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Please Note:
If you are a doula, childbirth educator, midwife, birth attendant, labour coach, counselor, etc or someone with a service that would be helpful to pregnant people and would like to have your name added to this list please just email me and I would be happy to add your information.

You may also submit a small (under 15kb) photo to appear with your listing by sending it via email as an attachment or via a link to where I can download it off your webpage.

Also, if you need your information updated, please email me with the updates or fill out the form again with a note on the bottom to remind me.

Or fill out the following form and submit:

Your Email:
Title, Certifications (e.g.. RN or CD):

Name of Your Organization and/or Company Name:

Where do you provide your services (City and Province):
Description of Services (e.g.. doula? midwife? teacher? etc.):

Comments about your service:

Telephone: (optional)

Address: (optional)

Your Webpage:

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