
Address: 700 South Ave. Suite A, Missoula, MT 59801
Webpage: h              Submitted: 10/28/2009

Kylie Heaton - "Neshama Birth Services"
Where: Belgrade, Montana
Description: Doula
Comments: I offer holistic, well rounded doula care for any woman in any juncture of life.
Neshama Birth Services - Because EVERY Child is a Precious Gift!
Telephone: (406)388-7523
Webpage:        Submitted: 11/1/06

Cindi Hedrick, LPN, CHBP - "A Labor of Love"
St Louis Missouri and surrounding area
Description: HypnoBirthing and Conventional Childbirth Education, Doulas, Aromatherapy and Prenatal Massage
Comments:    A Labor of Love offers expectant mothers options in childbirth education, offering HypnoBirthing and conventional childbirth education taught in weekly or  one day class personalized for you by providing group and private classes. Our experienced doulas are available  to support you through every step of labor using many comfort techniques and emotional support. We want to pamper you with our aromatherapy products and you can enjoy our prenatal massage with a Certified Massage Therapist. Every mother deserves to be pampered.
Telephone: 636-448-9326
Address: 524 Spring Meadow Crossing Wentzville MO 63385
Webpage:                           Submitted: 03/06/06

Charlotte McCarvel - "Birth Mama Childbirth Education and Doula Services"
Doula services, Midwife Apprentice and Birth Mama Class Teacher
Comments:   We provide fun and quirky classes about natural childbirth. We'll help you get over fears about birth-- we've done it too! We also have doula services and can help guide you with any information you are looking for regarding birth.
Telephone: 406.543.1232
Webpage:                                                    Submitted: 04/12/06  Updated:  11/13/07

Jenny Miller, CMT - "Birth Angel Labor Support"
JennyMissoula, Montana
Description: Doula and Certified Massage Therapist
Comments: Providing emotional, physical and informational support to mothers and couples before, during and after childbirth.
Telephone: (406) 369 - 2278
Webpage:                     Submitted: 06/11/05

Tara Stratton Wallingford - "Swaykin Doula Services"
Where: Kansas City, MO
Description: Birth and Postpartum Doula
Comments: Providing birth and postpartum support for families in the Kansas City area.
Telephone: 913-486-0550
Webpage:                        Submitted: 5/22/2009


Jamie Bevers   - "JB Doula Services"
Birth and Postpartum Doula working towards certification with DONA
Lincoln, Nebraska and surrounding areas
Working with mothers and families through the most important journey of their lives. I provide birth and postpartum support with a caring, pampering touch. Every birth is unique and requires special attention and support. Please call me to discuss your birthing plans, needs and wishes. I look forward to hearing from you.
Telephone: (402)505-1165
Address: Lincoln, NE
Email:                                                        Submitted: 07/11/04

Bethany Kent (Almost certified!) Doula - "Joy for the Journey "...For the joy of the Lord is your strength'
Doula in Training
Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding areas
Childbirth educator, Birth doula, Postpartum support.  I am working to finish my births for certification. I have studied childbirth for several years, but recognize that every labor and delivery is different and offers many different challenges. As a Christian doula,  I believe that God gives wisdom when we ask for it, and it is my desire to serve you as Jesus Christ has set the example for us to serve one another.
Telephone: (402) 561-6327 Or (402) 813-3590
Email:                         Submitted: 02/28/05   Updated: 08/06/05

Carrie Laughlin, CD - "Mommadoula"
Where: Omaha, NE and surrounding areas
Description: Birth Doula
Comments: Provides emotional, physical, and informational support to birthing moms and their families.
Telephone: 4025988870
Address: 5025 Aspen Dr.
Webpage:                          Submitted: 11/28/10

Jennifer Ramsey, CCE, BE, Doula - "Pure Families"
Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding Educator, Birth/Doula Attendant
Bellevue, Nebraska
Webpage:           Submitted: 03/18/04  Updated: 8/24/07

Sara Sayre, RN, Birth Doula - "Empowering Birth"
Where: Omaha/Lincoln areas
Description: Birth Doula
Comments: I provide individualized support and education for expectant women and their families from pregnancy through the birth and the early postpartum period. I try to help women have a peaceful, easy, and beautiful birth experience in which they feel fully supported throughout.
Telephone: 402-490-5127
Address: Omaha, NE
Email:                                                    Submitted: 1/21/2009


Jill Colin, CPM - "A Special Delivery"
Where: Las Vegas area also outside of NV- AZ, UT, CA
Description: Midwifery Services, NARM Certified Professional Midwife
Comments: Over 20 years of experience helping over 1,000 families welcome new baby. Services include: Complete prenatal care, midwifery attended personalized home birth, postpartum care, breast feeding counseling, GYN care-PAPS, labs, access to ultra sound and referral to perinatology, nutrition education, supplements, and herbs. Specializing in water birth, with special labor tubs rented from local businesses. MUCH MORE!
Telephone: 702-243-0944
Address: North Las Vegas
Webpage:                Submitted: 1/7/2009

Corrine Flatt - "Nevada Midwife"
CorrineWhere: Las Vegas NV
Description: Midwife, childbirth educator, breastfeeding information and support
Comments: I am a midwife with a heart for both individual and mother-to-mother group care. I am a traditionally trained homebirth midwife. I have been working as a midwife since 1998. I provide confidential, professional care for well women through the entire childbearing cycle, specializing in homebirth and waterbirth services. I am committed to providing every client with gentle, sensitive, holistic assistance. See more about our groups at
Telephone: 702-643-9433 or 702-midwife
Address: 1872 Cobra Court, Las Vegas NV 89142
Webpage:                                 Submitted: 2/7/2009

Kerie Francis - "Your Birth Your Way"
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada & surrounding areas
Description: Doula Services, DONA trained doula.
Comments: My goal is to help you to create your ideal birth experience. I promise to give 100% of my effort and care to the women who invite me to their births and will bring my knowledge of a great variety of comfort measures and a nurturing spirit to the birth.
I adore my role as caregiver to birthing women! I am so excited about helping other women to create their perfect birth! I have a passion for motherhood, spiritually, intellectually, and physically. I simply want to empower women to have their best possible birth experience!
Webpage:             Submitted: 04/05/07

Faith Hobby- Faraldo - "Birthing Day Services"
FaithLabor Doula CAPPA MEMBER #4512
Las Vegas, Nevada
Labor Doula Services and Lactation Counseling. I attend both home and hospital births in the Las Vegas area. Bilingual (English/Spanish) service for southern Nevada .
Address: 4656 Camden Bridge Street, Las Vegas, NV 89147
Telephone: 702 445-7689
Webpage:                 Submitted: 06/30/05          Updated: 01/16/06

Sandy Holihan - " Babymoon Midwifery Services"
Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City
Description: Homebirth Midwife
Comments:   I believe that pregnancy and childbirth can be an exciting and magical journey if you have the right support. I want you to feel safe, peaceful and in control at this special time. It's your body, your birth, your choices. Through one-to-one, evidence informed discussion and a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth I provide care for homebirth, waterbirth and birth after caesarean.
Telephone: 702-324-8116
Webpage:                                      Submitted: 11/24/05

Sherry Hopkins, LD - "Well Rounded Momma"
Where: Las Vegas Area
Description: Labor Doula
Comments: I am a member of CELA, DONA, and BYN.  Sherry has experience in both home and hospital births, as well as breast-feeding.  She is a labor tub specialist and has attended water births. Sherry has experience in alternative healthcare and has  received training in BodyTalk, aromatherapy, herbs, and more. She is a member  of CELA, BYN, and DONA. She has spoken to groups on home educating, vaccines, and skin care. She has resided in Las Vegas for over a year with her dear hubby, Adam, and their 6 kidlets.
Telephone: 702-245-1085
Webpage:                                 Submitted:  7/18/07

Kachina K'ang, CLD, Co-founder and Executive Director of Birth Year Network
KachinaCAPPA, Birth Year Network, Childbirth Educators and Labor Assistants of S. NV, Water Birth Int.
Southern Nevada, Las Vegas Valley, Henderson, Boulder City
Description: Labor Doula, Water Birth Tub services,  Set up and Removal of Labor/Water Birth Tubs.
Telephone: 702-480-5654
Webpage: and        Submitted: 07/02/05       Updated: 01/16/06

April Kermani, CNM - "Deseret Women's Health Care"
AprilHenderson, NV
Comments:   I am a certified nurse-midwife that attends births at St. Rose hospital.  I believe in women being active participants in their care.  This means getting educated and determining how you want your pregnancy, labor, and birth experience to unfold.
Telephone: 702-564-1858
Address: 98 E. Lake Mead Dr. #105
Webpage:                              Updated: 04/14/06

Mari Lifrieri, PhD - "NY Hypnosis & Laser Center"
Las Vegas, Nevada
Description: Hypnosis for Childbirth, Smoking Cessation, Pain Management, Stress Management
Comments: I am certified in both HypnoBabies and Hypnobirthing. I specialize in Pain Management for Women who choose to birth naturally. I am Clinical Hypnotherapist and also offer smoking cessation, Negativity Release. We also offer Botox and Dermal Fillers and have within our Spa extensive additional services such as Esthetics, Hair, Nails, Reiki, EFT. We strive to have women feel positive and look good from the inside out.
Telephone: 702-454-7910   Fax: 702-507-2335
Address: 4160 S. Ft. Apache Road - Ste B (within Madame Et Monsieur), Las Vegas, NV 89147
Webpage:                             Submitted: 06/16/05      Updated: 4/9/2008

Briana Mager, CD(DONA), HCHD, CPES(PBi) - "Sin City Birth"
Where: Las Vegas, NV
Description: Doula, Placenta Encapsulation, Birth Tub Rental
Telephone: (314) 210-7152
Webpage:                   Submitted: 11/14/10

Dianne Mayer,  - "Aunt Dee's Postpartum Doula Service"
Where: Clark County, Nevada
Description: Postpartum Doula
Comments: I provide physical & emotional support after the birth of your child. Consider me your personal assistant! I will help you with any needs you may have. I will help with the caring of your newborn providing you with coping skills. I will help with daily chores making sure you get the rest you need, including light housework, light meal prep, laundry. If there are siblings I will also help with sibling adjustment. I have many happy client references available.
Telephone: 702 448-2732  Cell # 516 458-5153
Email: DCEO2@AOL.COM                                          Submitted: 8/13/10

Jennifer Neschke - "Mother to Mother Doula Care"
Where: Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Pahrump, Nevada
Description: Birth Doula
Comments: My aim is to provide support for all birthing women and their partners.  Whether you choose to birth at home or in the hospital, I will be there to give encouragement, provide relaxation and comfort measures and encourage your partner in whatever role they choose to take.
Telephone: (702) 578-0289
Address: 2225 E. Centennial Pkwy. #101 Box #176 North Las Vegas, NV. 89081 Email:
Webpage: h                             Submitted: 6/10/2008 

Barbara Potter - "Body Restoration Massage"
BarbLicensed & Nationally Certified Massage Therapist Specializing in Prenatal Massage
Where: Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada
Description: Prenatal, Postnatal & Infant Massage
Comments: I love giving comfort and nurturing care and pain relief to expectant mothers both before the birth of the baby and after. The massage is given in the comfort of their home where rest and relaxation are encouraged.
Telephone: 702-524-5686
Address: 136 Vista Del Lago, Henderson, Nevada 89015 (Mailing Only)
Webpage:            Submitted:  8/16/07

Celeste Prisock -"First Breath Doula Care"
CelesteLabor Doula
Reno, Nevada and surrounding areas
Comments:   Supporting women and their partners minimize pain and complications to achieve the birth they desire. My mission is to promote the best health possible for the birthing family--at home or in a hospital. As your Doula, I will serve your needs with physical, emotional, and informational assistance to minimize pain and complications as much as possible.
Telephone: 775-852-1929
Webpage:              Submitted: 04/18/06

Carol Sorensen - "Pyramid Doula Services"
CAPPA member
Sparks, Reno, Fernley and surrounding areas
Description: ante partum, labor and postpartum doula.
Comments:   My goal is to ease the transition in gaining a family member.
Email:                                  Submitted: 03/06/06

Amber Terhune - "Beautiful Beginnings Doula Services"
Labor/Postpartum Doula
Gardnerville, Carson City, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Sparks
Comments: I provide constant but gentle physical, emotional and educational support during your pregnancy, labor and delivery
Telephone: 775 265-1316
Address: 1333A Kimmerling Road Gardnerville, Nevada 89460

Kim Trower, LD - "Mother to Mother Midwifery Care"
KimLas Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City
Homebirth Midwife, doula services, childbirth education
Comments: I provide a supportive environment to learn about your options and become empowered during your pregnancy so you can have the birth you want. Holistic care during your pregnancy, labor and birth. Supportive of VBAC's, waterbirth, and breech birth..
Telephone: 702-301-3385 Address: 6000 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 9A Las Vegas NV, 89119
Webpage:         Submitted: 09/16/03    Updated: 5/8/2009

Rebekah Wilcken, CD
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
Description: Labor doula
Comments: I'm certified with Childbirth International, I have 5 children of my own, the last 2 born at home, I know ASL... Birth is wonderful and normal, and a wonderful time of awakening for mommy!
Telephone: 702-807-1388
Webpage:                           Submitted: 7/15/07     Updated: 1/23/08

Top of Page
New Hampshire:

Annie Cagle - "Empowering Birth and Beyond"
Where: Laconia, New Hampshire
Description: Birth Doula, Post Partum Doula, Childbirth Educator, I provide birth doula services, postpartum doula services, group and private childbirth education classes as well as bellycasting in central New Hampshire, including Plymouth, NH and Laconia NH.  I am available for births in a hospital setting, birth center or a homebirth.
Comments: I provide a free consultation so we can determine if we are a good match for each other.
I then provide at least one prenatal appointment in which we cover various childbirth topics and get to know each other better.  I believe women should know all of their options so they can make an informed choice for the most empowering birth experience possible.
In addition to my providing families with my personal experience and knowledge on a topic, all my clients also have access to my lending library of books including over 150 books relating to pregnancy, birth, postpartum or early childhood.  In addition to the clients I have served I also bring my own personal experience to aid in helping families.  I have 3 children all born without pain medication and all breastfed.
You are welcome to call or email me with your pregnancy related questions or to see other resources in central New Hampshire.
Telephone: 603-707-2020
Address: PO Box 388, Ashland, NH 03217
Webpage:              Submitted: 20/03/2007

Anji Church - "Natural Keepsakes"
anjiCertified Labor Doula, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Master Herbalist, Student Midwife with AAMI, Trained Breastfeeding Educator, Trained Herbal Educator, Trained Trust Birth Leader
West Chesterfield, New Hampshire
I believe in serving women to the best of my ability. I believe women's bodies were made to give birth. In most cases, when women are encouraged, nurtured, and given the care that is right for their particular circumstances, birth is a normal bodily function. I believe that birth is as much emotional and spiritual as it is physical. I also believe that birth belongs to women and families...not hospitals and physicians. Birth is not an illness. Yet, I am also grateful for the technology that we have in this day and age for the 15% of women who do not birth without complication.
Telephone: 603-256-3123
Address: 701 Rte 9 PO Box 125 West Chesterfield, NH 03466
Webpage:                     Submitted: 03/17/05

Demetria Clark, CD, CH - "Birth Arts Childbirth Services"
DemetriaCT River Valley VT and NH from Brattleboro to Hanover.
Labor Support Doula, Childbirth Educator
Offering compassionate doula support.
Assisting mom in following her own path to birth. Experience with Twins and High Risk support also.
Telephone: 802-885-6303
Webpage:                              Submitted: 11/06/04

Liz Fernandez, CD(DONA), MSW - "Liz's Love Doula Services"
LizWhere: Manchester, NH
Description: Doula
Comments: Very passionate young doula flexible to your needs.  Also offers postpartum doula services
Telephone: (603) 203-4241
Webpage: h                            Submitted: 3/22/2008

Robyn Haas
Labor Doula, DONA-trained
Services offered in: SW New Hampshire, So Vermont, N Central Massachusetts
I firmly believe in the natural ability of a woman's body to give birth, and will share my confidence in the birth process with you as we prepare for your special day!
I am currently able to offer complete Labor Doula services for a minimal fee (to cover my own child care) while undergoing certification process. I will attend births in an approximate 60 mile radius from my home in Alstead, NH (N of Keene).
Telephone: 603-835-6391
Address: Alstead, NH
Email:                          Submitted: 07/13/04

Jennifer Hartford
Doula, Dona Trained.. Working towards certification
New Hampshire
Webpage:        Submitted: 04/20/04

Amy Peterson - "Hound Hill Doula"
AmyDescription: DONA trained Birth and Postpartum Doula
Where: Seacoast NH area
Comments: Labor support, sibling support for birth, birth photography, postpartum support, parenting support, newborn care. Experienced with premature, special needs, and medically fragile newborns.
Webpage:                            Submitted: 10/8/2009

Mary Lu Petty, CD (DONA - "TLC Doula"
Southern New Hampshire and Merrimack Valley Area, Massachusetts
Birth Doula, I have a passion for helping women through labor and delivery so they can feel how empowering birth can be. I'm available for questions about your pregnancy and will be at your side throughout your labor. I follow-up with a visit two weeks after the birth to give you any pictures that were taken.

Ruby Toledo - "Mamacita Doula Services"
Labor Support Specialist / Doula
Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden counties
Doula services provided include, pregnancy, labor and postpartum support, and breastfeeding counseling
Free Services Provided to Teen Mothers
Email:                                  Submitted: 11/11/04

Fannie Vaillancourt - "Helping Hands Post-Partum Services"
Post-Partum Doula in Training (DONA)
Southern Maine & New Hampshire
Helping Hands is a Post-Partum Doula Service that provides support for Mom and her family that includes assistance with either breast or bottle feeding, preparation of nutritious snacks, light housekeeping, errands, and informational resources after the newborn comes home.
I encourage all women to breastfeed and will gladly provide information, guidance and support in the early hours and weeks after the birth, to get you off to a smooth start.
I am available for prenatal visits so we can get to know each other and make sure I am the right doula for you. I'm happy to answer questions, provide resources or referrals - so, please feel free to contact me! I provide emotional, physical, practical and informational support to families during the postpartum period.
Telephone: 207-646-5746

New Jersey:

Virginia Affuso, CD(DONA), CBE (ALACE) - "Everyday Miracles Doula Services"
Where: PA- Lehigh Valley, Eastern NJ
Description: Birth doula, Childbirth Education
Comments: Pregnancy and childbirth are monumental life changing experiences. I offer Birth Doula services from DONA certified doula as well as  childbirth education classes from an ALACE certified childbirth educator.
Most women need another women they can turn to in labor. As a labor Doula I am trained in comfort measures and labor support. Not only does a doula support the mother but she can also be a person for the woman's partner to lean on. I am a certified childbirth educator offering independent childbirth education classes.  This is different from hospital childbirth classes because I am not limited by hospital policies, procedures, or politics.  I can teach classes based on facts as well as the classes individual emotional needs needs.  I can tailor private classes for water birth, VBAC, Teen moms, natural birth, and breastfeeding.
Telephone: 484-995-6273
Webpage: h                  Submitted: 10/25/2009

Danielle Brenner - "Your Baby's First Gift - Breastfeeding Education and Support"
MS, breastfeeding/lactation educator, LaLeche Leader
Where: Lumberton, New Jersey (Burlington County - Southern New Jersey)
Description: Lactation/Breastfeeding Educator and Counselor
Comments:   I provide education to new and expectant parents on breastfeeding and support for breastfeeding postpartum.
Telephone: 609-702-0588
Webpage:                                 Submitted: 8/30/2006

Ayla Brown, PCD (DONA) - "The Tenth Month"
North, New Jersey
As your postpartum doula I will give you the security of knowing that there will be someone to take care of you so that you have the time and energy to focus on your new baby. I bring a calm, soothing presence and a nurturing touch to all that I do. Whatever your needs may be, whether it's help with household tasks, having questions answered or simply having a kind, nonjudgmental person to listen to your joys and concerns, I will attend to them with the utmost care.
Telephone: 973-782-2822
Address: Prospect Park
Webpage:                            Submitted: 9/21/2006

Ann Derman
Title: Trained Nurse/ Midwife( trained in South Africa) Licensed Massage Therapist in NY state
Organization: Private Practice
Where: Mount Laurel, NJ
Description: I offer Doula care also Pre & postnatal care  Massage Reflexology
Comments:  My name is Ann Derman   I am a trained nurse/ Midwife and now practice Therapeutic Massage and Natural healing and offer Doula Services.  I take a holistic approach to health and healing.  I teach body awareness & body balance. I use Massage, Reflexology, stretches & gentle exercise to maintain postural balance. I will teach you about foods that are high in enzymes and natural probiotics to prevent yeast infections while at the same time nourishing your child and ensuring a quality supply of breast milk for your baby.  Also preventing excessive weight gain.
Telephone: 856 685 9676(Cell)
Address: 1155 Rout 73 Mount Laurel NJ 08002
E Mail                    Submitted: 12/9/2008

Laura DePasquale, LCCE,CD - "Holistic Beginnings"
Where: Chatham, NJ
Description: Childbirth Educator and Doula
Comments: Providing natural childbirth preparation classes, labor and postpartum doula services for over twenty years.
Telephone: 973-635-6292
Webpage:               Submitted: 9/15/10

Rosemarie Mare, CD (DONA), LCCE - "Mother to Mother Services"
Serving all of Monmouth, Middlesex, Ocean and Somerset Counties
Description: Private Lamaze classes, Waterbirth Tub Rentals
Comments: Mother to Mother-Central NJ"s Premier Childbirth Services has been educating and supporting birthing families since 1997. Personalized Professional Care is What Mother to Mother is known for. I offer private childbirth classes in my home to all my clients. I am now the Central and Southern NJ connection for Waterbirth Tub Rentals for home or Hospital Use. Mother to Mother also offers breastfeeding and newborn baby care classes as well as having a certified massage specialist on staff. Call early for a consultation appointment and to schedule services.
Telephone: 732- 679-4385
Webpage:                  Submitted: 03/17/06   Updated: 11/14/2008

Naima Duncan - "Mothering The Mommy Childbirth Services"
Montclair, NJ
Doula and Childbirth Teacher
Nurturing and Compassionate doula services and Ongoing Holistic Childbirth Classes
Telephone: 973-509-8478
Webpage:                 Submitted: 12/16/04

Judith Hagan, CNM - "Mother & Child Midwifery Associates"
Where: Northern, Western and Central New Jersey
Description: I am a certified nurse midwife doing homebirth and waterbirth
Comments: I provide heartfelt, individualized care to mothers and their families. I have attended over 2,000 births and over 700 out of hospital births. I believe that childbirth is a profound rite of passage, not a medical, surgical event (even when medical care is a part of the birth). I as a midwife seek always to honor the woman and her partner above all in this process.
Telephone: 973-983-7560
Webpage:                                  Submitted: 9/28/07

Dorothy Haines, CD(DONA), LCCE - "Your Best Birth"
DorothyWhere: Central NJ - Middlesex, Monmouth, & Mercer counties & surrounding areas
Description: Birth doula and Childbirth educator
Comments: I am one of the co-founders of Your Best Birth, which provides birth doula services throughout the Central NJ area. See our website for more information about us and the services we provide. We also teach Lamaze childbirth classes in two locations in the Central NJ area.
Contact me today to find out how I can help you to have Your Best Birth!
Telephone: 732-238-8683
Webpage:                           Submitted: 1/6/2009

Renee Hennings, CD(DONA) - "Day Lily Doula"
Where: Northern New Jersey
Description: Certified Birth Doula
Comments: Student birth doula offering my services at no charge until I become certified through Dona International
Telephone: 973-896-2513
Webpage:                                Submitted: 12/10/2008       Updated: 03/28/11

Sabine L. Kennon, CD, CLD, SM
Birth Doula, Midwife, DONA, CAPPA
Northern New Jersey
Assist families during labor and birth - 24 hour labor support, childbirth education in your own home, individualized care, your birth plan in hospital, birth center or home. Includes two or more prenatal and one postpartum visit. Belly casting services.
Telephone: 973 783 3032
Address: Montclair, NJ
Email:                         Submitted: 01/31/05

Mary Kling, BS, DTR, PCD(DONA) - "Tender Moments Mom Care"
Where: Atco, New Jersey
Description: Postpartum Doula
Comments: I've worked with Moms and Babies for over 30 years in various capacities. I have been a LLL Leader, a Lactation Consultant, and a nutritionist for hospital OB Clinics. I'd love to serve you and your family. I'm there to educate, nurture, and help out with meals, laundry, siblings & pets. I also teach infant massage, post-natal Pilates and nutrition.
Telephone: 856-889-9800
Webpage:             Submitted: 7/17/07   Updated: 3/20/2010

Patrice London - "Empowered To Birth Naturally"
PratriceWhere: Central New Jersey
Description: birth doula
Comments: I'm in training currently, however, I bring my personal experience of giving birth to my 3 daughters.  I've had a hospital, birth center and homebirth.
Webpage: ht                   Submitted: 08/22/08

Patricia Madden, CNM - "Women's Health Care of Mullica Hill, LLC"
Certified Nurse Midwife
Mullica Hill, New Jersey
Description: midwife, full scope well women genecology, obstetrics, midwifery, water births
Comments: I recently opened my private practice. I attend deliveries at South Jersey HealthCare, Elmer. They have a beautiful brand new unit which includes a water birth suite. All private suites. My practice is based on personalized care from the heart. Women are encouraged to be active partners in their own health care. The practice provides services to women of all ages and all paths. Additional services include.. massage, monthly health topic seminars, community outreach...
Telephone: (856) 223-1385
Address: 8 High Street, Suite A, Mullica Hill, New Jersey 08062
Webpage:                     Submitted: 06/02/05  Updated: 01/17/06

Leila Elena Marcial (Doolittle), BA, CCE, RN, CNM
- "Bebitos Educación Prenatal & Salud Femenino"
Services provided in northwest New Jersey
Description: Prenatal education, preconception class, breastfeeding counseling, family planning (including NFP), women's health   Everything, meaning all classes/sessions are in Spanish. Sorry.
Webpage (in Spanish):    Submitted: 07/14/05

Gaea Meola - "Mother Earth Birth Services"
GaeaWhere: Morris County, NJ and surrounding areas
Description: ALACE Trained Birth Doula with a focus on natural childbirth, education and breastfeeding.
Comments: My name is Gaea and I am a birth doula. I accompany women in labor to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience. I can support you at your home and help you decide when to leave for the hospital (or assist at a home birth with a qualified midwife) or I can meet you at the hospital to act as a consultant and help your family/friends be your main support. I can be as unobtrusive or hands-on as you need.
I have completed my certification requirements through A.L.A.C.E. (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators).
I have two beautiful children, both born at home with the assistance of two wonderful midwives and her amazing Daddy! In addition, I have read books relating to being a doula as well as on breastfeeding, pregnancy and child care.
I draw on my knowledge and experience to provide emotional support, physical comfort and, if needed, communication with the staff to make sure that you have the information you need to make informed decisions as they arise in labor. I can provide reassurance and perspective to you and your support people, make suggestions for labor progress, and help with relaxation, massage, positioning, and other techniques for comfort. I am an independent doula. As your doula, I am working for you, not your caregiver or the hospital.
I believe that you are in charge of your own birth and that I am the invited guest. I am there to serve you and to help you have the type of birth you have envisioned for yourself. In many cases, I act as support for the family support person/people and will in no way take over the main support role from those who will be involved in the child's life later. This is modified if I am the only support person, or if the laboring woman or family support asks me to step in. It is important that the family attempt the first communications with the staff - I will only step in if the parents are for some reason unable to speak to the medical staff.
Telephone: 973-219-4882
Webpage:                                       Submitted: 9/23/07

Vanessa Richmond, CMT
VanessaWhere: McGuire AFB and surrounding areas, New Jersey
Description: doula
Comments: I am looking to help support women through pregnancy and childbirth.
Telephone: 707-301-6644
Webpage:                    Submitted: 9/13/07

Beth Salerno, CPD, BFC
Certified Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor
Ocean Grove, Monmouth County, New Jersey
Postpartum Doula Care, Breastfeeding Counselor, Breastfeeding Classes
I'm happy to answer questions, provide resources or referrals - so, please feel free to contact me!! I provide emotional, physical, practical and informational support to families during the postpartum period. (Mother & Baby/Sibling Care, Breastfeeding Support, Resources, Household Help & More!) Free Pre-Natal Consultation.
Telephone: 908.492-4987 OR 732.897-7572
Address: Ocean Grove, NJ
Webpage:                         Submitted: 12/14/04  Updated: 0310/2007

Kimberly Samari - "Body Birth Balance"
Where: High Bridge, NJ
Description: Doula, Prenatal Massage, Massage Therapist
Comments: As a doula, it is my job provide education and support to the laboring woman and her partner. Every woman deserves to have an empowering birth experience and, as a team, we will work together to make that happen. Whether you are planning a medicated or unmedicated birth in a hospital setting, or at home, I will provide continuous support as you begin your amazing journey into motherhood. In addition to doula services, I am also a prenatal massage therapist. Please visit my website for more information and contact me to schedule a free consultation.
Webpage:                    Submitted: 3/19/2009

Sarah Skelton, CD, ICCE - "Childbirth Matters, LLC"
SarahWhere: Morris County, NJ
Description: Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator
Comments: Our names are Stacey Gregg and Sarah Skelton. We are International DONA certified doulas and have a combined 11 years of experience. We are located in Morris County NJ and work with families in North East and Central NJ. Our services include birth support, childbirth education and in-home newborn care classes.
Telephone: 9738890060
Webpage:                      Submitted: 04/02/2007

Arlene Sroczynski, CPD - "Doulas of Central New Jersey"
Where: All of New Jersey and Manhattan, NY
Description: postpartum doula
Comments: I provide parents with loving support after the birth of their baby. I am certified as a doula as well as in first aid and CPR. I have experience with multiple births.
Telephone: 732-563-0449
Webpage:             Submitted: 12/08/06

New Mexico:

Patricia (Trish) Stebbins
Working on DONA certification
Farmington, New Mexico and surrounding area
Labor Doula
I have been a doula for 17 years. I offer physical, emotional, and educational support. I have attended the DONA training and am currently working on completion of my certification. I am new to the Farmington, New Mexico area. I lived the last 13 years in Alaska. I have attended many births, including a forceps, C-section, Midwife, natural and epidural deliveries (approximately 50 births). References available upon request.
Telephone: (505) 564-3162
Email:                                                       Submitted: 10/30/04

Barbara Steppe, LPN CD LC - "Free Spirit Birth Service & Initiations"
Free Spirit Birth ServicesWhere: Albuquerque and surrounding areas in New Mexico
Description: Nurse, doula, Birthing From Within childbirth educator, lactation counselor.  Certified Birthing From Within Advisor
Comments: Providing comprehensive pregnancy, labor, birth and mothering initiation, preparation and support.
Telephone: 505.404.1281
Webpage:                                 Submitted:  6/25/07   Updated:  8/03/07

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New York:

Brenda Adorno-Valte - "Miracle Doula Services"
Where: Bellerose , Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau County Long Island
Description: Childbirth Doula
Comments: "Childbirth should be your greatest accomplishment, not your greatest fear". I am a mother of two boys and I have experienced the power of birth. Birth is such a miracle. It is an amazing experience to be with a couple as they give birth to their child. Giving birth is the most important work a woman will ever do. I have confidence in the capabilities of a mother's body. I know every woman knows her body best, just as she knows her baby best.
Telephone: 917-686-6391
Address: Bellerose, NY
Webpage:                             Submitted: 07/17/08

Tina Atanasio, DONA Trained Doula  - "Long Island Doula Support Services"
TinaLong Island, NY
Description: Labor and Postpartum doula
Comments: Providing physical, emotional and informational support to Long Island moms. Mothering the mother, during labor and the postpartum period.
Telephone: 631-878-3079
Webpage:                     Submitted: 09/05/05

Elizabeth Baer
Where - Syracuse, NY
DONA-trained birth doula. WIC Breastfeeding Counselor. Working on certification as a BirthWorks Childbirth Educator. Mother of four.
Doula package: 3 prenatal visits, continuous labor support, 1 postpartum visit, telephone breastfeeding support for as long as you are nursing.
Phone: 443-690-6212
Email:                        Submitted: 12/11/10

Colleen Bak, MA - "Full Moon Belly"
ColleenNYC, NY
Labor support doula
I have attended births in hospital, independent birth center, and given birth myself at home. I am available for births throughout NYC in any setting. Please visit my website for my full background and service description.
Telephone: 718-381-2044
Webpage:                         Submitted: 03/11/05

Ruth Callahan, PCD- "Doula Care Postpartum Service"
Where: New York, NY
Description: Certified Postpartum Doula (DONA)
Comments:  Doula Care Postpartum Service Founded in 1991.  Doula Care is committed to providing the best trained and most experienced and qualified DONA certified postpartum doulas in the New York City area.
Telephone: 212 737-6613
Address: Serving NYC
Webpage:                  Submitted: 3/2/2010

Amy M. Campbell, LMT CIMI CPMT - "Art Walk Massage"
AmyRochester, NY
Description: Licensed Massage Therapist; Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist; Certified Infant Massage Instructor. I have been working with Pregnant Woman for over two years and with infants and toddlers for over a year. I would love to expand my services to help as many moms and babies experience touch as possible.
Comments: As all NYS Licensed Massage Therapists, I am fully qualified to conduct all regular modalities of therapy such as Swedish, connective and deep tissue therapy, Medical Technique, etc. Additionally, I have specific training and certification in prenatal massage, postpartum massage, and infant massage instruction. The Infant Massage classes are SO much fun! I love working with caregivers with babies & toddlers! Please see all the benefits.
Telephone: 585.244.5626
Address: 158 Merriman Street, Rochester, NY
Webpage:                            Submitted: 03/05/2007      Updated:  7/01/07

Jennifer Cardinale, LMT, CD & Kelly Flynn, LMT, CD "In A Doula's Care"
Long Island, New York
Description: Doula & Massage Therapists
Comments: We serve all of Long Island, Brooklyn & Queens. We are licensed massage therapists, Labor & Postpartum Doula's and teach Infant/Child CPR.
Telephone: 516-432-5231 or 646-533-3703
Webpage:                     Submitted: 07/08/05

  Melissa Carman - " Mothers To Be And More"
Where: Rochester, NY
Description: I am a Birth Doula currently working on certification.  DONA Trained Birth Doula
Comments: I am a DONA Trained Birth Doula - I am working on my certification as a Birth Doula, Antepartum Doula and Certified Lactation Educator Counselor.  I am a breastfeeding mother.  I am very passionate about the relationships I have with my "moms" and I look forward to working with you.
Telephone: 315-945-9693 (24/7)
Webpage:                        Submitted: 8/12/2009

Nicole Commercio, CSW, CD (DONA) - "Tender Loving Care for Mothers"
NicoleNew York City, Westchester, and Connecticut
Baby Nurse, Labor Support Doula and Postpartum Doula
I provide baby nurse and doula services and have a background also as a Certified Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist. ...She who reveals to me what is in me and helps me to externalize it in fuller terms of self-trust, is my real helper...for she assists me in the birth of those things she knows are in me and in all women...
Telephone: (917) 576-1973
Webpage:                     Submitted: 01/26/05

Dale Cook, CNM - "Gaia Midwifery"
DaleLong Island, New York
Gaia Midwifery is an Independent full scope midwifery practice located in Western Suffolk County on Long Island.  Certified Nurse Midwife - Dale Cook provides personalized, healthcare to women during pregnancy and after.
Births are attended at two Long Island hospitals; Huntington Hospital and Nassau University Medical Center.  Homebirth is also an option. The office is located in Greenlawn, Long Island.
Dale works with a very talented group of women who specialize as birth assistants, labor and postpartum doulas and breastfeeding peer support counselors. Within this network there are those who bring knowledge and joy to the birth and breastfeeding experience.
Our goal is to serve Long Island women with the best possible personalized care!
We offer Waterbirth and in hospital birth
Telephone: 866-239-5445
Webpage:                     Submitted: 07/08/05

Rina Crane
Where: Manhattan and the Bronx
Description: Birth Doula
Webpage:                                         Submitted: 9/26/2008

Ellen Derby, CD(DONA) CLC LMT - "Birth & Mother's Milk Doula and Mothercare Services"
Where: Rochester, NY and Canandaigua, NY
Description: Birth and Postpartum doula service, Breastfeeding counseling and education, Childbirth education
Comments: I have been a doula since 2003 and a breastfeeding counselor since 2000.  I provide personalized care from pregnancy through the first weeks after birth.  I come to your home in labor until time to travel to hospital and stay with you through the birth, then I assist you with your first nursing before heading home.  I get to know you prenatally with 3 visits and follow up with a home visit a week after the birth.  It's a privilege and an honor to be part of your birthing.
Telephone: 315-462-3394
Webpage:                  Submitted: 04/21/10

Silvie Falschlunger, Ph.D., CCE, CD - "Childbirth International"
Where: New York City Area - including Westchester, Fairfield
Description: birth & postpartum doula, childbirth educator
Comments: All services are custom fit & available in English & German
Telephone: 914-686-3477
Address: 60 Waller Avenue

Webpage:                            Submitted: 1/26/11

Sandra Fray
Baby Nurse
Where: All States. I am based in New York
Comments: I am a mother of two and live in Brooklyn New York. After ten years in the business I have met mothers whose only memory of the first months of bringing their newborn home is how stressful it all was.  My mission is to change that and provide a service that allows the mother to have wonderful memories after the birth of their newborn
Telephone: 917-733-4098
Webpage:                          Submitted: 06/04/2007

Chana Frydman, CD - "Beautiful Beginnings"
New York, NY
Birth Doula
Comments: As a Doula, I provide continuous care for the laboring woman and her husband, and help them participate fully in their experience by offering physical and emotional support. I meet the couple prenatally, go to their home in labor, and accompany them throughout the birth process whether at home or in the hospital.
Telephone: 212 529 3964
Email:                                  Submitted: 7/12/2006

Catherine Gaertig - "Gentle Birth Doula Labor Support Services"
CatherineWhere: Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess Counties in New York State
Description: Birth Doula
Comments: ABOUT ME.....I am professionally trained through DONA International. So far I have attended quite a few births and look forward to many more to come. I have attended a Lamaze Education Course and will continue to further my education. In October 2008, I will begin a Childbirth Educator Certification course, not to mention various seminars this year covering prenatal care, Vaginal birth after Cesarean and natural childbirth. Recently I joined Operation Special Delivery, an organization that provides military mom's with labor support while their partners are away at war. So far I have attended births at Hudson Valley Hospital Center in Peekskill, N.Y., as well as Nyack Hospital and Vassar Brothers in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.  WHY I BECAME A DOULA... I decided to become a Birth Doula after the birth of my daughter Vivian. It became clear to me during my labor what birth meant and what it means for every woman in the world experiencing it. I learned that women need support and guidance through this experience. A woman's strength during her labor is enabled by emotional, physiological and informational support. Not only is birth enabled by all these factors, but it is also encouraged by love, support and an understanding for this amazing process. As your doula I will be by you every step of the way, encouraging you and offering you pain relief techniques that will empower you to experience your birth. I am honored to be a doula and honored to be part of your support team and look forward to guiding you through the journey of giving birth to your child.
Telephone: 914.255.6769
Address: 95 Sixth Street, Verplanck, N.Y.
Webpage: h                   Submitted: 10/12/2008

Mavis Gewant, CD, CBE - "Gentle Care Doula Service"
Where: Ulster, Dutchess & Orange Counties, NY and the Hudson Valley
Description: Labor Support and Postpartum Care, Breastfeeding help, Newborn care classes, Comfort Measures Class and Birth Preparation Classes
Telephone: 845 616-1743
Webpage:                             Submitted: 8/13/2009

Mary Catherine Hamelin, CD(DONA)
Description:  Birth Doula (DONA Trained) & Birth Photographer
Where: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, NY (NYC Metro Area)
Webpage:                                Submitted: 2/6/2009 Updated: 1/20/2010

Andi Hamus - "Sacred Childbirth Services"
AndiDirect-entry Midwife, childbirth educator, and Doula
Serving Buffalo and surrounding communities
Natural Childbirth Classes, home birth consultation, doula services, belly casting, birth tub rental, and a free breastfeeding support group. Educating families towards the truth about birth in Western New York. Providing opportunities for gentle, mother and baby focused birth experiences.
Telephone: 716-831-9481
Address: Buffalo, NY
Webpage:                         Submitted: 01/20/05

Crysta Hessel & Victoria Moody -"Labour of Love Doulas"
Long Island, New York
Description: Labor/Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula
Comments: We provide birth/labor and postpartum doula services and are based on Long Island, New York.
I provide support for women and their families before, during and after childbirth. I am dedicated to nurturing, educating and empowering a mother to ensure a most satisfying birth experience.
We are current members of DONA international and are fully insured.
Telephone: (516)351-6425
Address: Long Island, New York
Webpage:            Submitted: 08/24/05

Loretta Jordan - "Labour Of Love"
LorettaTitle: Labor / Post Partum Doula, Natural Fertility Awareness Instructor
Where: Westchester, NY, NYC, New Jersey
Description: Experience in supporting Women and their Families in all birth settings since the mid 1980s. Evidence based, no-nonsense down to earth care, tailored to the needs of individual of Families. Providing full spectrum, continuity of care, during the prenatal period, labor/delivery, and post partum stages. "It is our philosophy at Labour Of Love, to Support, Nurture and Respect a Mother's innate sense and ability to care for and know what is best for her Baby."
Telephone: 718-562-1070
Webpage:                               Submitted: 1/5/2009          Updated: 9/28/2009

Leanora Koehler, RN,CCE,CD and Donna Greenstein, R.N. - "New Baby Belly"
LeanoraWhere: Bellmore, NY
Description: Childbirth Education Classes, Infant/Child CPR, Baby Basics and Doula Services
Comments: All classes taught by RN, with a 'girlfriend' approach. Our goal as independent educators is to offer you information on all childbirth choices. Because we are not bound by policy or procedure from any one institution we are free to be completely honest in all aspects of the birthing process. Our upbeat course speaks to the modern parent with a “girlfriend approach” offering clear, easy to understand information. Our class is taught with a sense of humor not found in any other class. Upon completion of our course, you and your partner have the tools and confidence you need to proceed through your labor and birth feeling empowered.
Telephone: 516-804-6378
Webpage:                       Submitted: 12/9/2008

Kari Kukoda,  WHNP, Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner - ""
KariBuffalo NY and surrounding suburbs
Childbirth educator
HypnoBirthing provides women with safer, easier, and more comfortable labor which most mirrors nature.
Telephone: 716-825-8440
Address: 3055 McKinley Pkwy #4, Lackawanna, NY 14218
Webpage:                                  Submitted: 11/11/04

Lauren Kunis- "NYC Doula Service"
LaurenWhere: NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island
Description: Labor Doula and Reiki Master
Comments: DONA Trained. Helping you achieve the birth of your choice. Experience with VBAC's and home births.
Telephone: 718-380-3956
Webpage: h                              Submitted: 6/18/2008

Melissa Laine
Where: Brooklyn, NY
Description: Doula
Comments: I am a Doula-In-Training with CAPPA.
I have a passion for pregnancy, labor and birth.
I am the one who sees you walking down the street pregnant and stops you to ask how your feeling.
I am the one who sees you walking down the street with your newborn and will stop you to ask you how your labor and birth went.
I have attended 7 births as a Doula. The most recent birth I attended the Midwife did not arrive in time and I delivered the baby.
After I get my Doula certification, I hope to go back to school to become a Midwife.
Email:                                                          Submitted: 1/31/2009

Megan McCoy - "Tender Care Labor Support"
Where: New York City (Manhattan and boroughs)
Description: Birth/labor doula (trained through DONA) - full spectrum support
Comments: I am an experienced doula, yet new enough to be still awed by the process of birth. I love what I do!
Webpage:                        Submitted: 6/18/2009   Updated: 7/29/2009

Nancy McDaid, CD(DONA) - "Special Deliveries Doula Services"
NancyWestchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange Counties, NY
Description: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator
I am currently certified as a birth doula through DONA International, and working towards my CAPPA certification as a postpartum doula. I am a volunteer of Operation Special Delivery, which is a private organization consisting of more than 300 doulas. These doulas donate their services during wartime to women who are giving birth while their partners are on military deployment. I was also a volunteer at a local crisis pregnancy center for a year and a half, helping pregnant women and new moms find the support and resources they individually needed. I recently attended a Doula Bereavement class, to learn how to help women who are about to give birth to a baby they know will not survive. What courageous women those moms are...
I was also just voted in as co-president for the Hudson Valley Birth Network. This network is a group of childbirth professionals, including doulas, midwives, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, and many other wonderful women. We are there to help pregnant couple know of all of the choices they have when it comes to their pregnancy and birth and believe in freedom of choice through knowledge of alternatives
Telephone: 914-715-4729.
Webpage:                      Submitted: 01/06/06

Melissa Oliver Mickey - "Yoruba Doula Labor Support"
Where: New York, NY
Description: Doula, Childbirth Educator. Continuous labor support; natural childbirth education series and private classes
Telephone: 347-541-8295
Webpage:                               Submitted: 8/15/10

Victoria Moody & Crysta Hessel -"Labor of Love Doulas"
Long Island, New York
Description: Labor/Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula
Comments: We provide birth/labor and postpartum doula services and are based on Long Island, New York.
I provide support for women and their families before, during and after childbirth. I am dedicated to nurturing, educating and empowering a mother to ensure a most satisfying birth experience.
We are current members of DONA international and are fully insured.
Telephone: (516)351-6425
Address: Long Island, New York
Webpage:                Submitted: 08/24/05

Elizabeth Morrison, CD(DONA), (CHBE) - "Mother Me - Doula, Childbirth and New Parent Support"
Description: Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula, Certified Happiest Baby Educator
Comments: ~Childbirth Education and Preparation - Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Support, Home and Hospital Birth Presence, Breastfeeding Assistance, Postpartum Support, Happiest Baby on the Block Educator.   Do you want to know how to make labor and birth easier? Sign up for my free newsletter loaded with tips and information. To sign up visit: or email me.
Telephone: (631)477-5914
Address: Suffolk County, Greenport, NY
Webpage:                                     Submitted: 11/03/07

Pauline Nardella, RN, MPA, CCE, CLC- "Birthing Wisdom"
PaulineWhere: Lower Hudson Valley, NY
Description: Maternal Child Health Nurse, Childbirth classes Bradley & HypnoBirthing, Parenting Classes, Breastfeeding Counselor
Comments: Birthing Wisdom has been in service for over 16 years.  Comprehensive childbirth classes, referral to local doulas, parenting classes and CPR, breastfeeding education and follow-up.  Pauline speaks at birth and parenting related conferences, has been seen on "A Baby Story," and donates her time to educating the public through the March of Dimes and the Lower Hudson Valley Perinatal Network.
Telephone: 845-680-0385
Webpage: h                                    Submitted: 3/26/2008

Rebecca Navarro - "Make Womb For Baby Doula Service "
Birth Doula
Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Lower Westchester County
I offer 2 prenatal visits, telephone contact via telephone throughout pregnancy, continuous emotional and physical support during entire labor until 1-2 hours postpartum, birth story and photographs which are given to mother and/or partner during our postpartum visit. 24 hour on-call availability starting two weeks prior to due date until the onset of labor.
Telephone: Home:(718)944-2171 Cell phone:(347)224-0257
Address: Bronx, New York
Webpage:                         Submitted: 06/22/04

Jami Nelson, BA, CD(DONA)
Where: New York, Queens, Nassau, Brooklyn, Westchester
Description: labor and postpartum doula, VBAC support, breastfeeding peer support counselor
Comments: I offer comprehensive support to women and their families during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. I also offer VBAC support and am a breastfeeding peer support counselor
Telephone: 516-967-4226
Email:                                  Submitted: 11/9/2009

Jani Neuman, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA)- "BabyMoon Doulas"
JaniNew York, New York
Description: Birth and Postpartum doulas
Comments: BabyMoon Doulas offer information, physical and emotional support before, throughout and after your birth.  We also assist you in your home with breastfeeding and baby care.  We offer mommy massage,  housekeeping, shopping and cooking so that you can confidently transition from pregnancy to parenthood.
Telephone: 646-489-8837
Webpage:                 Submitted: 11/28/05

Barbara Paine, CHt, HCHI - "Birth, Babies, and Beyond"
BarbaraRochester, NY
Description: Childbirth Education, Fertility Workshops, Infant Care, Certified Hypnotist, Hypnobabies Childbirth Educator.
Comments: We provide training and support for new and expectant parents that prepares them to birth their babies gently, without pain or need for medications, as well as teach classes in newborn infant care, baby sign language, and coach-parenting. Hypnosis sessions are also available for weight loss, fertility enhancement, and pregnancy/birth related issues.
Telephone: (585) 392-1765
Webpage:                 Submitted: 06/16/05

Tammy Pollock, CD (CBI) - "Loving Care Labor Support Services"
Where: Medina, NY
Description: doula, childbirth educator
Comments: I provide prenatal, labor/birth, and post partum support for the entire family. I am available for email and phone support, and well as in person. I work with all moms using Medina Memorial Hospital, regardless of where you live. Feel free to email me with any questions!
Telephone: (585)798-3237
Email:                 Submitted: 07/06/05

Katrina Reilly
Where: Albany, NY
Description: Doula and Sibling care services
Labor Doula: 3 prenatal visits with you and your partner to discuss how I can support you in your birth process, your birth desires, and any concerns you may have.
I will be on call from the moment you hire me, however for the 2 weeks before and the 2 weeks after your due date (your "due month") I will be on call 24/7.
I will provide continuous labor support including, massage, aroma therapy, position suggestions to assist in fetal descent and relief from discomfort, facilitate communication with the medical staff but never speak for you, assist in breastfeeding, and 4 postpartum visits after the baby is born at 1 day, 3 days, 2 weeks and 6 weeks.
Sibling Support Person -I would meet with your child 3 times before the birth for 1-2 hours each time to get to know each other and discuss the birth process. I would then be on-call the same as a Labor Doula and attend the birth with your child. I understand some children might be uncomfortable or need a break when labor is running a bit long. I will stay at your home with your child until you are ready for them to come to the hospital or take your child to the place of your choice when they need a break. The focus being to provide your child with the opportunity to share in your birth experience.
Telephone: 917 769 4952
Webpage:              Submitted:  6/24/07

Deborah Rotunno, CD(DONA), CPD(CAPPA) - "Doula Network of Long Island"
Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island, New York
Description: Certified Labor and postpartum doula's, Lamaze childbirth education, Breastfeeding classes and support
Comments:   We are dedicated and very experienced doula's. Together we have over 30 years experience. We offer many types of classes, come visit our website to see the many things we have to offer a birthing family. We are also trained to support families that are suffering from postpartum depression.
Webpage:                     Submitted: 09/29/05

Britt Sady, CD(DONA), PCD(DONA)- "BabyMoon Doulas"
BrittNew York, New York
Description: Birth and Postpartum doula, Lamaze Childbirth Educator
Comments: BabyMoon Doulas offer information, physical and emotional support before, throughout and after your birth.  We also assist you in your home with breastfeeding and baby care.  We offer mommy massage,  housekeeping, shopping and cooking so that you can confidently transition from pregnancy to parenthood. At BabyMoon Doulas, our goal is to help families make graceful transitions from pregnancy to parenthood with birth and postpartum support and childbirth education
Telephone: 646-489-8837
Webpage:                 Submitted: 11/28/05

Kimberly Samari- "FitCityNYC"
KimberlyWhere: Jersey City, Hoboken, New York City
Description: Prenatal and Postpartum personal trainer, massage therapist and birth doula
Comments: Every woman deserves to have an empowering birth experience. I am currently working to complete my DONA and ALACE doula certifications.
Telephone: 201-519-3732
Webpage:                        Submitted:  9/13/07

Erica Shane- "Erica Shane Childbirth"
Where: New York City, Mexico, Sarasota Florida
Description: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula
Comments: I provide doula care in the wise woman tradition.  I work compassionately and whole-heartedly with my expectant families, allowing for a simplified and humanized labor/birth experience.  My work includes intuitive mentoring in pregnancy and postpartum care.
Telephone: 941-400-4347
Address: Brooklyn, NY (present- December 2010)
Webpage:                 Submitted: 6/08/10

Arlene Sroczynski, CPD - "Doulas of Central New Jersey"
Where: All of New Jersey and Manhattan, NY
Description: postpartum doula
Comments: I provide parents with loving support after the birth of their baby. I am certified as a doula as well as in first aid and CPR. I have experience with multiple births.
Telephone: 732-563-0449
Webpage:             Submitted: 12/08/06

Polly Thoman, IBCLC, RLC - "Baby's Sweet Beginnings"
Where: Buffalo, NY
Description: Board Certified Doula and Childbirth Educator on staff, Board Certified Lactation Consultant on staff, childbirth education classes and pre-natal breastfeeding classes on site.
Comments: On staff is Cindy Whittaker, Doula (DONA) CBE (CAPPA). Also retail services provided for maternity and nursing clothing, breast pumps and post natal classes.
Telephone: 716-681-8100
Address: 231 Aurora Street Lancaster, NY 14086
Webpage: h            Submitted: 1/12/2009

Kelly Vittoria, RN, Certified Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator - "Heart To Hands Maternity Services"
Where: Long Island, NY
Description: Birth Doula, Post Partum Doula, Childbirth Classes
Comments: I am available as a birth doula to support you throughout the duration of your labor and delivery.  I am also available for the postpartum period.
I offer private and group classes. Multiple discounts and sliding scale fees available. Please call or write for more information.
Telephone: 631-252-5669
Address: PO Box 277; Center Moriches NY 11934
Webpage:                          Submitted: 15/04/2007

Cindy Whittaker, Doula, CBE DONA
Buffalo, New York, Western New York.
Labor Doula - I provide professional Doula care in the celebration of mother-hood. Offering labor and delivery care.
Telephone: (716)825-1562
Address: 75 Kent St Blasdell NY 14219
Webpage:                Submitted: 08/15/04

Tamara Wrenn, CCE, CIMT - "Just Us Women Productions, LLC"
TamaraWhere: New York Metropolitan Area, USA
Description: Childbirth Education, Basic Infant Care, Infant Massage Instruction
Comments: When you select my services you hire an Independent Certified Childbirth Educator, a professional, certified by the Childbirth Education Association of Metropolitan NY (CEAMNY). You also receive services that are whole woman centered. These services may include basic infant care, postpartum support, infant massage instruction, breastfeeding support and additional support and resources.  My services are for single women, couples, your family and support system, and women planning to conceive. I understand that pregnancy is not an isolated event separate from your family, environment and life experiences and honor it within this context.
Telephone: 914-595-2065
Address: P.O. Box 744, Harriman, NY 10926
Webpage:                                Submitted: 1/12/2009

North Carolina:

Lauren Guy, CD(DONA), CLC - "Efference Doula Services"
Where: Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas
Description: Certified Birth Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor
Comments: Lauren is a birth doula serving the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina. Her passion for women's health led her to this work in 2009 and has been providing labor support ever since.
Telephone: 336-207-0826
Webpage:                     Submitted: 8/17/2012

Becky aleb, - "Birth Days Doula Services"
Where: Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, and surrounding areas.
Description: Birth and Postpartum Services, DONA and CAPPA trained.
Webpage:                            Submitted: 12/12/07

Leanne Marrs, CD (DONA) - " "
Certified Birth Doula and Belly Casting Services
Spruce Pine and Marion, NC (hospital and home)
Asheville, Spruce Pine, Marion and surrounding areas (hospital and home)
Services include labor doula, belly casting and breastfeeding support to the western regions of North Carolina. Leanne is also a local distributor of Proud Body Belly Cast Kits (shipped throughout the US)
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Dottie McAdams, CD (DONA)
Lexington, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, North Carolina
Description: Birth Doula, certified Happiest Baby Educator
Comments: I am a certified DONA trained birth doula. I would love to speak to families about being a doula for their upcoming birth.
Telephone: 336-731-2903
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Bethany McGarity, RN, CBE, CLE (DHHS) - "Natural Nurturer Birth and Lactation Services"
Where: Fayetteville, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, N.C.
Description: birth doula-monitrice, childbirth educator, nutrition counseling
Telephone: 9108932335
Email:                                            Submitted: 01/20/07

Tiffany Patterson, CMD, LMT - "Sacred Births Doula & Prenatal Massage Services"
TiffanyWhere: Asheville, North Carolina
Description: Prenatal, Early Labor, Birth, & Postpartum Doula Services; Prenatal Massage Therapy, Certified Massage Doula, Licensed Massage Therapist
Comments: It is my belief that birth is a Sacred Experience. I find tremendous joy & satisfaction supporting couples through this magical time. I love supporting women who want to experience natural childbirth. I have had a lot of success using my doula skills, massage therapy, energy work, guided visualizations & sacred birthing practices. My skills are also very valuable for women who elect to use pain management. I honor a women's choices for their birth and will support her in having the birth that she wants.
Telephone: 239-287-8931
Webpage:                                 Submitted: 3/30/2009

Jennifer Reiner, CPD (CAPPA) - "Joyous Beginnings...for the New Mom and Newborn"
Where: Raleigh, NC
Description: postpartum doula, lactation education in training
Comments: I help families welcome their newest member by educating, supporting, and encouraging them in their roles as parents.  I can help with breastfeeding, newborn care skills, informing new moms about the changes their bodies will undergo during those first weeks postpartum.  I also extend care for older children and household tasks in order to free up the new mother to rest and learn to breastfeed.
Telephone: 919-995-6893
Webpage: h                Submitted: 2/24/2009

Lisa Reinhardt - "Mother Me Doula Care"
Where: New London, NC
Description: Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula
Comments: I provide labor doula care with emotional, physical and educational support.  Postpartum doula care from the time you arrive home with your new little one until you feel you no longer need my services of nurturing the mom, household management, and hands-on mentoring.
Telephone: 704-614-6123
Address: 570 Pinehaven Dr, New London
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North Dakota:

Rhonda Huot, CD(DONA) - "Heart 'N Hands Doula Services"
Where: Greater Grand Forks, Fargo North Dakota and surrounding areas
Description: Doula and Lactation Counselor
Comments: I am a DONA certified birth doula serving the greater Grand Forks area. I have traveled to Fargo, Grafton, Crookston and Bemidji as well. Next to my family, my favorite thing to do is support women/couples through one of life's most amazing moments. Wishing you a peaceful birth!
Telephone: (218)779-5826

Christine J. Mehl, BS, C.H.E.S., - "Mama Beginning"
Christine Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding communities within 50 miles.
Description: DONA Trained Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula Services.
I completed by DONA Birth Doula Training in February 2005.  DONA International (Doulas of North America) is the premiere doula organization.  Although it is not required, I am obtaining certification through DONA as a Certified Birth Doula [CD(DONA)].  (More information about DONA International.) I am Secretary for the Doulas of the Red River Valley. I have taken the Lamaze and Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes.  I have also served women who have used the Birthing from Within method of childbirth.  I hold a Bachelor's degree in Public Health and am a Certified Health Education Specialist (C.H.E.S.). I am a wife and mother to two children.  My interests include: optimal fetal positioning, breastfeeding counseling, and attachment (natural/intuitive) parenting. (What is attachment parenting?) Additionally, my husband and I co-lead the local attachment parenting support group.
Telephone: (701) 356-5078
Webpage:                Submitted: 10/21/05


Mary Bader, CD (DONA) - "Monday's Child Labor Support Services"
Marygreater Cleveland/Akron and surrounding areas
Certified Birth Doula, currently pursuing certification as a Certified Post Partum Doula
I provide continuous support throughout labor and the birth of your child. I am a strong advocate for immediate and uninterrupted contact between the newborn and his/her parents. I encourage all women to breastfeed and will gladly provide information, guidance and support in the early hours and weeks after the birth, to get you off to a smooth start.
Telephone: 216-470-9094  Address: Lakewood, OH
Webpage:                     Submitted: 02/01/05

Tonya Bair, CD - "Mama Bear Doula Services"
TonyaWhere: Ohio
Description: Birth, Post partum Doula, Childbirth Educator
Comments: Tonya Bair began her studies to become a Nurse Midwife in 1988. She pursued her studies at Edison State Community College with a major in Nursing and a minor in Photography. Although most of her adult career was focused on her passion of portraiture, she never lost her dream to someday deliver babies for a living. In 2011, Tonya became certified through Childbirth International as a Birth Doula, and intends to continue her studies to become a midwife. Tonya has over 25 years of experience in generalized infant and childcare and is constantly learning to stay abreast of the latest research and studies in her field. Tonya is an award winning photographer with over 20 years experience capturing memories of families and children. In 1997, Tonya achieved the honor of Master Photographer status through PCA, International where she worked as District Manager and Regional Trainer for many years. Tonya is pleased to be able to marry her 2 passions: Birthing and Photography into a memorable experience for her growing families.
Webpage:              Submitted: 03/29/11

Stacey Charles, CD - "Birthrite International"
Dayton, Ohio and surrounding areas
Description: doula, La Leche League Leader
Comments:   Here for you to make the birth of your baby a day that you will cherish forever.  Experienced, educated, trust in the power of a woman!
Telephone: 937-253-6113
Webpage:                Submitted: 08/18/05

Lorisa Davis, CLD
LorisaMarysville, OH (and surrounding areas)
Comments: I am a Certified Labor Doula providing Labor Doula services in Union and Logan counties (Ohio) and the surrounding areas. Please contact me for the extended areas that I can serve. I attend hospital, birthing center, and home births.
I attend non-medicated, medicated, and Cesarean labors/births. My service includes at least 1 prenatal visit (usually 2-3), Childbirth Ed. summary/review, unlimited phone support both prenatally and up to 2 weeks postpartum, 24/7 "on-call" and available for you - 2 weeks before EDD until the baby's birth, continuous labor support once called upon, immediate postpartum and breastfeeding support, birth story, and a postnatal visit.
I will meet with you at home or at the hospital/birth center whenever you should want me.  I specialize in comfort measures such as:  relaxation, labor positioning, hydrotherapy, labor massage, birth ball, breathing techniques, and helping Dad to help Mom according to your desires. My goal is to help you to have the best labor & birth possible and to empower you to make whichever decisions you think are best for you and your baby.  My purpose is to get Mom and Dad/birth partner through with happy and joyous memories.
Interested in a doula or just want more information? Call or Email me!
Telephone: (937) 666-0012
Webpage:                     Submitted: 06/30/05

Denise Easthon - "Heart2HeartBirthMatters"
Where: Dayton, OH
Description: Birth Doula & Breastfeeding support
Comments: Helping parents achieve the birth experience that they desire, and will cherish for their whole lifetime.  I will provide you with emotional, educational and physical support prenatally and continually during labor and birth.  Call to schedule a no-obligation informational meeting which includes a birth-plan workbook.
Telephone: 937-269-1312
Webpage:                         Submitted:  6/18/07

Danielle Goren, Baby Nurse , Postpartum Doula - "PINK Postpartum Infant Nurturing Kare"
Canton/ Akron, Ohio and the surrounding areas.
Description: Baby Nurse and Postpartum Doula Services. "Nurturing Families in Transition"
Comments:   PINK is a Baby Nurse and Postpartum Doula service serving...Canton, Akron, Cleveland and beyond areas of Ohio. Caring for newborns and families whether it be for singletons, twins, triplets, preemies or just help with sleep training. I am available daytime, night time . Over 10 years of experience...CPR certified and references available.
Telephone: 330-497-1440
Webpage:             Submitted: 12/25/05

Sharon Gourlay, HBCE, C.HT, RMT - "Sacred Beginning"
Where: Central Ohio
Description: Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master
Comments: During the journey of our lives we each have events that impact the path we are to take in life.  Each of these events is a "Sacred Beginning".  Sharon Gourlay, Founder of Sacred Beginning found her new path through miracles that happened to her family.  Tragedy found her seeking assistance through hypnotherapy.
Being impressed with the results achieved through hypnosis coupled with knowing she had found her calling, Sharon became a Certified Hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing®  Childbirth Educator.  It is her desire to use her gift to help families on their own personal beginnings to a successful future - one mother, one child, and one father at a time.  Telephone: 740-687-5506
Webpage:                             Submitted: 1/08/08

Megan Henderson, AAHCC - "Birthing the Mother"
Columbus, Ohio
Bradley Method Instructor with training in Birthing From Within, Belly Caster, and doula
Birthing the Mother offers a unique 10 week long childbirth class as well as weekend workshop refreshers designed for second time parents. Using her original training as an art major, Megan also offers belly casting to help you celebrate your journey into motherhood!
Telephone: 614-751-8483
Webpage:                Submitted: 08/13/04

Devon Horsman, LMT, CD
Dayton Ohio Area
Description: I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Doula specializing in the care of Women throughout the childbearing years. Comments:   Birth doula services ~I provide full doula services two or more pre-natal meetings one full body massage and a post-natal meeting. When you are in labor I will come to your home or meet you at the hospital when ever you would like. I will remain with you until our baby is born and you and your new family are comfortable.
I believe that birth is one of the most powerful events in a family lives. It is my goal to provide every woman an opportunities for knowledge, power and support in her pregnancy and birthing processes. By helping her feel confident in her ability to birth her baby however she would like.
Telephone: 937-241-5954
Webpage:                                      Submitted: 12/26/05

Kristen Howard - "Joyful Birth Doula Services"
ALACE trained
Greater Columbus
Prenatal Consultations, Labor and Birth Support, Postpartum Services
Telephone: 614-804-2681
Email:                         Submitted: 04/05/05

Kathleen Hickey  - "Circle of Birth"
Birth Doula, Providing services to the Akron, Canton and Cleveland, Ohio area.
I provide emotional/spiritual support combined with information as needed, birth doula services and referrals to mother-friendly providers. If you choose to birth in the hospital, a doula will help make it a safer and more memorable experience.
E-mail:                     Submitted: 06/22/03

Debbie Kacic, LMT, Birth Doula  - "Nature's Touch Massage and Wellness Center"
DebbieWhere: Medina, OH
Description: Birth Doula, licensed Massage Therapist, pre-natal Massage, Certified Infant Massage & Bonding Educator
Comments: I am a licensed massage therapist with specialized training in pre-natal massage and infant massage.  I am a Certified Infant Massage and Bonding Educator and teach classes at Medina Health Department and Medina General Hospital.  I have been an LMT for 10 years, and just completed birth number 4 as a Doula, soon to be nationally certified through DONA.
Telephone: 330-721-9357
Address: 708 East Smith Rd., Medina, OH
Webpage:                    Submitted: 9/29/2009

Tamara Kaufman, CLD, LCCE - "With Child, LLC"
TamaraCertified Labor Doula, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Support Specialist
Columbus, OH and the surrounding area
Description: I love being a resource and helping hand as a doula and childbirth educator.  I offer antepartum, birth and postpartum doula services.  I also teach group and private Childbirth Education series.  Call me to find out how I can help you!
Comments:   I have been a doula since August 2000 and a Childbirth Educator since Jan. 2002.  I have attended medicated, unmedicated, vaginal, and cesarean births.  I have helped couples who used Hypnobirthing and mom's who have had preemies.  I have attended several ECV's to turn a breech baby.  I have helped moms on bed-rest and even been an internet doula to a mom across the country! :)  I have attended quick births and those that took two days. I would love to find out how I can help you.
Telephone: 614-563-9139
Webpage:                               Submitted: 04/28/06

Connie Livingston, RN, LCCE, FACCE, CPCE, CD (DONA) - "Perinatal Education Associates, Inc"
Centerville, Ohio
Doula/Childbirth Educator Training PLUS online store for professionals and expectant families.
We provide trainings through DONA international for doula certification and childbirth educator certification and continuing education through Advanced Birthing Concepts™. Traveling is NO problem. Our online store with over 200 items for the birth professional, midwife, nurse and expectant family! And we invite you to read over 800 articles on our website!
Comments: With over 30 years of experience in the childbirth field, professionals and parents have come to trust Perinatal Education Associates, Inc.  Need a referral? Consult our database of over 3000 birth professionals!
Telephone: 1-866-88-BIRTH (toll free)
Address: 98 E. Franklin Street Suite B, Centerville, OH 45459
Webpage:                         Submitted: 07/17/04 Updated: 10/10/06

Tisha Makaryk, LPN, CCE, Doula
Cuyahoga, Medina, Lorain Counties, Ohio
Description: Childbirth Education (Christian Classes Available), Doula Services
Comments:   Classes provide woman and their partners with knowledge to be used before, during and after the birth. Knowledge will empower woman to gain confidence to birth their babies. Information will be given so that informed decisions can be made through out the birth experience and postpartum. Doula services are available for labor, birth and postpartum.
Telephone: 440-236-9027
Email:                                  Submitted: 01/06/06

Ashley Morrow - "A Supportive Birth"
Where: Greater Columbus Ohio
Description: DONA trained Childbirth Doula, and All Natural Product Line
Comments: Please see my website for more information
Telephone: 614-743-4602
Webpage: h                 Submitted: 10/31/2009

Betsy Morton,LMT
Where: Yellow Springs, Ohio and the greater Miami Valley region
Description: Birth Doula, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master
Comments: I offer complete birth doula services, including prenatal and postpartum massage.
Telephone: 937-554-7168
Email:                                     Submitted: 1/23/2009

Missie Norris, CD(DONA) - "Birth Expectations"
Where: Dayton, Ohio
Description: Birth Doula and post Partum Doula.  Experience in Homebirth, Medicated and unmedicated Hospital births and planned c-section.
Comments: I am the Mother of 4 boys, 3 were born at home and 4 Grandsons.  My Awe of the miracle of childbirth and newborn babies has brought me to a profession of loving and helping Women and their families have a day with memories they will cherish forever.
Telephone: 937-746-3742
Email:                                   Submitted: 11/05/06

Erika Obert, CD (DONA)
Northeast Ohio
Description: Labor doula
Comments: I provide prenatal and labor support to women and their partners. My areas of specialty are waterbirth, prenatal nutrition, aromatherapy and homebirth.
Telephone: 330 577-5180
Webpage:                 Submitted: 06/09/05

Valerie Ragland, RN - "Jeffrey Allan Photography"
Registered Nurse Labor and Delivery Childbirth Photographer
Ohio Tri State Area, 56 Horace St., Dayton, Ohio 45407
We offer childbirth photography services as well as education, and stock photography materials for childbirth educators and hospitals. Our studio features documentary style portraits of your entire childbirth experience from maternity to childhood. We offer timeless photographs that tell the entire story of your first minutes, days and hours as a new beautiful person. Our Fine Art Gallery offers Childbirth Centers, and Hospitals, one of a kind custom posters and fine art prints that will create warmth and an inviting atmosphere in any birthing center.
Telephone: 937-586-6531
Webpage:                 Submitted: 03/22/04

Noreen Roman - "Birth & Beyond Inc."
Where: Northeast Ohio
Description: Postpartum and Labor Doula Support
Comments: Professional doula service offering highly specialized care and support to women before, during, and after birth/adoption.  Birth & Beyond Inc. offers new moms support through fatigue/bed rest care, Labor Support Doula Services, First Night and Night Care Services, Postpartum services and lactation visits.  Birth & Beyond Inc. (1996) is the first Birth & Postpartum Doula service in Northeast Ohio.
Webpage:                             Submitted: 1/28/11

Amanda Honey Rowland(I'm called by my middle name), ALACE Doula, DaL, VWV
- "Empowered Birth & Beyond"
Where: Cincinnati & Dayton, Ohio and surrounding...from Kentucky to Indian to Northern, Ohio
Description: Doula, Leader, Teacher/Student
Comments: I provide support to women of all ages and stages.  From preconception to postpartum.  I work with high risk moms such as Hyperemis Gravidum, Vasa Privia, Mulitples, etc to homebirths.  I work with VBAC, CBAC, Unmedicated, Medicated, Single/LGBT/Teen/Older women.  I believe every woman deserves a doula and I've been a doula for over ten years. I'm constantly learning and educating myself to be a better doula for my moms & dads by learning and utilizing alternative therapies; essential oils, herbs, pressure points, reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, etc.  I am culturally sensitive and believe that families come in all sizes and shapes.
I am a mother of 2 living children.  I have struggled with secondary infertility and I have miscarried 9 angels.  I am fully aware of fears that come when things aren't working out and of the joy when they do work out.  I have been high risk and was put on bedrest at 6 weeks for my entire pregnancy.  I know about Hyperemisis, I know about pumps, steroids, & experimental drugs.  I know how hard it is to be on bedrest with another child in the home to worry about. I have supported couples and single people in their quest of a family.  I look forward to supporting you through your journey of adding another to your family. For families & women in need I do have sliding scale fees and other alternative options.  Please, call if you have any questions.
Telephone: 1-937-855-3831
Email:  or surf to her web address:
Webpage:                      Submitted: 19/02/2007

Caroline Schleappi, HBOB, CPCE - "The Columbus Doula"
CarolineWhere: Central Ohio
Description: Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, Baby Nurse, Sibling Doula, Private Childbirth Education, Happiest Baby On The Block workshops, Belly Casting Service and selling Do-It-Yourself Belly Casting kits
Comments: Please visit my website for more information.
Telephone: (614) 620-BORN [2676]
Webpage:                    Submitted:  9/15/07

Merry Jane Walsh, CLD (CAPPA) - "Birth Doula Services"
Serving Dayton OH and the surrounding communities.
“Providing Professional Caring Support Consistent With Your Beliefs and Philosophy of Birthing”
Services: My services include a complimentary meet and get-to–know me interview, pre-natal visit and assistance creating a birth plan. We will keep in contact by phone over the weeks prior to birth. I provide labor support beginning either in your home or at the hospital, continuing throughout the entire labor and delivery process. I will visit you 1 week following the birth for a post-partum visit and to welcome your new baby.
Qualifications: I am a certified Labor Doula and Childbirth Educator through the Childbirth and Post Partum Association (CAPPA) and a current member of DONA (Doulas of North America).
Location: Waynesville, Ohio 45068
Phone: 937-886-2763
Email:                                      Submitted: 10/18/04

Jennifer White - "Baby Nurse Connection",
Baby Nurse/ Postpartum Doula
Nationwide Referrals based in Cleveland, Ohio
Description: Day and night postpartum services in northeast Ohio as well as live-in night services & 24 hr care nationally. Mature, professional, educated and committed to excellence.
Telephone: 330-715-0477
Address: 118 W. Streetsboro St. #91   Hudson, Ohio 44236
Webpage:         Submitted: 01/21/06


Camarell Anderson, DEM - "BabyLady Birth Services"
CamieWhere: Duncan, Oklahoma
Description: Homebirth Midwife, Breastfeeding support, Birth Tub rental, Childbirth Education classes.
Comments: Classically trained direct entry midwife, through a myriad of book study and classic hands on apprenticeship. I believe that birth is a normal process and practice hands off, woman centered care.  Prior to midwifery I was a doula for 10 years and a lactation educator.
Telephone: 580-656-0492
Webpage:                               Submitted: 26/01/2007        Updated: 03/09/11

Heather Forrest Birth/Postpartum Doula and CAPPA Trained Childbirth Educator
- "Wonderfully Made"
Tulsa and surrounding areas
Description: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator
Comments: I offer doula and childbirth education services to the Tulsa area. I believe birth is normal and desire to help support women and their partners. My services are available on a sliding scale and I am open to bartering.
In addition I teach private or small group childbirth classes. My classes can be focused on hospital or homebirth.
Please visit my website for more information about my services. Telephone: (918) 407-4376
Webpage:       Submitted: 10/22/2006

Pam Ferry, RN - "Mother's Circle"
Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Educator, Herbalist
Tulsa and surrounding areas
Description: I want to be the "helping hands" you need during that wonderful, yet stressful time when a newborn is added to your family.  I belong to DONA and am working towards certification with them.  I have taken a college course of "Breastfeeding and Human Lactation".   I am a certified herbalist, so I can recommend herbs that may help any condition.  I also do telephone or email consultations. Telephone: 918-630-5702
Webpage:                          Submitted: 10/05/05

Sarah Harmon, CAPPA trained Labor Doula, Childbirth Educator  - "A Woman's Strength"
SarahPonca City, Oklahoma and Stillwater, Oklahoma  and Enid, Oklahoma
Labor Doula, Childbirth Education, Home Birth Attendant
I am available for hospital and home births. I have been called to service in this area for a long time, and I am a mother's advocate. I am so excited to be able to help women empower themselves and reclaim their birth experiences. I am very committed to YOUR idea of a good birth, I do not want to mold you into a mini-me, I just want to enrich your personal experience.
Telephone: 580-716-6375Address: 303 1/2 S 7th, Ponca city, OK 74601
Webpage:                Submitted: 08/09/04          Updated: 12/08/05

Katherine Houdek, B.S., CD (DONA )    - "Blessed Beginnings Birth Services"
Certified Breastfeeding Educator, Baby Massage Facilitator (9/04)
Tulsa Metro Area
Doula (Birth and Postpartum), Breastfeeding Educator, Baby Massage Facilitator
I have several years experience as a doula in the Tulsa area and I'm excited about my upcoming certifications as a Certified Breastfeeding Educator and Baby Massage Facilitator.
I'm a childbirth educator offering private and group classes, developed and tailored to the client's individual needs to provide the best childbirth experience possible
I will be able to continue to serve moms in many capacities as I have since 1988. For more information, please visit my website.
Telephone: 918-381-5768
Webpage:                Submitted: 08/19/04

Melissa J Morrill - "Natural Lullabies"
MelissaCertified Bradley Instructor, Certified Breastfeeding Educator, DONA trained Doula
Tulsa, OK (81st & Sheridan)
Description: Childbirth educator, doula services, baby classes
Comments: At Natural Lullabies, we maintain Tulsa's only professional doula service. You can choose the doula that best suits your personality and your birthing goals. We also offer several options of childbirth classes to choose from, including The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth and homebirth classes.
Telephone: 918.488.9969
Address: 8007-I S Sheridan Rd  Tulsa, OK 74133
Webpage:                      Submitted: 06/07/06

Elizabeth Norwood - "From the Heart Birth Services"
ElizabethWhere: Oklahoma City, OK
Description: I provide birth doula services. DONA International Trained Birth Doula
Comments: I have a passion for supporting women throughout their pregnancy and labor. I am also working on my CBE, so check with me soon for private Childbirth Education classes. My personal birth philosophy is that labor is a normal event.  I believe that women's' bodies are perfectly designed to birth babies. I see pregnancy as a beautiful season in a woman's life, not as a illness to be "cured." It is my opinion that many of the routine interventions that take place in a standard, obstetrically directed labor are unnecessary. I acknowledge and appreciate the advances that have been made in the field of childbirth. I realize that emergency situations necessitate the use of medical intervention and I grateful that we have doctors that are trained in these techniques. I would choose, in a normal, uncomplicated labor, to give birth naturally.
Webpage:                  Submitted: 13/03/2007

Michele James-Parham, LD, NCBE, LM - "Natural Attachment"
Traditional Lay Midwife, Labor and Birth Doula, Natural Childbirth Educator
Natural Parenting and Attachment Parenting Educator
Oklahoma City and metro area, Oklahoma
Complete Labor and Birth Doula Services, Low-tech, 'hands off' Midwifery Care, Natural Childbirth Preparation and Educational Information tailored to your needs and in the privacy of your home, Attachment Parenting Support and Counseling and Natural Family Products
Natural Parenting and Attachment Parenting Educator Referrals to doulas, midwives, and lactation support; help you make informed decisions, to help you have a natural pregnancy and birth; are open minded and willing to work with anyone in my area; make your birth plan and attend your birth if needed, whether at home or hospital. My philosophy is that women can birth naturally and without interventions. Classes are flexible.
Telephone: 405-816-4113 Fax: 405.720.7874
Webpage:                 Submitted: 03/12/04    Updated: 09/02/04

Christine Patton - "Remedy Massage"
Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist; Nationally Certified Massage Therapist
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Prenatal Massage Therapy, Postnatal Massage Therapy
Massage for relaxation and pain relief for expecting moms and new mothers.
Telephone: (405) 208-2779
Webpage:             Submitted: 11/21/05

Yvonne Schilling - "Tender Touch Doula Services"
Oklahoma City, OK
Birth and Postpartum Doula
Certifying through DONA International.
My desire is that every woman discovers the magnificent power within herself through her birth and postpartum experiences. My passion is to empower women and their partners to find that they need not bow down to the medical establishment if their heart is leading them down a different path. My goal is to provide information so that women can make a truly informed decision regarding their care before, during and after the birth of their baby.
Telephone: 405-317-4329
Webpage:                      Submitted: 03/31/05

Brandi Schmit, CD,LMT - "Gravida's Bellies & Babies"
Where: Mustang, OK and Surrounding Area
Description: Birth Doula, Pregnancy, Labor Massage Therapy
Telephone: 4056132066
Webpage:                                   Submitted: 01/10/11

Jennifer Tolman, CD(DONA) - "Tender Touch Doula"
Where: Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore, Norman, Lawton, Chickasha, Duncan
Description: Certified Birth Doula
Comments: I provide loving guidance and support for expecting mothers and families. Please visit my website for more information about me and the services I provide.
Telephone: 405 370 8893
Webpage:                 Submitted: 2/28/2010


Danielle Chancellor, ICCE-CD(DONA) - "Support-ed Childbirth"
DanielleWhere: Lincoln City, Oregon and surrounding areas
Description: Certified Doula Support & Childbirth Education
Comments: Visit my web site for a complete listing of my services and philosophies.  My life passion is birth and I would be privileged to serve you and your family during this special time in your life.
Telephone: (541) 264-0602
Webpage:                Submitted: 11/01/07

Kimberly Dodson, CD (DONA)
KimberlyPortland, Oregon
Birth Doula, Post Partum Doula, Belly Casting Childbirth Educator.  I feel very honored when women and their families invite me to share  their special day with them. A mother never forgets the day she gave birth and my wish is to help preserve the memory as a positive and fulfilling experience.
Telephone: 360-904-9477
Webpage:                          Submitted: 06/11/04

Trish French - "Portland Birth Services"
Where: Portland Oregon
Description: Birth and Postpartum doula services
Comments: I'm a size and lifestyle friendly doula, specializing in larger ladies, L/G/B/TS/TV, and Poly families.
Telephone: 503-290-9841
Webpage:           Submitted: 6/06/07

Kim Govekar, CD(DONA) - "New Creation Doulas"
Portland, OR metro area, Vancouver, WA
Description: Labor & postpartum doula services
Comments: We are a group of independent doulas who share common beliefs.  We believe that the birth of a child is one of the most intimate and miraculous experiences in a couple's life. We believe each birth is unique and holds its own experiences to be remembered.  We aspire to help each couple cherish the experience they share during childbirth.  We are truly honored to be an invited guest and to share in this special moment with each new family.
Telephone: 503.330.7442
Webpage:                           Submitted: 02/05/06

Sara Kiperman, CLD, CCE - "Original Birth"
SaraWhere: Portland, OR
Description: Labor Doula and Childbirth Educator
Comments: Birth doula services and Biodynamic childbirth classes in the Portland metro area. Give Birth The Way Nature Intended.
Telephone: 503-312-1169
Webpage: h                             Submitted: 6/10/2008

Veronica Lacquement - "Sacred Pathways Doula Services"
Where: Portland Metro Area to Salem, Oregon
Description: Birth Doula
Comments: We provide our services to expecting families. Whether you are a single mom, adopting out the baby, a family having their first or fifth, or even a surrogate arrangement. We want to make your experience one you will treasure and look back on fondly no matter what.
Telephone: 971-344-2789
Webpage: h           Submitted: 6/7/2009

Ann Magee - "Sacred Mother"
AnnWhere: Eugene / Springfield Oregon
Description: Doula
Comments: Ann Magee offers nurturing support to mothers and their families, complementing the care of midwives and doctors, in a warm, professional and non-judgmental manner.  Her doula services include prenatal and postpartum visits, continuous childbirth support, newborn photography with password protected website, phone consultations, book lending library, and 24 hour availability for 4 weeks. Ann also provides BIRTHING FROM WITHIN and Birth Art childbirth classes, belly casting, and ceremonies.
Telephone: 541-344-1858
Address: PO Box 3877  Eugene OR 97403
Webpage: Submitted: 12/11/06

Erica Matteson - "Renaissance Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals" LLC
Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, WA
Description: Group of Birth and Postpartum Doulas
Comments: We are a core group of doulas who support women on bed rest, in childbirth and after the baby arrives.
Telephone: 503-493-7390
Webpage:            Submitted: 05/17/05

Alicia Morin, Co-Founder, CD (DONA), CMA - "New Creation Doulas"
Where: Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington Counties, OR; and Vancouver, WA
Description: Birth Doulas, Postpartum Doulas
Comments: We are a group of doulas that provide birth and postpartum support to women and their families. We have assisted with vaginal, VBAC, forceps/vacuum assisted, Cesarean and water births. We desire to help alleviate pregnancy fears and discomforts and to provide women with the resources they need to discover and experience the birth they desire!
Telephone: 503-516-8489
Webpage: or        Submitted: 07/10/05

Erika Morley - "Babycatcher Birth Services"
ErikaWhere: Portland, OR
Description: I am a Labor and Birth Doula
Comments:  I provide massage, birth ball, relaxation and visualization techniques, aromatherapy, as well as many others. I have a library available to all my clients, as well as any information they may need to make decisions regarding their birth. I also can provide assistance in creating a birth plan if my client wishes to have one.
Telephone: 503-421-7446
Webpage:            Submitted: 9/13/07

Carrie Pulsifer - "Amethyst Birth Services"
Where: South Portland and Portland area
Description: Birth Doula in training; Childbirth Educator in training - birth doula; Childbirth Educator; blessingway baby showers
Comments: It is my goal to empower the expectant mother and her partner through childbirth education and gentle labor support.  Our best opportunity change the course of our society begins with the initial bonding process of a mother, her partner, and their child.
Webpage: h                                     Submitted: 04/29/08

Tia Rich, RN, CHt, Doula - "Inner Serenity Hypnotherapy"
Portland, Oregon
Description: Childbirth Hypnosis education and support, Hypno-Doula support
Comments: Every woman has the right to experience an ecstatic natural childbirth, and this can be accomplished by following the natural rhythm of your body and that of your baby.  Hypnosis is a tool that allows you to relax deeply, yet remain totally aware and in control of your own birth.  Using the deep hypnotic relaxations throughout pregnancy allows you to connect deeper to your baby and partner, creating a bonded imprint. Both partners work together to create a calm environment to birth you baby into.
I offer complete Childbirth education implementing the tools of Hypnotherapy. I also offer Doula support for your delivery to aid you in keeping your birth natural and calm.  I am a Registered Nurse and have worked in labor and delivery, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Reiki Healer.
Telephone: 971-533-6496
Webpage:                           Submitted: 11/28/05

Shari Saldana, CD (DONA) - "Precious Birth Doula Service"
Clackamas/Portland, Oregon
As a doula, and mother of four, I believe that childbirth is a beautiful, life altering experience for a woman that will be remembered forever. It is my privilege to provide continuous support for a mother so that she may have her ideal birth experience.
Telephone: (503)936-9445
Email:               Submitted: 03/22/05

Wendy Scharp, CLC - "Doula Love"
Where: Jackson County, Ashland, OR
Description: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Support
Comments:    I provide families with physical, emotional, and spiritual support throughout labor and delivery. A woman's body is made to give birth. I am just there to give her the confidence to let it. I am certified lactation consultant as well as a postpartum doula.
Telephone: 541-531-7607
Email:                               Submitted: 10/17/05  Updated:  17/02/2007

Tashina Shalee M.- "Baby N' Hands Doula Services"
Where: Portland & surrounding areas
Description: A Birth Support Doula
Comments: Please give me a call ,or email me. I would be happy to answer any of your questions.
Telephone: (503) 497-3878
Email:                                  Submitted: 07/14/08

Kelli Schuit
Where: Greater Portland (I am flexible)
Description: I am a birth doula committed to helping you and your family welcome your new addition in the most positive way that makes sense for YOU! I aspire to empower the birthing woman and her family in the miracle of life. Doula-in-training (DONA)
Comments: Because I am in the process of completing my DONA Doula certification, my services are free of charge.
Telephone: (207)-228-5353
Email:                                                  Submitted: 6/24/10

Jennifer Webster, CD (DONA) - "Breith Athas Childbirth Support Services"
Eugene, OR USA
Doula Breith Athas Childbirth Support Services provides prenatal preparation, support during labor and delivery and postpartum assistance.
Webpage:                         Submitted: 06/02/05

Karinda Woodward - "Dream Birth Doula Services"
KarindaWhere: Salem, Oregon
Description: Doula
Comments: I am a birth and postpartum Doula.  I hope to offer families emotional support, physical comfort, resources, and education.  I offer free prenatal consultations.  Please feel free to e-mail me any questions you may have.
Telephone: (503) 365-7434
Webpage:                   Submitted: 2/04/08


Lisa Behm - "Oh Baby Doula Care"
Where: Chester County, PA, and Central and Northern Delaware
Description: Postpartum Doula (DONA)
Comments: My goals as a Postpartum Doula are: to provide Mom with support, so that she can heal physically and develop emotionally into her new role as mother; and to progressively guide family members to provide that same support. I hope to help families understand the importance of their role in supplying the love, support, and stimulation that is necessary for their baby to become a physically and emotionally whole person.
Telephone: 610-345-0271
Address: New London, PA
Webpage:                             Submitted: 4/2/2009

Amy Borrelli - "Journey Birth Services"
Where: Chester County, PA and Northern DE
Description: Labor and Postpartum Doula
Comments: I provide labor and postpartum doula services for women in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware.
Telephone: (610)765-1252
Webpage:                 Submitted: 16/04/2007

Kelly Carlstrom, CD(DONA) - "Designed to Birth, LLC"
KellyWhere: Baltimore and surrounding counties and York County, PA
Description: Certified Birth Doula Services
Comments: Your birth experience will greatly benefit by having a doula. My ambition is to educate expectant families so they understand their options, are empowered to voice their decisions so in the end they feel heard and unconditionally supported. Please call or check out my website.
Telephone: 443-519-1520
Webpage:                                 Submitted: 8/26/2008

Christie Cooper, CD (CBI) - "Mommacoop's Doula Services"
Where: Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania
Description: Labor/Birth Doula
Comments: 24/7 phone, email, 3 prenatal meetings, entire labor and birth, one post visit
24/7 two weeks before to two weeks after due date
Telephone: 301-573-7726
Webpage:                               Submitted: 05/14/2007

Deanna DiNapoli, Birth/Postpartum Doula- "Better Birth Memories"
Where: South Jersey and South eastern Pennsylvania
Description: Birth Postpartum Doula
Comments: All mothers deserve to have a nurturing, comforting atmosphere both during the labor birth process and at home. Things don't always go as planned and that is where I come in. With my help perhaps you can avoid having unsatisfactory birth memories :) Together we can work to make your birth experience a satisfying and memorable one.
Webpage:                     Submitted: 01/02/08

Jaclyn Downs, CD (ALACE), Certified Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga Instructor, Certified Health Coach, American Association of Drugless Practitioners -" Get Balanced!"
Where: Lancaster, PA, and via telephone or Skype
Description: Certified Doula, Certified Yoga Instructor (specialize in Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga), Fertility Support, Nutritional Counseling for fertility, Prenatal and Postpartum.
Comments: I have experience as an apprentice with a midwife for 4+ years.  I have attended well over 100 births.  I have been a certified Doula since 2005.  I love working with women of childbearing years to help them create the healthiest, smartest, strongest babies possible, and birth them in a blissful manner!
Telephone: 717.575.9616
Address: 842 Fourth Street, Lancaster, PA 17603
Webpage:               Submitted: 04/06/11

Sarah Glenn, IBCLC, CD, CCE -"Lactation Station & More"
Where: Within a 2 hour radius from Tannersville, Pa
Description: childbirth education, waterbirth, homebirth, vbac, pre and post natal yoga instructor, lll leader breastfeeding, pre and postpartum doula, home visits for lactation consulting, pumps for rent and sale, La Leche League meetings twice per month
Comments: So much is needed in the Northeast Pennsylvania area to bring normalcy to birth and breastfeeding.  My goal is to help women feel empowered through the journey into parenthood and beyond.
Telephone: 570..350.7327
Address: 142 Route 611 Bartonsville, Pa 18321
Webpage:                Submitted: 01/07/11

Pamela Herr, CD, CPD (DONA) -"Total Support Birth Services"
Where: Lancaster, York, and surrounding areas.
Description: Birth and Postpartum Doula services, bellycasting.
Comments: "Empowering you and your partner through the journey into parenthood."
My services are customized to what you desire for your birth and/or postpartum experience. I also offer bellycasting which gives you an accurate 3D image that no photo can replicate. I offer resources, referrals, educational material, any info requested via the internet that I can find for you, overall support to give you a satisfying experience with the support you deserve.
Telephone: 717-684-5561
Address: Columbia, PA
Webpage:                                     Submitted:  7/19/07

Lasi Leavy, CD, HCHI, CHt. - "Mothering & More"
Berks and surrounding counties of Pennsylvania
Description: Birth Doula, Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor.
Comments: Founder/Director Mothering & More Birth Network
DE, NJ, PA State Coordinator Operation Special Delivery
Comments: Attend hospital, birth center, & home births. Experienced with natural, VBAC, Cesarean surgery, unmedicated & medicated, water, & hypnosis.
Webpage:                 Submitted: 06/23/05  Updated:  8/20/07

Shannon McDunnell, CLE, CIMI, CCCE, CD, LLLL, and a Student Midwife
- "Blessed Beginnings Parent Education & Doula Services"
ShannonYork, Harrisburg, Hanover, Hershey, Mechanicsburg, Lancaster PA. and Towson, White Marsh, Hunt Valley and Owings Mills Maryland
Labor Doula, Lactation Classes and Counseling, Belly Casting, Infant Massage Classes, Childbirth Education Classes, Pregnancy Massage, Free Monthly Birth Meetings, Doppler Rentals and Slings
My goal is to help provide women the resources they need to discover the type of birth experience that they want! I am honored each and every time I get to be a part of the birth of a new life!
Telephone: 717-858-0180
Address: 883 Clare Lane, York. Pa. 17404 Located inside Holistic Haven: A Natural Wellness Center

Jennifer Dubel MacGregor
Certification pending Doula and Photographer
Organization: ALACE
Services offered in Maryland (Baltimore county & surrounding counties) Pennsylvania (York & surrounding counties)
I am a brand new doula with a passion for birth, and a big heart. I believe all families deserve a wonderful beginning, and a satisfying birth experience. I would love to be the doula to help you accomplish this. I am currently working towards certification through ALACE.
Telephone: (717)-227-9904 in Pennsylvania and (410)292-8339 in Maryland
Email:                                 Submitted: 07/12/04 20:

Amy Machado, CD - "Peaceful Beginnings Doula Service"
Where: Reading, Pennsylvania
Description: doula, childbirth education
Comments: We provide many different classes and would love for you to check out our webpage to get more information on us!
Webpage:                 Submitted: 07/03/05

Amy Owen, B.S. - "Breath of Life Doula Services"
Where: Norristown PA and all surrounding areas
Description: Birth doula, belly casting, B.S. Psychology, Alace trained doula
Comments: Hello! I'm Amy Owen! I am a labor/birth doula. As a doula, I feel called to use my skills to support military families. I am a PROUD Marine Corps wife and have been married for 10 years. We have two sons. Both of my births were traumatic for different reasons, which is why I decided to become a birth doula. I believe that EVERY mother deserves the right to know and the right to choose her path of childbirth. I have experience working in hospitals and birth centers. I would be happy to consult with you and your family about your upcoming birth! Congratulations!
Telephone: 610-960-0968
Webpage:  under construction                    Submitted: 2/26/2009

Priscella Rivera - "Nature's Way Birthing Services"
Where: Pocono's PA, Stroudsburg, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and anywhere in between
Description: Doula, Childbirth Educator
Comments: I provide continuous Doula support to the mother and family during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. I am available through phone and email consultations anytime for the mother to offer support and information on any concerns she may have. Please contact me for a more detailed listing of my services.
Telephone: Home 570-842-5169 Cell 570-780-9450
Email:                                                 Submitted: 6/26/2008

Annie Roberti, LPN - "Caring Hands Doula Service"
Where: Lehigh Valley, Pa.
Description: Doula
Comments: I find the whole process very fascinating, and truly love what I do as a doula.  I am a friendly, reliable, compassionate, loving mom of 2 children and 4 stepchildren. I have 3 grandchildren and a grandson due March 2011.  I provide emotional, physical, and intellectual support throughout your pregnancy and labor/delivery.
Address: Lehigh Valley, Pa
Webpage: http://             Submitted: 03/09/11

Heidi Smith - "Belly Blessings"
HeidiWhere: Butler, PA
Description: Labor doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, lactation educator
Comments: You are expecting a new blessing! Belly Blessings Christian Childbirth Services will help you get the information you need to help prepare you for labor, birth, and postpartum period while keeping Christ at the center of it all. I am currently serving Butler County, PA. I am honored that I can serve women during one of the most special times in their lives when God has blessed them with a new life. I am happy to fulfill God's calling on my life to nurture the new mother during this wonderful and exciting time. I am here to help you learn your options, and what you may expect during your last weeks of pregnancy, as well as during labor and delivery and the postpartum period. Private, group, and free classes (to qualified moms), are available to meet the need of every expectant parent. As of this time I am currently offering all classes and services at a discounted fee as I am earning my certifications. Right now I am currently studying for my certifications in the following areas: Childbirth Education and Lactation Education through Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals (CAPPA) Christian Childbirth Education and Labor Doula through Cascade Christian Childbirth Postpartum Doula through Birth Arts International.
Webpage:       Submitted: 08/08/08

Corey Strouse, CD (DONA), CPD CAPPA, CBE - "Chrysalis Birth and Postpartum Doula Services"
Where: State College, PA
Description: Birth and Postpartum Doula, Prepared Childbirth Classes
Comments: Birth and postpartum doula, prepared childbirth classes, breastfeeding support, birth plan counseling, birth photography, belly casting, natural parenting products.  Serving State College, Altoona, Clearfield, DuBois, Lewistown, and surrounding areas.  Empowering birthing women for over 7 years.
Webpage:                                       Submitted: 27/01/2007

Theresa Wrublesky, RN, CPD, CBC, CCE, CIME
TheresaWhere: Pennsylvania (Bucks, Montgomery counties), New Jersey (Ewing, Princeton, Hunterdon counties)
Description: Certified Postpartum Doula, Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, Certified Infant Massage Educator
Comments: I have been providing prenatal/postpartum support since 1996 specializing in multiples. I can't think of anything more fulfilling than helping parents make a smooth transition in to parenthood so they can fully benefit from the miracle of birth.  A doula is an educator as well as a student.  The knowledge I have acquired through my clients and raising three daughters of my own is invaluable.  I create an individualized care plan to best meet the needs of my clients providing emotional, physical, and educational support. Allow yourself to be nurtured so you can better nurture your baby.
Telephone: 215-860-8461
Webpage:                                               Submitted: 03/16/08       Updated: 24/08/2010

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Rhode Island:

Charlene Chartier, CD, HBOB - "Bellies, Babies 'n More"
Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Rhode Island
Description: Doula Services, Happiest Baby on the Block Educator, Cloth Diaper Educator
Comments: As the mother of 6 children, I have personally experienced how very different and wonderful each birth can be. I believe that birth is a natural process that each woman has within herself and that it is her strength that empowers her during her journey into motherhood.
Webpage:                    Submitted: 01/09/06        Updated: 1/31/2010

Tina Gonzalez, CNA,CCE,CD (Dona)
Most of Rhode Island and some surrounding areas
Description: Birth doula, Postpartum doula, childbirth education.
Comments: I provided personalized and professional labor support. Nurturing, non- judgmental postpartum care. I also provide private childbirth and infant care classes.
Telephone: 401-418-3618
Webpage:                                    Submitted: 26/04/2007

Lanie Heller - "The Helping Hands Doula"
Lanie Where: All of Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut and Southern Massachusetts
Description: Postpartum Doula Care - D.O.N.A. Trained Postpartum Doula
Comments: I assist the new Mother and her family in their home with postpartum care.  Services including non-medical breastfeeding support and assistance, emotional support and companionship, soothing and sleeping techniques for the infant, light housekeeping, household organization, sibling adjustment and errands such as driving to appointments, picking up siblings at school and grocery shopping.  I "mother the mother"!
Telephone: 401-480-6504
Webpage:          Submitted: 1/31/2010

Debra Jonfelix - "Life's Journey..birth and new mom services"
DONA trained Birth and Postpartum Doula
S. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, N. Connecticut
Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator
Comments: I work with families, before, during, and after birth, providing support, education, as well as encouragement.  I am experienced and specialize in multiple babies, as well as overnight care.
Telephone: 401-421-3766/419-4197
Email:                                     Submitted: 09/10/05

Kelly LaChance-Guertin - "Little Miracles Doulas"
DONA member, Trained Doula
Where: all of Rhode Island
Description: I provide compassionate care for women during the Childbearing Year.  I provide information, resources, materials and continuous labor support.  The service is also available for day time and evening postpartum care.  Meals, errands, childcare, you name it we do it!  We are here to make your life easier when you become a Mom
Comments: We specialize in VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and also embrace single or teenage moms.
Telephone: 401-826-8694
Webpage:                  Submitted: 09/09/05        Updated: 03/29/06

Laurie Littlefield - "After the Stork"
Where: Providence, RI
Description: Postpartum doula
Comments: I provide non-judgmental support for Mom and her family that includes assistance with either breast or bottle feeding, preparation of nutritious snacks, light housekeeping, errands, and informational resources.
Telephone: 401-952-4119
Address: Scituate, RI
Email:                                              Submitted: 07/04/05

Rachel Nguyen
RachelNatural Childbirth Educator
Cranston, RI
Description: Natural Childbirth Classes
Comments: Over the course of 8 weeks, we focus on the physical, emotional and even spiritual aspects of labor and birth so you can face your birth experience with confidence and joy!
Telephone: 401-785-9066
Webpage:                                  Submitted: 09/24/05

South Carolina:

Denise Altman, RN, IBCLC, LCCE - "All The Best"
Where: Columbia, SC
Description: Lactation consultant, prenatal educator, provider support
Comments: Offering multiple prenatal classes, breastfeeding support, home visits, breast pumps and feeding equipment. Resource articles on website.
Telephone: 803-479-2327
Webpage:                          Submitted: 05/02/2007

Laura Curry, Certified Massage Therapist/Doula - "Laura Curry Doula Services"
Where: Greenville, SC
Description: Labor Massage Doula
Telephone: 864-420-3861
Webpage:         Submitted: 1/6/2010

Molly R. Hoskinson, Childbirth Educator and Doula - "Upstate Childbirth Education & Doula Services"
MollyGreenville and Upstate SC
Description: Real Life Birth childbirth classes, birth doula services, in-home postpartum care.
Comments: I provide a variety of services to families seeking a natural pregnancy, birth, and new parenting experience.
Telephone: (864)363-5245
Address: 23 Mills Avenue, Suite B, Greenville, SC 29605
Webpage:       Submitted: 10/27/2006

Nicole Lavallee, LM, CPM - "Coastal Birth Services"
NicoleCoastal South Carolina
Description: Midwife, doula, childbirth educator
Comments: Coastal Birth Services offers homebirth, doula & birth photography services, waterbirth equipment and childbirth education in Coastal SC
Telephone: (843) 559-5559
Address: 1968 High Meadow Street
Webpage:                 Submitted: 07/22/05

Adrienne Leeds, LM, CCH, CD - "Abundant B'earth"
AdrienneWhere: Charleston metro. area, SC
Description: Midwife, Herbalist, Doula
Comments: Tradition meets Innovation.  Offering homebirth, waterbirth, holistic wellness consultations, skilled labor support, Ayurvedic postpartum care, Mayan abdominal massage, custom herbal blends, Reiki and flower essences.
Telephone: 843-709-8068
Webpage:                       Submitted: 11/26/2009

Angela Renee Harmon - "My Doula Angela"
Where: Greenville, South Carolina
Description: DONA Trained Birth Doula
Comments: I provide emotional, physical, and informational support to women and their families during labor, and throughout the childbearing season.
Telephone: 209-747-1548
Webpage:                    Submitted: 6/02/10

Louise Monteith, CD (DONA), CLD - "Infant Wisdom"
Charleston, SC
I'm a CAPPA and DONA certified labor doula. I also design beautiful handmade diaper bags, baby slings and birth announcements.
Telephone: 843-814-7782
Email:                         Submitted: 06/30/05

Elizabeth A. Randolph, LD - "Hands & Heart Labor Coaching & Doula Services"
Greenville/Spartanburg, SC
Labor Doula, Licensed Midwife Apprentice
I am a CAPPA trained labor doula. I accompany women through pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum. I provide emotional, physical, and informational support to help women have the type of birthing experience they want.
Telephone: (864) 423-6093
Email:                        Submitted: 02/01/05  Updated: 04/02/06

Alexandra Wagner, SC Licensed Midwife, Certified Doula (DONA) "PASSAGES Gentle Birth Care"
Florence and the Pee Dee - S. Carolina
Description: midwifery and doula services
Comments: Comprehensive prenatal care, education, homebirth and initial post partum care; Monitrice (birth doula) and post partum doula services.
Telephone: (843) 992-9870
Webpage:       Submitted: 06/07/05       Updated: 8/15/2006

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South Dakota:

Jeanne Prentice, CNM - "WomanKind Midwifery"
JeanneWhere: South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana
Description: Homebirth Midwifery Service - Certified Nurse Midwife
Comments: From the Black Hills of South Dakota, Certified Nurse Midwife, Jeanne Prentice is proud to present the Black Hills region and beyond with a Christian birth alternative. *Christian Family Centered Care *Water Birth  *Non-medicated labor. *23 years of homebirth experience *A safe alternative to hospital care. *Supportive and Understanding Care in your home. *A licensed and legal alternative for home birth.
Telephone: 605-584-2824
Webpage:                              Submitted: 06/11/06


Linda Alford, RN, MSN, CNM, FNP - "Blessed Care Clinic"
LindaWhere: Fayetteville, TN and surrounding areas
Description: Midwife, teacher of childbirth and pre-pregnancy classes, and breastfeeding
Comments: My mission is to serve as "guardian at the gate".  I want to advise and support women throughout the cycles of life, building a sense of community among my clients and their families.  The Blessed Care Clinic is open to provide women with a place of refuge, a meeting place, a place to bring forth their babies in comfort and joy.
Telephone: 1 800 213-9013
Address: 552 Old Huntsville Rd.  Fayetteville, TN  37334
Webpage:                                      Submitted: 11/26/07

Mindy Bollinger - "Your Special Birth"
Where: Mt. Juliet, Nashville, Lebanon
Description: Doula
Comments: I am a birth doula and have experience in VBAC's and c-sections. I would love to help you have the birth that you will remember.  I have been a doula from only a couple of months but have experience with my own 4 births.  I will be there for your birth and then help you with breastfeeding, and visit you once when you are home.  You will have access to my library, movies, and will be on call anytime if have questions or need anything.
Telephone: 1-615-449-4037
Webpage: h                                 Submitted: 05/08/08

Jessica Broddrick- "Blissful Birth & Baby"
Where: Nashville, and Murfreesboro, TN, and surrounding areas
Description: DONA Trained Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Lactation Educator, Birth Doula Services, and Childbirth and Breastfeeding Classes
Comments: Blissful Birth & Babies provides Birth Doula Services, Childbirth Classes, and Breastfeeding Classes in Middle Tennessee. Our team consists of two women whose passions are advocacy and education for natural birth, breastfeeding, natural mothering, and all things related.
Telephone: 615-429-0199
Address: Murfreesboro, TN
Webpage:              Submitted: 3/11/2010

Tori Dennis, CPM, RN, CLD
Where: Southern TN and Northern AL
Description: Homebirth midwife and doula
Comments: I believe in the gentle birth process, with as little intervention as possible.  I am a Certified Professional Midwife, a Certified Doula, and a Registered Nurse. I own a birth pool if waterbirth is desired.
Webpage:                Submitted: 9/07/07

Stacie Hunt, CPM, LMT, CH
Where: Middle TN. and North Al.
Comments: I offer homebirth midwifery services for middle TN and north AL. I believe that childbirth is a natural process that should be completed with as little intervention as possible. I have been in the midwifery field for more than ten years. I am also a licensed massage therapist and certified herbalist.
Telephone: 1-931-629-5043
Email:                                                          Submitted:  6/05/07

Micky Jones, BS, CLE, CLD, CHBE, CLE Trainer - "9 Months & Beyond, LLC"
Where: Spring Hill, TN
Description: Birth tub and breast pump rental, labor doula, Happiest Baby Educator
Comments: Support, Education & Resources in Birth, Breastfeeding and Parenting! Birth tub rental, breastpump rental, Labor Doula (CLD), Lactation Educator (CLE), Happiest Baby Classes (CHBE), CLE Trainings, Moby Wrap and pouch slings and more. Hypnobabies classes coming soon!
Telephone: 931-451-3223
Webpage:                                         Submitted:  6/24/07

Gaylea McDougal, BSN, CD (DONA) - " McDoula"
Where: Middle Tennessee
Description: Certified Labor Doula
Comments: I have a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and several years experience as a labor and delivery nurse. I offer prenatal education, doula services, lactation services, postpartum assessment (physical and psychological), videography (electronic birth announcements), and many available resources.
Telephone: 615-243-4830
Webpage: Submitted: 4/16/2009

Kim Mosny, CPM-TN - "Home Birth Midwifery Service"
KimWhere: Memphis, TN
Description: TN Licensed, Certified Professional Midwife ~ Home Birth ~ Water Birth ~ Breastfeeding Consultation ~ Childbirth Education
Comments: Serving the entire metro-Memphis TN and northern Mississippi areas.
We Bring the Birth Center to YOU!
Telephone: 901-292-4876
Address: 1000 South Cooper St, Ste 229 ~ Memphis, TN 38104
Webpage: h                                            Submitted: 4/10/2008


Ericka Adu - "Crafts Wombman"
Where: Atlanta, GA & Dallas, TX
Description: Doula (Birth & Post Partum)
Comments: Loving Pregnant Ladies & Newborn Babies. Committed to the service and empowerment of women on this great journey.
Specialize in: Natural Childbirth (Hospitals or Home), Yoga, Nutritional Counseling, Emotional Healing.
Supports: Breastfeeding, Baby Wearing, Co-Sleeping, & Home Schooling.
Telephone: 678-358-1407
Webpage:       Submitted: 3/18/11

Trisha Blizzard, Dip CB. Ed (CBI) - "Serenity Birth Services"
TrishaWhere: Fort Worth,  TX
Description: Private childbirth classes, and  birth doula services, ALACE trained Labor Assistant/Birth Doula
Comments: My goal is to help you have an easier, safer birth.
Telephone: 817-226-5475
Webpage: h                                 Submitted: 3/17/2009

Mary Boaz - "Special Delivery Doula Service"
MaryAustin, Texas
Description: I am post partum doula that has been practicing in the Austin area since 1991.  I specialize in helping new moms gain they skills they need to have a wonderful postpartum experience.
Comments: I work with my two daughters and we do everything from infant care, child care, light housekeeping,  laundry, grocery shopping and errands.
Telephone: 512/601-3230
Webpage:                                 Submitted: 05/08/06       Updated: 10/10/07

Lea Ann Batten - Goettsch, LCCE, PCD(DONA) - "Woman Birth Spirit"
LeaAnnSan Antonio, Texas
Description: Certified Lamaze Educator, Certified Lamaze Teen Specialist, Postpartum Doula (DONA), Newborn Massage Instructor and Certification Coach, Certified Neonatal Resuscitation.
Comments: Founder of Citizens For Gentle Birth. My main focus as a postpartum doula is to provide holistic specialized postpartum care. Upon special circumstances I am available for overnight care. I also offer private or group Lamaze classes.
Email:                                           Submitted: 02/21/06  Updated:  02/10/09

Billie Cassimatis, LCCE, Birth Doula, HBOTB - "Birth Doula and Childbirth Education Services"
BillieWhere: Garland, TX , But serve all of the DFW area
Description: I am a Birth Doula. I teach Lamaze Childbirth Education Classes in a hospital and privately in a client's home.  I am also Happiest Baby on the Block certified. I teach these classes privately.
Comments: You can visit my website for more information about me and the services I offer.
Telephone: 214-837-3142
Webpage: h                                                Submitted: 7/30/2008

Amber Clarkson, LM, CPM - "Safe & Gentle Maternity"
Where: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Description: Midwife and Labor Assistant
Comments:  Offering homebirth, water birth, and personalized prenatal services.
" I love being a mother.  I love the first kicks in-utero, the anxious anticipation that comes before delivery, the experience of nursing the most beautiful baby ever seen, and the feelings of euphoria as you gaze into your newborns eyes.  There is NOTHING more powerful, life-changing, more important than having a baby. To have the privilege of helping women become mothers, well, it is truly amazing.  I can think of nothing more rewarding than standing by a woman and supporting her family as they go through this remarkable stage in life. Having personally used a midwife for my last 3 homebirth/waterbirths, I understand the needs of a woman in childbirth.  I understand what it is like to wonder whether or not you have what it takes.  I have questioned what is needed to prepare my other children for the arrival of a new sibling.  I have struggled to educate family members on the safety and superiority of homebirth.  I have also experienced the extreme satisfaction when a husband and wife team up to deliver their child.  This is the way it used to be, the way it should be today.  I am always available to answer your questions regarding pregnancy and childbirth.  Should you ever need guidance in this special time, please do not hesitate to call or email.  I love what I do. " 
Telephone: 830-625-5595
Webpage:                 Submitted: 07/16/04  Updated: 02/10/09

Allison Coleman, Doula - "Supporting Mom Doula Services"
AllisonWhere: Austin, TX.
Comments: In working as your doula, I will provide phone and e-mail support through out your pregnancy; answering questions, researching any issues that come up, helping you to develop a birth plan, etc. We can meet one to two times  (as needed) before the birth. When you go into labor, I will join you when you feel that you need me and stay with you continuously until your baby is born. You will be provided physical and emotional support through position suggestions, massage, touch, use of birth ball, etc. After the birth, I will stay with you for the first several hours, helping you get started with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, and getting settled with your newborn. I will follow up with a home visit during the week after the birth. I will also be available to you by phone and e-mail for any postpartum issues that come up in the following weeks.
Telephone: 512-791-8749
Webpage:                   Submitted: 10/7/2006

Carrie Contey, PhD
CarrieAustin, TX
Description: Early Parenting Coach
Comments: I am committed to supporting, educating and inspiring parent from before conception through childhood. "There is a whole new way of thinking about babies, birth and parenting emerging out of the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology. Science is showing what many cultures have known for all of human history, babies are aware, learning and communicating in the womb, during birth and throughout infancy.
Furthermore, the way we relate to them and care for them during that precious time creates a template for how life is lived. Parents and professionals have a golden opportunity to offer children a blueprint for a healthy emotional, physical, mental and spiritual life.
My work is about supporting, educating and inspiring parents who are interested in parenting consciously and recognize the value of investing in their whole family’s well being right from the start. I also educate and train professionals interested in integrating this leading edge information into their work with families and babies."
Please visit my website to learn more.
Telephone: 512-694-7794
Webpage:                                       Submitted: 8/6/2006

Nicole Deelah, CD, MW Apprentice, CBE - "Sage Beginnings Childbirth Services"
Where: Houston, Texas
Description: doula, midwife apprentice, childbirth educator
Comments: My name is Nicole, my friends call me Cole, and I am the author of the Wonderfully Made Childbirth curriculum, a doula, apprentice midwife, and childbirth educator. I have been a childbirth educator and doula for over 10 years now. I have 5 children of my own, each with very different births, and a wonderful French-Canadian, Puerto Rican husband. I originally started my path into formal training through the AAHCC as a childbirth educator and doula. I have, since then, chosen to de-certify, for a number of reasons, the main reason being that I found every certifying organization that I researched to either be too limiting, or too corporate. I am an independently contracted, non-affiliated doula who works for the families and women that hire me; I don't work for any hospital, care provider, or certifying organization, and thus, I am not limited in what I can teach or whom I can advocate for.
I believe that it is not birth that is inherently risky, but often what we do to it. I am an advocate of natural childbirth, but more than that, I work to empower women to make their own educated decisions and the best choices for their circumstances in labor and birth. My hope is to dispel fear and anxiety over this blessed event through advocacy, education, and support. I am fully supportive of hospital, home, birth center, and unassisted births. I believe in a woman's right to make an educated choice about where and with whom to give birth. As such, I am pursuing my midwifery apprenticeship to become a home birth midwife.
I serve women in the Houston to Galveston area of Texas. Welcome!
Telephone: 616-558-4436
Webpage:                              Submitted: 07/15/2010

Janet Dirmeyer, CPM - "Special Delivery Midwifery Birthing Center"
JanetSan Antonio, Texas
Birth center and homebirth midwifery services.
We offer personalized care and lots of experience. I have over 20 years experience serving the birthing woman of San Antonio. We have a beautiful birthing center at 6450 Babcock Road which has 2 birthing rooms and a Jacuzzi tub for water births.
Telephone: 210-651-5959
Address: 6450 Babcock Road
Webpage:                 Submitted: 03/28/05

Mercy Eizenga, Licensed Midwife - "Comforts of Home Midwifery"
Where: Rockport, TX
Description: midwife, doula, and childbirth educator
Comments: I am a licensed midwife specializing in homebirth, water birth, and VBAC's.  I also offer doula services and childbirth education classes to those wanting a natural hospital birth experience.
Telephone: (361) 790-3077
Webpage:           Submitted: 2/23/2010

Kelley Haas, AAHCC - "Helping Educate Loving Parents"
Corinth/Denton, TX
Childbirth Educator
I have been teaching Bradley Method Childbirth classes since 1999. Classes will reacquaint women and their partners with the important concepts necessary for a healthy pregnancy, birth, and post-partum experience. Classes are small for individual attention. The atmosphere is open and casual.

Kimberly Hardick - "Soul Fitness"
Fort Worth, Texas
Description: prenatal yoga, hatha yoga, nia
Comments:   Soul Fitness is beginning a prenatal yoga series.
Located in Fort Worth's cultural district, Soul Fitness provides a serene atmosphere where one can unwind and relax while shaping the body and mind. The studio offers a variety of yoga forms including Ashtanga, Hatha, White Lotus, and Priya, as well as Nia, and Pilates. We are also starting a prenatal yoga series in October. Soul Fitness is also host to many special workshops and trainings throughout the year. Visit our website for information upcoming events, and the current schedule.
Address: 1901 Montgomery Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Webpage:                                      Submitted: 09/16/05

Amanda Hightower, CD(CAPPA) & CPD(CAPPA) - "Worthy of Love Doula Services"
Where: DFW Metroplex Texas
Description: Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula
Comments: I am a CAPPA certified birth and postpartum doula and have been given the honor to serve mothers to be and their families during their time of transition from one stage of life to the next. My goals are to help families grow together through this crucial season of change and to help provide the resources and tools needed to become confident informed parents who love on their children. If you are interested in a free interview to find out if we would be a good fit together do not hesitate to call. God bless
Telephone: 469-464-6665
Webpage:              Submitted: 3/21/11

Jane Hitch, RN, BSN, CPM, LM- "Birthing Well ~ Houston Midwife"
Houston, Texas
Comments: Hi! I'm Jane Hitch and I offer families the opportunity for a safe home birth assisted by an experienced Certified Professional Midwife. You can labor in the privacy, intimacy and comfort of your own home, surrounded by those you love most, all while having your preferences respected.
Most of all I encourage you to trust yourself and enjoy the whole experience of pregnancy and birth. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of service to you.
Telephone: 281.988.5333
Webpage:                                Submitted: 6/25/2006

Lisa Houser, Birth Doula, (ALACE CD) and CPR Instructor
- "Mommy's Needs - Support for Expecting Mothers"
Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown and surrounding areas, TX
Description: birth and postpartum doula services
Comments:   Mommy's Needs is dedicated to providing the best in emotional support, birth plans, non-medical pain relief, childbirth readiness, advice during pregnancy, breast feeding preparation and postpartum care.
Offering classes in CPR and First Aid
Telephone: 512-289-1928
Webpage:                                 Submitted:  07/31/06

Sasha Huckaby, Doula, CBE - "Womblove Doula & Birth Services"
"Love Begins Before Birth"
Austin, TX and Surrounding Areas
Description: Labor Support Services, Private & Group Childbirth Classes, Breastfeeding Education and Support, Birth Pool Rentals
Comments: As a mother, a sister, a daughter....and a woman, I recognize the importance of your baby's birth and with great care, experience and intuition, I would like to help you have a more satisfying birth.
Telephone: 512-633-5659
Webpage:                                                    Submitted: 10/20/2006

Jennifer Land - "Little Landings Maternity Services"
Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Licensed Massage Therapist
Where: Midland, Odessa, Greenwood, Stanton, TX
Description: I am a labor and postpartum doula, trained through Childbirth International.  I am also an LMT and childbirth educator.
Comments: I want your birth experience to be special and positive.  By giving me the honor of assisting you with your pregnancy, birth, and/or postpartum journey, you are giving your new family the best chance possible of a truly inspiring experience!  I am in love with the pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding aspects of womanhood and would like to discuss how my services could better benefit you! I provide massage therapy, childbirth education, birth doula services, postpartum doula services, and more! Please feel free to contact me for more information on how to make your experience wonderful!
Webpage: h                            Submitted: 09/18/08

Anne Wright Johnson, CLD, CLDT, CPD, CPDT - "Tranquil Seasons"
Where: San Antonio, Texas
Description: Certified Labor and Birth Doula, Certified Postpartum Doula, Certified Doula Trainer
Comments: over 15 years experience, with over 150 families served.  Excellent references, experience with just about every scenario out there - nothing surprises me.  :-)  I'm a gentle, non-judgmental, wealth of information with busy hands and an open heart.  My main goal is to pamper you.  I always tell my families:  If I haven't made your life easier when I'm gone, I haven't done my job while I was here.  Let me know what kind of care you need.  I'm happy to serve.  I also understand and have worked with high-profile families. I understand and can easily accommodate that special kind of discreet care.
Telephone: 210-548-8800
Address: Outlook Ridge, San Antonio, TX
Webpage: h                                  Submitted: 8/28/10

Darlene McAuley - "With Heart and Hands"
Where: Round Rock and Austin, TX
Description: Professional Birth Doula
Comments: I am a professional birth doula and Reiki Practitioner. With Heart and Hands describes the passion I feel about my work. I am a professional birth doula and Reiki Master, and whether I support women through labor or work with Reiki energy, my heart and hands are my most important tools.  As a birth doula I assist pregnant mothers as they prepare to bring their new, precious lives into the world. Through prenatal education and support for the mother and partner during childbirth, I am able to provide a calm, flowing, loving energy that empowers and assists couples in creating the birth they desire.
Telephone: 512-691-9546
Webpage:                              Submitted: 12/03/2007

Carol Marley - "Loving Kindness Postpartum Doula Service"
San Antonio Texas amp; surrounding areas
Description: Postpartum Doula
Comments:   Providing practical and emotional support to families of newborns. Services include breastfeeding information and consultation, instruction and help with infant care, light housekeeping and meal preparation. I am a wife and mother of four older children. It is a pleasure and a joy for me to help new families during this special postpartum transition. I am currently providing services to San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas. Please contact me for a free consultation.
Telephone: 210 825-4124
Webpage:                  Submitted: 03/27/06

Brenda Minica,CD (CBI), - " Doula San Antonio"
BrendaWhere: San Antonio and surrounding areas
Description: Birth doula, Certified Baby's First Massage Instructor
Comments: I am a certified doula with Childbirth International (CBI). I am also certified as a Baby’s First Massage Instructor and am available to teach private classes in newborn massage. I am experienced in breastfeeding counseling and can help with normal breastfeeding issues as well as deciding when help from a lactation consultant is needed. I have been breastfeeding my own children for a combined total of almost 12 years, including tandem nursing 2 of them for 2 years. I have knowledge and experience with herbal and natural remedies and can help with suggestions for pregnant and breastfeeding moms and their families. I also have personal experience in dealing with pregnancy loss and can help support a mom through this very difficult time. My belief is that birth is a natural event that can be trusted to progress normally on it’s own in most cases. The birth of a new baby should be a positive experience and a joyous occasion in a family’s life. Every mother-to-be has different ideas and beliefs about what she wants her birth experience to be. As a doula, my role is to support the mother in whatever her beliefs and desires are, and to help empower her to make the decisions that will give her the most positive birth experience possible. are, and to help empower her to make the decisions that will give her the most positive birth experience possible.
Telephone: (210) 635-8728
Webpage:           Submitted: 12/29/2008

Tracy Musgrove, CD(CBI), dip CB.Ed(CBI) - "Gentle Expectations"
Where: Beaumont, TX - Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana
Description: birth doula, childbirth education
Comments: I provide full birth doula services and childbirth education as well as belly casting and pregnancy henna.
Telephone: 409-344-3054
Webpage: h                                 Submitted: 4/18/2008

Kathy O'Brien, CD - "4 Hearts Services"
Kathy Fort Worth Arlington Mid Cities, Texas
Description: Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, Photo Artist, Childbirth Educator, Parenting Specialist
Comments: Replacing birthing and parenting anxiety with confidence.
Webpage:                                Submitted: 10/31/05

Gretchen Ort, Licensed Birth Doula - "Au Naturel Birth Services"
Where: Dallas Texas
Description: Birth Doula
Comments: I offer low cost Doula services to all families in the North Texas area. I specialize in non-medicated vaginal births, but will support, educate and assist no matter your birth choices. I understand how important this time is, and that motherhood begins at conception- not birth. Don't wait, start planning for your ideal birth now.
Telephone: 469-688-8161
Webpage:                Submitted: 12/19/10

Kali Park, CLD - "Mama Matters"
Where: Tyler, TX
Description: Birth Doula & Birth Photographer
Webpage:                                     Submitted: 8/31/10

Susan Rouser - "Birth By You"
Where: Denton, DFW and metroplex
Description: Labor Doula
Comments: I strongly believe in women supporting women. I am there every step of the way throughout the labor process.  Helping the parents welcome their little baby into the world in the way they choose.
Telephone: 940-464-0912
Webpage:                                               Submitted:  8/24/07

Brenda Shumway, CD (DONA), LCCE - "MotherMe Doula Services"
Where: Dallas, TX
Description: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Doula mentorship and training.
Comments: We are an organization dedicated to providing exceptionally trained, professional labor support and postpartum doula services. We are dedicated to provide the very best support to perfectly compliment the working relationship you already have with your midwife or doctor and the entire birth team.  We support the birth you anticipate, natural childbirth, VBAC, or cesarean. We are truly a one-stop shop. From the moment the "stick turns blue" you can count on us for all of your support needs. From early pregnancy classes, to exercise and nutrition support, to planning the nursery to preparing for baby and birth, we are with you. On Labor Day, we're still here, for every contraction - helping you create a more positive birth memory despite any unforeseen turns that labor may take.  We are breastfeeding specialists - we can help you immediately after birth and for days or weeks after.
Telephone: 214-453-6303
Webpage:                                Submitted: 05/21/2007

Laura Smith, CD(DONA)  - "The Birthsmith"
Where: Austin, TX
Description: Laura Smith of  "The Birthsmith" offers caring, open-minded, light-hearted Birth, Breastfeeding, & Postpartum doula services, and teaches Birth Works childbirth classes. Trained Breastfeeding Educator (TX Dept of Health)
Comments:  ~*Each birth is unique... Being a "birthsmith" is about a willingness to be an artisan, master of an ancient and essential skill... Every woman is a birthsmith.*~
Telephone: 512-228-9906
Webpage:                                    Submitted: 03/07/06

Rayma Smith, LVN, Birth & Postpartum Doula (CBI-iT) & CBEd (CBI-iT) - "Empowered Birth"
RaymaWhere: Beaumont, TX and surrounding areas
Description: Low cost Birth & Postpartum Doula services
Comments: My informal training as a professional birth attendant started in 2000 in Northern California. In 8 years I've learned a lot, the most important lesson of all is that I absolutely LOVE this work. I've attended and supported both hospital and home births. Each birth has been different from the next, but they've all been a genuine pleasure to be a part of. Aside from my work as a doula, I've been a Licensed Vocational Nurse for 5 years. I have plans to continue my education and become a Certified Nurse Midwife in the near future.
If you have questions about the services I offer, fees or would like to meet for a consultation, please contact me. I work in the following areas including, but not limited to: Beaumont, Silsbee, Lumberton, Port Arthur, Port Neches, Orange, Vidor, Liberty, Daisetta, Batson, Winnie, Nome, China, Groves
Telephone: 409 790-6010
Webpage:                                      Submitted: 4/19/2008

Katherine Stanglin, CD(DONA), HCHI, HCHD - "Ancient Hearts Doula Services"
KatherineWhere: Greater Tyler/Longview/Marshall area, Texas
Description: Hypnobabies Childbirth Educator, Hypno-Doula, Birth Doula, Placenta Services, & Professional Birth Pool Rental
Comments: It is my belief that birth is a natural process and that too often, in our rush to prepare for the baby, we forget to enjoy and marvel at the process. It is my goal to help families slow down, to listen for, to watch for, and to prepare in a complete way for the arrival of their miracle. This is what I believe it means to honor the beauty if birth. I support women and families through pregnancy, birth, and their post-birth growth as a new family.
Telephone: (903) 307-9555
Webpage:        Submitted: 11/6/2008  Updated:  9/27/2012

Shannon Stellhorn - "Natural Birth Doula"
Where: Houston, TX
Description: birth doula
Telephone: (832) 360-6014
Webpage:           Submitted: 8/1/2008

Natasha Triplett, CD(DONA) - "Blessed Birth Doula Services"
Where: Austin, TX
Description: Birth Doula
Comments: It's my goal for every parent to be nurtured and supported when having a child. I help with birth plans, non-medicated pain relief, positioning, and much more.
Telephone: (512) 779-5080
Address: PO Box 163042, Austin, TX 78716
Webpage:                  Submitted: 02/02/2007

Tina Valle, Postpartum Doula - "Postpartum Doula Fort Worth"
Where: Fort Worth, Texas
Comments: Providing in-home postpartum doula service for families who want a smoother transition during their postpartum period.  My focus is in helping the new mom and family after the birth of their baby, providing hands-on education on infant and mother care, including breastfeeding support. Help with meals, grocery shopping, light household tasks including laundry.  I will provide time for the new mom to eat, shower, nap and spend time with the baby by caring for older siblings.  I am DONA trained, CPR and first aid certified.
Telephone: (817) 834-1424
Webpage:         Submitted: 12/07/07

Rosemary Walker-Breyer, CD (DONA), CBE
Organization: Rosemary Walker
Where: Richardson, Dallas, Garland, Plano, TX
Description: Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Early Parent Educator, Deaf Maternity Needs
Comments: I'm gladly serving families in the Dallas area.  I am a child of deaf parents and am fluent in ASL. I teach a childbirth class at Lover's Lane Birth Center for hearing parents, and a separate one deaf parents... no need for you to bring an interpreter.  I also do the same for the Early parent education classes.  I give a 50% reduced rate for anyone on Medicade or participating in the WIC program.
Telephone: 9722712514
Address: 1053 Caldwell Dr.
Webpage:                 Submitted: 2/24/2009      Updated: 9/29/2009

Karen Williamson, Doula, Monitrice - "Dallas Decatur Denton Doula Services"
Decatur/Denton, Texas
Birth and Postpartum Doula services
Telephone: 940-466-7932
Email:                                         Submitted: 09/16/04


Jill Hart - "Cache Valley Doula"
Where: Cache Valley, Utah and Preston, Idaho
Description: Doula, DONA trained
Comments: We provide emotional and physical support for woman as the journey through the labor and birth experience whether you choose to give birth at the hospital, at a birth center or at home (with a midwife present)
Telephone: 435-764-0875
Webpage:               Submitted: 3/10/2010   Updated: 6/10/10

Julie Johnson,CD, LCCE, IBCLC - "Birth and Breastfeeding Solutions"
Where: Salt Lake, Utah and Davis Counties
Description: Lactation Consultant, Private childbirth educator
Comments: Provide private lactation consults at The Lactation Station in SLC or do home visits. I offer private childbirth classes and teach the CAPPA certified lactation educator training course.
Telephone: 801-608-8947
Webpage:           Submitted: 8/30/07


Demetria Clark, CD, CH - "Birth Arts Childbirth Services"
CT River Valley VT and NH from Brattleboro to Hanover.
Labor Support Doula, Childbirth Educator
Offering compassionate doula support.
Assisting mom in following her own path to birth. Experience with Twins and High Risk support also.
Telephone: 802-885-6303

Robyn Haas
Labor Doula, DONA-trained
Services offered in: SW New Hampshire, So Vermont, N Central Massachusetts
I firmly believe in the natural ability of a woman's body to give birth, and will share my confidence in the birth process with you as we prepare for your special day!
I am currently able to offer complete Labor Doula services for a minimal fee (to cover my own child care) while undergoing certification process. I will attend births in an approximate 60 mile radius from my home in Alstead, NH (N of Keene).
Telephone: 603-835-6391
Address: Alstead, NH
Email:                              Submitted: 07/13/04


Darlene Almanza, RN, MPH, CBE
Vienna, VA (Northern Virginia)
Certified in the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth
A twelve week course - topics include: nutrition, exercise, gestation and teratagens, physiologic and emotional changes during labor, coaching labor, birth plans, postpartum issues, breastfeeding, and newborn care.
Telephone: 1-703-758-0282
Webpage:                         Submitted: 03/22/05

Megan Angle, CD - "Branglewood Birth Services"
Where: Farmville and surrounding areas
Description: I am a mother of 5, Certified Birth Doula (through Aviva Institute) and 3rd year midwifery student
Comments: I have a variety of both personal and professional birth experience and believe in the transformative empowerment birth can provide. I am honored by each opportunity to assist in and behold the great journey of labor and birth. I currently run a doula business in Farmville, Va which will expand into midwifery services once I gain licensure. My fees are determined on an individual basis as I do not believe cost should ever make access to a doula prohibitive. Please call or email for more information and a brochure with a description of my services.
Telephone: (434) 767-4246 Address:  Farmville, Va
Webpage: web site is currently under construction            Submitted: 7/22/2009

David Bartholomew, Massage Therapist, NCTMB, VA-CMT - "Massage & Movement Therapy"
Where: Gloucester, Virginia
Description: educator; specialty certification in Prenatal & Postpartum Massage
Comments: Specialty certification in Prenatal & Postpartum massage (since 2001) thru Kate Jordan Seminars (  Supporting mother and baby too!
Telephone: 804-815-1291
Email: 12/7/2009
Webpage: h                 Submitted: 12/7/2009

Cindy Beard, CD(DONA) - "In Due Time Doula Services"
CindyRoanoke, VA
Description: Birth doula, Postpartum doula
Comments: I am a DONA certified birth doula.  I support women before, during, and after birth.  I have 7 children of my own, so I also have a lot of personal experience with birth and breastfeeding.  I usually provide 2-3 prenatal visits as well as 1-2 postpartum visits.  If you are interested in more details about my services, you can find them at my website
Telephone: (540) 977-3257
Webpage:                Submitted: 02/12/07

Tina Casey- "A Mother's Love"
TinaWhere: Northern VA & MD area
Description: Birth and Postpartum Doula, childbirth education, photo's and slideshows. DONA International trained. Tina is a 33 yr. old mother of 3 children. She has a background in the medical field and has been a nurse for the last 5 years. She has experience in family medicine, pediatrics, dermatology and OB/GYN. Her work is her passion and she has a long term goal of continuing her education and becoming a Certified Midwife.
Comments: My philosophy is for every mother to have the birth she so chooses and to have only positive memories of that day.
Telephone: 571-288-6789
Webpage: h                           Submitted: 3/11/2009

Fern Compton, CD - "Bella Birth Choices"
Where: Northern Va, NOVA, DC, MD
Description: Birth Doula and Belly Casting
Comments: Welcome to Bella Birth Choices! My name is Fern Compton and I am currently providing personalized doula and belly cast services. I offer some clients my services free, see website for extended list.
Telephone: (703) 659-0975
Address: Manassas, VA
Webpage:                            Submitted: 8/31/10

Christie Cooper, CD (CBI) - "Mommacoop's Doula Services"
Where: Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania
Description: Labor/Birth Doula
Comments: 24/7 phone, email, 3 prenatal meetings, entire labor and birth, one post visit
24/7 two weeks before to two weeks after due date.
Telephone: 301-573-7726
Webpage:                                               Submitted: 05/14/07

Chelsea Cripps, Certified Doula (CBI) - "Joyful Birth Doula Services"
Where: Centreville, VA (Northern Virginia)
Description: Birth Doula
Telephone: 703-825-1309
Webpage:                                     Submitted:  7/20/07

Leslie Cuffee, CD(DONA), HCHD - "Birthing Bundles"
Where: Chesapeake VA, All of Hampton Roads
Description: Doula and Childbirth Educator CAPPA trained.
Comments: Services include:
one free consultation for a chance to meet in person and get answers to questions you may have. one prenatal meeting to discuss your pregnancy, your plans for your labor, delivery, and any concerns you may have 24 hour phone availability 2-3 weeks before your estimated due date continuous support (emotional, physical, and informational for you and your partner) during labor and delivery I will stay with you for up to 2 hours after the birth Breastfeeding support help creating a birth plan, if needed access to my lending library (pregnancy, labor,birth, breastfeeding, and parenting books, videos and dvds) community referrals and resources, if needed, to assist you in pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and newborn care ongoing telephone and e-mail support from date of hire photos during labor and delivery, if desired a postpartum visit to welcome the baby, discuss the birth, baby, and to help with any issues you may have a backup doula (if necessary)
Telephone: 7574127833
Webpage:               Submitted: 09/16/2011

Sarah Davis - "One Gentle Beginning"
SarahWhere: Charlottesville, Virginia
Description: DONA-trained Birth Doula, childbirth educator, Prenatal and Postnatal Nutrition Counseling. I enjoy teaching childbirth classes because I know that I am providing mothers and fathers with knowledge and information so they can make informed decisions about their labor and birth. I will soon begin my studies to become a midwife and recently returned from the Philippines where I served and worked in a Maternity Clinic that gives free maternity care to low-income mothers. I observed and helped with over 10 births during a 2 week period while I was there. My time in the Philippines was an amazing and life-changing experience helping mothers in need.
Webpage: ht                         Submitted: 10/1/2008    Updated: 6/1/2009

Cindy Dobos - "Mama Moon Childbirth Services"
Where: Blacksburg, Roanoke, VA
Description: Homebirth Midwife, Empowered Childbirth Class Series - Childbirth Educator, Doula Services
Comments: Providing homebirth midwifery care to women desiring a gentle and empowering childbirth experience.  Also providing doula services for women seeking an empowered hospital childbirth experience.  A 6 week Empowered Childbirth education series is available to help prepare a mom and her partner for a satisfying childbirth experience.  Have assisted almost 100 women!!!  Birth is safe, intervention is risky!
Telephone: 540-641-7670
Webpage: h                    Submitted: 10/7/2009

Lauren Doyle, CD Dona- "Northern VA labor of love"
Where: Washington DC, Northern VA
Comments: I would love to help you achieve your birthing desires...Check out my website! It will give you all that you would like to know in hiring the right doula for you.....
Webpage:                              Submitted:12/9/2009

Sally Faulkner, CD - "Empowered Birth & Parenting"
Where: Franklin County , Virginia
Description: childbirth education classes, childbirth classes with a Christian emphasis, doula services, breastfeeding support
Comments: I believe that birth has the potential to be transformative and empowering - my role is to help the woman and her family experience this moment, in whatever way they choose.
Webpage:                                            Submitted: 09/03/2010

Kristen Gibson - "Life's Little Blessings"
KristenLabor Assistant and Childbirth Educator
Roanoke Virginia
Description: doula, childbirth educator, and postpartum doula
Comments: Life's Little Blessings seeks to assist women in their journey to motherhood by offering education and support for moms during pregnancy (childbirth education classes--ALACE trained), birth (doula services/labor assisting--ALACE trained), and the postpartum time (postpartum/breastfeeding support and service). We offer unconditional support to the mother in the decisions she makes, whether she births at home or in the hospital, medicated or non-medicated, etc. Whatever the choices, our goal is to assist her in having her best birth experience possible. We believe that the birth process is a natural event, designed perfectly by God, and that women can enjoy giving birth! We recognize that it is through education and her informed decision making that she has the ability to make many active and positive contributions to the memories which will remain with her forever.

Gina E. Kochany, CH, CE, Doula - "Virginia HypnoBirthing"
Where: Richmond, Midlothian
Description: Doula, Childbirth Educator, Hypnotist
Comments: I have been a doula for 4 years, attended over 50 births, I have been a childbirth educator for 5 years and a Hypnotist for 7 years. References are available
Telephone: 805-513-1969
Webpage:           Submitted: 2/27/2010

Amy and Mike Lythgoe, AAHCC
The Bradley Method of Husband-Coached Childbirth
Blacksburg, VA
Description: childbirth education, breastfeeding support and information, prenatal massage, counseling services
Comments: Amy and Mike Lythgoe teach the 12 week Bradley course as a couple.  Each class covers information related to a specific pregnancy or birth-related topic, labor rehearsal, a healthy snack, a video, and time for relaxation practice.  Additional skills Amy and Mike bring to the course include Amy's La Leche League and doula certifications, and Mike's work as a massage therapist, counselor, and Healing Touch practitioner.  Private classes available.
Telephone: (540) 552-7141
Webpage:        Submitted: 12/02/05

Kate McKinney  - "Ahava Yo'fi Birth Servicess"
Where: Richmond, Farmville, Powhatan
Description: Student midwife, Doula in Training(birth and postpartum)
Comments: I provide prenatal, labor support and comfort, and postpartum services as well as advice, nutrition answers, among other things. I also offer my friendship, I won't just be your doula. But also your friend. (Who happens to know a lot about pregnancy!)
The name of my "company" means "Great Love" in Hebrew.
Telephone: 804-363-7422
Webpage: h                        Submitted: 1/2/2009

Jodi Miller
Charlottesville, VA and surrounding area
Description: Birth doula services as well as post-partum help.
Comments:   I provide physical, emotional and informational support for women and their partners before, during and after labor.
Webpage:                                 Submitted: 11/24/05

Amara Minnis, CD(DONA)
AmaraWhere: Hampton Roads Area of Virginia - Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and Portsmouth
Description: Birth Doula
Comments: As a birth doula, I provide physical, emotional and informational support to women in the last trimester of their pregnancy, labor, birth and the immediate postpartum. Through two prenatal visits I get to know my clients and their birth wishes so that I may know how best to support them. I also have items available to loan for my clients (birth ball, books, videos, and other resources.) I am on call 24/7 for two weeks before their due date until delivery. In labor I provide comfort measures, encouragement and support to the laboring woman and her partner. At the postpartum visit we discuss the birth, adore the baby, and I give them a written account of their birth, written as a birth story. I am awed by the miracles I see in my work and consider it a sincere privilege to do what I do.
Telephone: 757-467-3294
Webpage:                                                 Submitted:  8/20/07

Jennifer Monaghan, CD(CBI) - "NOVA Doulas, LLC"
Where: Fairfax and Loudoun County Virginia
Description: Birth and Post Partum Doula Services
Comments: NOVA Doulas, LLC was founded in 2010 by Jennifer Monaghan- our mission is to equip and empower women to achieve the pregnancy, birth experience and postpartum recovery of each client's dream, through endorsement of an individualized care plan approach. NOVA Doulas, LLC serves the Northern Virginia area and tailors care to promote the well being of the mother, baby, and birth partner throughout the birthing process by providing perspective and encouragement before, during, and after birth.
Telephone: 703-957-0382
Webpage:                                               Submitted: 6/11/10  Updated: 09/09/10

Renee Mulcahy
Where: Charlottesville, Virginia
Description: Birth doula
Comments: As your doula, my job is to make sure I'm available to you whenever labor starts. As I'm sure you know, babies come when they want to, not when it's convenient. Because of this, I will be available to you 24 hours a day (via phone) beginning 2 weeks prior to your estimated delivery date, until labor starts. Of course, if you go into labor early, you'll need to call me so I can meet you wherever it is you may be delivering.
During labor, I will assist you with natural pain management through counter pressure, meditation, massage, and/or whatever options you prefer. My goal is to make sure you are as happy and comfortable as possible. There are a wide variety of medical pain management options available to you as well. I will make sure that you know about these options as well as their risks, so you can make an informed decision. I will also assist you communicating with faculty staff, as well as other members of your birthing team. I will do whatever it takes to make sure that you're comfortable, feel safe and are kept well informed of all options that are available to you. I will offer my services free of charge to teen moms, active military and low income families!
Telephone: 434-465-5683
Webpage:                             Submitted: 02/27/2007

Christy Parish, Doula, EMT, Medical Assistant - "Bundle of Joy Doula Services"
ChristyWhere: Stafford, Virginia
Description: Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula
Comments: Experienced Doula since 2002 helping over 75 families have a wonderful birth day. I am available for Labor Support from the D.C Metro area all the way down to Richmond, and everywhere in between. I look forward to assisting the parents of Northern Virginia with my knowledge, skills, and heart, to help them achieve a safe and satisfying birth experience!
Telephone: 540-809-1309
Webpage: h                                     Submitted: 8/31/10

Jessie Peters- "Roanoke Birth Services"
Where: Roanoke, VA
Description: Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulation
Comments: Compassionate Care for Women and Their Families and Holistic Postpartum Recovery via Placenta Encapsulation
Webpage: h                                       Submitted: 4/8/2010

Tiffany Porter, CD (DONA)
Where: Charlottesville, VA
Description: birth doula, birth photography
Comments:  I provide birth doula services to women in the Charlottesville and Waynesboro VA areas.  Please visit my web site for more details.
Telephone: 434-823-1756
Webpage:               Submitted: 06/01/06

Doran Richards - "Blessing God's Way"
Title: Founder
Where: Front Royal, Virginia
Description: Celebrating God's Design for birthing by educating, supporting and encouraging women during their cycle of pregnancy and beyond!
Comments: We offer products that enable us to embrace our cycles as God-given. We teach women how to see it as a beautiful normal process. We teach, we celebrate and we support women through their cycles. We have created ways to celebrate pregnancy, we have created curriculum to teach young ladies about their cycles and pregnancy before they get to the pregnancy season in their lives! Telephone: 888-218-2453
Webpage:                                         Submitted:  17/04/2007

Amy Blake Rollogas - "Eden's Garden Natural Childbirth Education"
Where: Richmond, VA and surrounding areas
Description: Childbirth Classes and private instruction, ALACE-trained and certified childbirth educator
Comments: It is my belief that everyone can benefit from quality childbirth education. Through my classes, I hope to instill in you a sense of responsibility for your (and your baby's) care. I hope to empower women to do what their bodies are designed to do already and to empower their partners to trust the process of birth. I will teach you how to choose a provider, how to choose a birth place, how to effectively communicate with your care provider, and how to achieve the birth YOU want. We will emphasize caesarean prevention and active birthing throughout the course.  If you are expecting your first child, preparing for a second or third, or just want to know more about normal birth, my class is perfect for you!
Telephone: 804-869-1225
Webpage:                               Submitted:  12/23/07

Cindy Simpson, CD (DONA), Childbirth Educator
"Mama Moon Doula and Childbirth Education Services"
Cindy Providing services to women in Blacksburg, VA and surrounding areas
Doula, Natural Childbirth Classes
Providing continuous physical and emotional support throughout your labor and birth experience.
Telephone: (540) 641-0368

V, RN - "Tender Hearts and Hands Doulas"
Where: RIchmond, Va.
Description: Postpartum and birth doula
Comments: I am in training and doing my initial work pro bono. I am also a free clinic volunteer locally as a RN. I am the mother of four and understand the need for the mother, father, baby and siblings to be involved. I am there to make them have the best experience possible.
Email:                                                            Submitted: 12/20/06

Tara Voigt - "Your Body-Your Birth"
Where: Vienna, VA
Description: Doula
Comments: I'm an ALACE trained Professional Birth Doula serving the Northern Virginia area. I believe that all women deserve knowledgeable, compassionate support with their birth.
As a doula, my role is to provide continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother before, during and just after childbirth.
No matter what your ideal birth involves, I will help you make truly informed decisions about your birth preferences.
Telephone: 703-615-4571
Webpage:                         Submitted: 10/10/07

Denise Wall, LPN, CCE - "Family Matters Cville"
Where: Charlottesville, VA
Description: Childbirth Education, CPR, Birth/Postpartum doula
Comments: I teach child birth education and can support a woman through her labor as well as during the important weeks after her child's birth.
Telephone: (434) 973-3550
Webpage:                                   Submitted: 4/25/07

Sarah Wholey, CD-DONA - "Northern Virginia and D.C. Labor Doula Services"
Where: Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C.
Comments: If you'd like to meet me to find out more, I generally interview in clients homes. The interview does not obligate you in any way. Rather it is a chance for us to meet and talk about your preferences in general to see if I'd be a good fit for your birth.
After you've contracted for my services, I meet parents again (usually two more meetings) to come up with a detailed birth plan. We discuss various possible interventions and I help to educate you so that you can make informed decisions for your baby's birth before you are actually in labor.
I put your birth plan down on paper for you in a format that is easy to read. You are encouraged to discuss your plans with your medical team and to bring copies to the hospital to share with the labor and delivery nurses. I am available for labor support via phone and e-mail throughout your pregnancy.
Webpage:                                  Submitted: 01/22/08

Angela Wilson, CD, CBI - "Rappahannock Birth Options"
Where: Warrenton, VA
Description: Certified Birth Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor, Birth photography, Birth journaling, Christian Counseling for Pregnant Teens
Comments: I offer free services to pregnant teens, women whose husbands are deployed and deceased and those who can prove to me that they have no resources to pay for doula services.  I accept bartering.
Telephone: 540-729-8203
Webpage: h                    Submitted: 9/30/2009

Amanda Winn - "Amanda Winn Doula Services"
Where: Stafford, VA
Description: DONA Trained, Birth Doula Services
Comments: Providing birth doula services for laboring women and their families.
Telephone: 540-850-3236
Address: Stafford, VA
Webpage:                    Submitted: 12/18/10

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Kevin and Shannon Baird - "Organic Baby Doula Services"
Where: Portland metro area, Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, Newberg, Beaverton
Description: Birth and Postpartum Doula, Lactation Counselor
Comments: "No matter the birth, every baby is natural."
We are a husband and wife team supporting and inspiring confidence in the pregnant mama and her partner before labor, during childbirth, and in the 4th trimester.
Telephone: (503) 593-0625
Webpage: h              Submitted: 12/24/2009

Linda Bennett - "Every Family Birth Care"
Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington
Description: Doula, Birth Educator
Comments:  Every Family Doula Care - for the very best that Birth can be.
Not every woman will be able or even willing to give birth vaginally or without medication but every woman, every partner, every baby, yes, Every Family deserves a doula.
Telephone: 503-234-6591

Melissa Canfield, CD(DONA)
Where: Tacoma, WA
Description: Doula, Childbirth Preparation Classes, Breastfeeding Classes
Webpage:                              Submitted: 04/19/07

Kimberly Dodson, CD (DONA)
KimberlyVancouver, Washington
Birth Doula, Post Partum Doula, Belly Casting Childbirth Educator
Telephone: 360-904-9477

Kim Govekar, CD(DONA) - "New Creation Doulas"
Portland, OR metro area, Vancouver, WA
Description: Labor & postpartum doula services
Comments: We are a group of independent doulas who share common beliefs.  We believe that the birth of a child is one of the most intimate and miraculous experiences in a couple's life. We believe each birth is unique and holds its own experiences to be remembered.  We aspire to help each couple cherish the experience they share during childbirth.  We are truly honored to be an invited guest and to share in this special moment with each new family.
Telephone: 503.330.7442
Webpage:                           Submitted: 02/05/06

Emily Fontes, CD(DONA), ICCE - "Bloom! Birth Services & Beyond"
EmilyWhere: Lynnwood, WA
Description: doula, childbirth educator
Comments: I LOVE being a doula and I will go above and beyond to provide you with the "celebrity treatment" you deserve. I wholeheartedly believe that the mama should be pampered during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
Telephone: 425-750-4759
Webpage:          Submitted: 14/01/2007

Sindea Horste, CD
Lynnwood, WA
Description: Labor/Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth and Lactation Educator, Photographer
Comments: I provide a complimentary in-home consultation, upon agreeing to work together I will work with you during two prenatal visits in your own home. During these visits we will discuss your expectations, needs, fears, address any questions you may have, and work together on completing a birth plan.  I will attend your labor and remain with you through the birth of your child for approximately two hours (this may be at home, in a hospital, or birth center). I provide two post-partum visits in your home. I am also available for unlimited phone and email support before and after the baby is born. Postpartum Doula: I am available to work with your family as soon as you give birth, or after you have had all that supportive family leave town! I provide breastfeeding support and education, give mom and/or dad a break to rest (shower, eat, etc), help with older siblings, light meal and light house help, etc.
Since I am also a photographer, I enjoy being able to capture life's moments on film, preferably in black and white! When attending a birth, I offer labor support as my number one priority, along with the joy of capturing the birth and baby's first moments. I am also available for location portraiture.
Qualifications: Completed the Labor Support course at Seattle Midwifery School in 1997. Certified Labor Doula and member of PALS, DONA, and CAPPA. I am also a Birthing From Within Mentor, as well as a Lactation Educator and Peer Counselor for La Leche League.
Telephone: 425-778-6435
Address: Western WA.
Webpage:                                    Submitted: 07/25/05

Angie Howard - "Circle of Love"
Where: Pierce County in Washington
Description: Birth Doula
Email:                       Submitted: 24/02/2007

Roxanne Johnson
Title: working on CD and pals
Where: Washington state, King and Snohomish county
Description: Birth and Postpartum Doula
Comments: The word doula is from ancient Greek, meaning " a women who serves."Women around the world have had women present at their births, helping them through this journey. Each women's journey to motherhood is diffrent and I am so blessed to be able to support them through that transition.
I am a mom to two kids both with different births and my vbac was attended by a doula.
I charge a low fee in hopes everyone can have a doula if they choose. If you are unable to afford my fee's please still contact me and we will work with you however we can .
Webpage:                  Submitted: 09/20/10

Carisa Kimble - "Birth Seasons"
CarisaWhere: Seattle's Eastside (Sammamish, Redmond, Issaquah)
Description: Childbirth Educator and Labor Assistant (Doula)
Comments: Offering natural childbirth classes and labor support in the Seattle area. I am passionate about birth!
Webpage:                                   Submitted: 12/08/10

Angelina "Angie" Leeks, Doula - DONA trained - "Doulaville - Seattle Birth Services "
AngieWhere: Seattle - Tacoma Metro Area, Washington State
Comments: Seattle's one-stop-shop for everything pregnancy, birth and postpartum related. Find and hire the perfect doula to support you and your family. We support all birth choices and have free and low cost options.
Telephone: 253.326.9952
Webpage:          Submitted: 8/28/10  Updated: 12/10/10

Kendra Machen, CCCE - "Winds of Change Childbirth Education"
Kitsap County, Port Orchard  WA
Comments:  I'm mom to 5 wonderful children and grandmother to 3. I've been involved in the birthing community since my first classes to become a Postpartum Doula in 1999.
I'm a Volunteer La Leche League Leader, CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator, Homebirth Doula, Postpartum Doula and Certified Happiest Baby on the Block Educator.  Additionally, I rent out AquaDoula Birthtubs with 20% discount to clients who use my Childbirth Classes.
Telephone: 360.874.1689
Email: Kendra
Webpage:                           Submitted:  07/04/2007

Erica Matteson - "Renaissance Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals, LLC"
Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, WA
Description: Group of Birth and Postpartum Doulas
Comments: We are a core group of doulas who support women on bed rest, in childbirth and after the baby arrives.
Telephone: 503-493-7390

Alicia Morin, Co-Founder CD(DONA), CMA - "New Creation Doulas"
Where: Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington Counties, OR; and Vancouver, WA
Description: Birth Doulas, Postpartum Doulas
Comments: We are a group of doulas that provide birth and postpartum support to women and their families. We have assisted with vaginal, VBAC, forceps/vacuum assisted, Cesarean and water births. We desire to help alleviate pregnancy fears and discomforts and to provide women with the resources they need to discover and experience the birth they desire!
Telephone: 503-516-8489
Webpage: or

Amber Prince - "Instinctive Birth Doula Services"
Whatcom county, Washington State, USA
Birth and Postpartum Doula
I am a birth and postpartum doula. A birth doula is a professional labor support person who offers informational, emotional, and physical support to women during pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum.
Doulas often act as advocates for mothers and families by supporting a mother's decisions and helping her communicate her needs to caregivers. A doula is employed by the mother, not the hospital, caregiver, or insurance company.
A doula develops a relationship with the mother and family before the birth and stays with the mother throughout labor, birth, and the first few hours postpartum. She will visit with the family shortly after the birth to provide closure and to give the family a written account of the birth. Ultimately, it is a birth doula's aim to serve her clients in a way that will result an empowering and even enjoyable birth experience. If further emotional or informational support, or aid with household demands, such as cleaning, cooking, and childcare, is desired then a postpartum doula can provide this service.
Telephone: 360-303-8481
Email:                         Submitted: 06/20/04

Karen (Hannah) Railing, CD (DONA), ICCE - "Blessed Event Childbirth Services"
KarenCertified Birth Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, trained Perinatal Fitness Educator, experience Postpartum & Antenatal Doula
Skagit, Whatcom, Island & Northern Snohomish Counties, Washington
Birth, Antenatal, & Postpartum Doula and Private Childbirth Education
Providing informational, emotional and physical support to moms and families since 1991... home, hospital or birth center births...
Telephone: 360-755-1202
Webpage:                 Submitted: 10/19/04

Beverly Young Reed, CD (DONA), PPD, CBE - "South Sound Doula"
Where: Thurston County, Pierce County, Mason County, Lewis County & South Kitsap and King county, WA  (South Sound)
Description: Doula
Comments: I have been supporting families since 1992 with birth and postpartum care. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with parents of multiples, as well as  single babies, large families, first-time parents, single moms, and military families. I have also worked with both healthy newborns and babies with special needs. Through all of this, I have learned to trust in a woman's body and intuition when it comes to childbirth and parenting.
After receiving my DONA certification I have continued to take trainings and learn about childbirth and parenting.  The classes and trainings I have attended have a wide range of topics such as labor support, toxemia in pregnancy, optimal fetal positioning, lactation education/support, breastfeeding basics, and postpartum support. I have participated in the Ancient Art of Midwifery Institute (AAMI) Challenge Program and am certified in Adult and Child/Infant CPR. I have had the opportunity to facilitated parent support groups, including "You Are Not Alone" (for parents of children with mental illnesses), "Trust Birth" (Women talking about birth), and "Healthy Beginnings" (domestic violence survivor's).  I am an active member of the community team that is helping bring a Mental Health Evidence Based Practice for children to Thurston and Mason counties with Community Youth Services, BHR, and the University of Washington.  I am also active in my local NAMI chapter (National Alliance for Mental illness), WA state PTA, and Tacoma Labor Companions. I would feel it an honor and privilege to be your doula.
Webpage:                              Submitted: 6/09/07

Danielle Rylander - "Birth, Baby and Beyond Family Services"
Where: Shelton, WA
Description: Birth Doula, Childbirth Education, Baby and Toddler Wearing Products and Education, Midwives' Assistant
Comments: Birth, Baby and Beyond Family Services is a business dedicated to helping families in Mason and Thurston Counties and the surrounding areas.  We offer services that help families from conception all the way through to early parenting.  At Birth, Baby and Beyond Family Services, we are happy to give families the tools and skills needed to achieve a safe and satisfying birth experience. One thing that we do understand is that safe and satisfying mean different things for different families and our unbiased and non-judgmental services are designed to help families experience the kind of birth that will satisfy them.  Please visit our website for a more detailed list of our services and prices. You may contact us through our website as well.
Telephone: (360) 490-3594
Webpage:                      Submitted: 05/08/08  Updated: 12/09/10

Jackie Sedwick, CLD, MA Women's Spirituality  - "Intuit Into It"
JackieEastside King county in WA
Description: Bed rest, Birth and Postpartum doula, Reiki, workshops, counseling
Comments: I assist you in creating the birth experience you desire with assuredness and calm energy. I provide emotional, physical and informational support. I can assist with your Birth Plan. I work with moms of all ages, and first baby to multi-babies. Home, hospital or birth center - I serve where you need me. Mother of 7, grandmother of 11.  Make memories, not excuses!
Telephone:  425-392-2821 Cell phone 425-698-3355
Address: PO Box 1390, Issaquah, WA 98027
Email:                                                   Submitted: 07/28/05   Updated: 5/26/07

Jennifer Simons, CD(DONA, PALS) - "Belly to Babies"
Where: Eastside / Seattle, WA
Description: My role as a birth doula is to offer encouragement and reassurance so women can achieve their birth plans. Not only am I perceptive to your needs, but those of your partner, children, and family.  I strive to minimize your pain and help labor progress while using all of my resources to assist this sometimes difficult, yet very natural process. Techniques utilized include relaxation, massage, and positioning to aide labor progress.
Comments: I believe women are more powerful than even they recognize, and with proper labor support each birth experience will become a unique, loving event.  My goal is to make every birth I attend an empowering, positive experience.  Please visit my website for rates and referrals.
Telephone: (425) 894-3475
Address: P.O. Box 488  Preston, WA  98050
Webpage: h                                  Submitted: 1/19/2010

Michelle Smith, CLD, CPD, CCE - "Full Bloom Birth Services"
Where: Whidbey Island, Washington
Description: Birth and postpartum services, private and group childbirth education classes, photography and placenta services.
Webpage: http://www.fullbloombirthservices.coma                        Submitted: 7/09/10

Sarah Smith - "Pure Light Birth Services"
SarahWhere: Tacoma, WA
Description: Childbirth Educator and Doula. Doula Support and Childbirth Preparation Classes
Comments: Providing labor doula support and independent childbirth education classes (private/in-home and group classes) in Tacoma and the South Sound.
Telephone: 253-973-4400
Webpage:                      Submitted: 4/16/2008

Emma Summer, CD, (DONA, PALS) - "Baby Day Doula"
EmmaWhere: Seattle, WA
Description: Birth Doula, Pregnancy Massage, Placenta Preparation
Comments: I love working as a doula and warmly welcome any questions you may have about me, pregnancy, labor, delivery or postpartum. Please feel free to contact me any time!
Telephone: 206.214.5494
Webpage: h                                         Submitted: 10/27/2008

Where: Moses Lake, Washington
Description: Birth Doula
Comments: I am a certifying birth doula willing to do free births in my local area.
Email:                                                              Submitted:  7/01/07

Bethany Tilzey, DONA Trained Birth Doula - "A Gentler Birth"
Where: Gig Harbor, WA and surrounding cities
Description: I am a birth doula specializing in natural childbirth.
Comments: Being a stay-at-home mother to my two little ones enables me to (in the words of my 3 year old) “help other mommies have their babies".
I offer my clients 1-3 prenatal visits where we discuss their hopes, fears, preferences and plans for their births. We also discuss my role as doula and how dad and I will work together for mom. I offer continuous support of the laboring mom from whenever needed (early or active labor) to approximately 2 hours after birth. I give emotional support as well as physical support. I work with mom in position changes, pain-coping, visualization and anything else mom needs to successfully birth. I specialize in natural birth, though I realize that there is a place for the compassionate use of drugs. I love out-of-hospital births but I will assist women in hospitals as well. I offer 1-2 post-partum visits to help with breastfeeding, discuss the birth, and present a birth story and photos if requested. I offer 24/7 phone and email support to my clients.
A Natural Philosophy of Birth: I believe that birth is a normal physiological event, not a medical crisis. But instead of the natural event that it is, pregnancy is often regarded as an illness, and birth, a surgical procedure. I believe that giving birth is something women instinctively know how to do, we just don't know that we know. Our fears, memories, perceptions, imaginations, and other horror stories, have erased our memories of how to birth. Having a doula to guide you through the birth process can result in an amazing, empowering experience.
Telephone: 206-459-4444 or 253-884-8088
Webpage:                                             Submitted: 10/13/06    Updated:  06/05/07

Laurie Ufer, CD - "Laurie's Doula Service"
Certified Doula with PALS, NAPS, pending with DONA (both birth and postpartum)
Where: Seattle, Washington and surrounding areas
Description: Birth and Postpartum Doula
Comments:  My hope is to provide you with care and comfort measures to help with your birth and postpartum needs.
Telephone: 206 265 9252
Email:                                               Submitted: 8/24/06

West Virginia:

Christie Cooper, CD (CBI) - "Mommacoop's Doula Services"
Where: Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania
Description: Labor/Birth Doula
Comments: 24/7 phone, email, 3 prenatal meetings, entire labor and birth, one post visit
24/7 two weeks before to two weeks after due date
Telephone: 301-573-7726
Webpage:                               Submitted: 05/14/07


Harmonie Bettenhausen - "Birth In Harmony"
Where: Milwaukee, WI, USA
Description: Labor Doula, Ayurvedic massage, A.L.A.C.E. trained doula, CNA
Comments: I currently live in Milwaukee, WI and am working towards my ALACE Doula certification,  my ALACE Childbirth Educator Certification,  my Ayurvedic Educator Certification through Kanyakumari Ayurveda, and "A Safe Passage" Advanced Practitioner Training. I currently have no children of my own, but that in no way impairs my ability to relate to women, or support moms and partners through pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.  I am a Certified Nursing Assistant. I am currently working with low-income moms of all races and creeds helping them on their path to mommy greatness, understanding, informed decisions and confidence in themselves, their bodies, their babies.
Webpage:                Submitted:  9/14/07

Sue Blevons, CD, CLD - "The Lady's Hands Doula Service"
Fond Du Lac & Sheboygan Counties and surrounding areas
Description: Birth Doula Service, Belly Casting, Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding Support
Comments: I offer a full range on Childbirth services. I Have 2 fully certified back-up Doulas. My main concern for your birth is to help YOU achieve the birth that is best for YOU to the best of my ability.
Telephone: 920-980-7083
Email:                           Submitted: 07/25/05

Jill Coulter
Certified Professional Midwife
Northeast Wisconsin
Birth is a very powerful experience.  It is also a normal, natural, and important experience.
More and more women are choosing to birth at home with a midwife so they are able to birth safely without the fear and powerlessness of a typical hospital birth.  As a midwife, I am aware that every pregnancy and labor is unique and that every woman needs to be treated as an individual.   I strive to empower women to be active participants in their care and their birthing experience.   You have the right to make the choices that are best for you and your family. I am truly thrilled and honored to be a part of each and every birth.
Telephone: 920-993-9857
Webpage:                         Submitted: 03/22/05

Dana Hall, CD (DONA) - "Lil' Miracles Birth Services"
Southeastern Wisconsin
Comments: Birth is such a life changing event for women that as your doula I will help try to make your ideal birth a reality. I will assist you in gathering information to make educated decisions and assist with making a birth plan. My services also include prenatal meetings, phone support, childbirth education as requested, continuous support during your birth experience, assistance with breastfeeding, postpartum visits and a birth story.
Telephone: 414-769-7506
Email:                     Submitted: 07/05/05

Michelle Hardy, M.S., CMT, NCTMB, CPMT, CNA, Cht, CD(DONA), ICCE, CEIM, CHBE
Michelle- "Hardy Alternative Health Services"
Milwaukee area Southeastern Wisconsin
Description: doula, childbirth educator, happiest baby educator, massage therapist, CNA
Comments: I believe that every woman should be entitled to a peaceful birth in which she can be confident that the care she is given will not inflict on her beliefs and values, but instead will enhance the wonderful process that she is embarking on.
Telephone: 414-491-5534
Address: office: 3044 S. 92nd Street, West Allis, WI 53227
Webpage:                          Submitted: 07/27/05  Updated:  7/29/2009

Laura Hurtienne - "Serenity Birthing Services, LLC"
Where: Racine, WI
Description: Birth Doula
Comments: As a Birth Doula, I educate and support women and their families through pregnancy, labor and birth.
Telephone: 262-770-0582
Email:                          Submitted: 05/03/07

Wendy Kogler, CD, LCCE, CLC - "Darling Doula Services"
Wendy Milwaukee County, Waukesha County and Surrounding areas in Wisconsin
Description: Birth and Postpartum Doula, Prenatal Education and Breastfeeding Support
Comments: Your birth experience will change your life. Surround yourself with a support team that believes in you and your ability to birth your baby -- you deserve a Doula!!
Services: I am available for your comprehensive individualized birth and postpartum Doula service needs. In addition, I can assist you with your birth plan, provide individualized childbirth and newborn care education, breastfeeding support, photograph your birth, and record your birth story.
Qualifications: Certified Doula (DONA), Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Support Specialist, B.S. Family Resources - UW Madison
Personal notes: I am a mother of three and have fostered 15 newborns. I have been assisting expectant families since 2000. I attend births at all Milwaukee, Waukesha and Racine area hospitals. I will work to help you experience the birth you desire. I believe in you and your ability to birth your baby! Please contact me to discuss your individual birthing needs including VBAC, multiples and planned medically indicated cesareans.
Telephone: 262-782-4840
Address: Brookfield, WI
Webpage:                       Submitted: 02/10/06   Updated: 9/21/2008

Carol Garcia Novara, BS, CM, CE - "Milwaukee Care Connection"
Milwaukee, WI 53204, 53207 and 53215
Description: Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula
Comments: I provide holistic in-home Childbirth Education (Pregnancy, Labor, Delivery and Post-partum); focusing on reducing stress during pregnancy to minimize the risk of pre-term labor; in addition to breastfeeding education, nutrition, parenting and many other services; detailed on our website. All services provided in English and Spanish. I am a member of the Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care and ICEA.
Webpage:           Submitted: 02/17/07

Kelley Piasecki, CD
Kelley Watertown, Waukesha, Oconomowoc, Madison, Wisconsin
Description: Certified Birth Doula
Comments: I am a certified Birth Doula through DONA International.  I have a great passion in helping moms and their partner through pregnancy and labor.  I find the whole process very fascinating, and truly love what I do as a doula.  I am a friendly, reliable, compassionate, loving mom of three children.  I provide emotional, physical, and intellectual support throughout your pregnancy and labor/delivery.  My fees include 2 prenatal appointments, unlimited phone and email support, on call starting 2 weeks before due date until baby is born, labor support either in your home and/or at the hospital, up to two hours postpartum, breastfeeding support, written birth story, and 1 postpartum visit in your home.
Webpage:                                  Submitted: 11/02/05

Rebekah Sealey - "New Birth"
Algoma, WI
Professional Labor Assistant/Birth Doula
Comments: My desire is to help families achieve the birth they desire, and to support their informed decision making.
Telephone: 920-487-2031
Email:                                       Submitted: 05/12/06

Mary Kay Severin, HBCE - "HypnoBirthing in Central Wisconsin
Where: Wisconsin Rapids and surrounding cities
Description: Natural Childbirth Educator
Comments: I teach expecting women and their birth companion how to have a calm and gentle birth naturaly the way nature intended with the use of self hypnosis, visualization, and special breathing techniques.
Telephone: 715-323-7809
Address: 1411 48th Street South, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Webpage:          Submitted: 3/19/2010

Kathy Tellstrom, CD,CLD,CPD,CBE (CBI) and Karen Dutil, RN, CNM, BSN, MSN(Retired) Doula and Amy Jahnke MS, CD(DONA), CBE and Elyse Shea Doula Student, CBE (I.C.E.A.) and Gabrielle Daniels Certified Master Herbalist
- "My Helping Hands Professional Childbirth Assistants of Door County"

KathyDoor County, Brown and Kewaunee Counties, Wisconsin
Description: Birth Services.
Comments: We provide childbirth preparation, birth assistance, and postpartum support. We include communication skills with birth partner and clinical care providers. Our services include emotional support, advice during pregnancy, 2 prenatal visits to practice breathing, relaxation techniques and positions for labor, assistance in researching and writing a personalized birth plan, support for birth partners that concentrates on nurturing and caring, early labor support, help in providing an environment where mother and baby can labor comfortably and effectively, uninterrupted support during labor, help initiating breastfeeding as soon as possible after birth and 1 postpartum visit. We are on call from the 38th week to birth 24 hours a day, every day.
Telephone: Contact Kathy for more information at  920 - 743 - 6955
Email: and and
Webpage:                Submitted: 06/30/05

Kathy Tellstrom, CD,CLD,CPD,CBE (CBI)  and Amy Jahnke MS,CD(DONA),CBE and Elyse Shea Doula Student, CBE(I.C.E.A.) and Gabrielle Daniels Certified Master Herbalist
- "Hand In Hand Teenage Pregnancy Support of Door County"
KathyDoor County, Brown and Kewaunee Counties, Wisconsin
Description: Birth Services.
Comments: Offering Childbirth Education and Preparation, Birth Assistance and Postpartum Support with Emphasis in Birth Choices, Breastfeeding and Parenting Skills. We specialize in mentoring young women throughout their pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood journey. We are on call from the 37th week to birth 24 hours a day, every day. Services are free to all Teenage Mothers.
Telephone: Contact Kathy at 920 - 743 - 6955
Email: and
Webpage:                   Submitted: 11/23/05   Updated:  9/3/06

Tiffany Vollrath, MT-BC, CD (DONA)- "Harmony Doula Services"
Fox Cities, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, WI
Description: Birth Doula
Comments: I'm a Board-Certified Music Therapist and am trained in providing Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth.
Webpage:                 Submitted: 7/20/06


Michelle Beach, CD
Cheyenne, WY
Description: labor doula
Comments: Thank you so much for offering to list doulas.  I'm pregnant myself right now and it's been really difficult to find doulas.  I am currently going through the DONA certification process and trying to increase the knowledge of what a doula is in Cheyenne.
*Also, Michelle has a great forum that you may find enjoyable at:
Telephone: 307-637-4921
Address: 607 Taft Ave, Cheyenne, WY
Email:                                           Submitted: 09/20/05

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